I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 662 - Chapter 662 - Kunlun Universe, Breakthrough Rankings

Chapter 662 - Chapter 662 - Kunlun Universe, Breakthrough Rankings


Qiu Hu, Sheng Tiandao, and Si Mengyan had returned to the house to recuperate. They might have managed to pass the eliminations by staying together, but they had injured their souls. Their injuries couldn’t be healed in a short time.

However, they were still very excited. Apart from escaping the clutches of death, they had also found an opportunity to break through to the Saint Realm.

This wasn’t the Heavenly Law Universe. They didn’t require the approval of heavenly law to become Saints.

When their magic energy and comprehension had reached a sufficient level, everything would happen naturally.

After three days…

Yu Shenzhong finally came. He then asked Zhou Xuanji to take out his ID card.

Next, Yu Shenzhong too took out his ID card and put the both cards on top of each other. The two cards lit up at once.

After this, Yu Shenzhong returned the ID card back to Zhou Xuanji.

“If you check it with your divine will, you can see your merit points. Some missions come with other rewards. If you can complete these missions, those rewards will be recorded on your ID card,” Yu Shenzhong explained, smiling. He was feeling very excited. He just couldn’t hide the grin on his face.

Zhou Xuanji immediately poured his divine will into the ID card.

Immediately after, a screen of light that only he could see appeared before his eyes. It was just like the attributes list of the Supreme Legendary Sword System.

Merit Points: 84321

Is this a lot of points?

This question might have flashed in his mind but he was too embarrassed to ask directly. He just nodded to Yu Shenzhong after he opened his eyes.

“Because you have passed the first round of eliminations, you can now integrate your ID card into your identity imprint in order to prevent it from getting robbed or lost,” warned Yu Shenzhong.

The more he looked at Zhou Xuanji, the more he found him pleasing to the eye. He started wondering how to marry Yu Zhongxiu to him.

As long as he gets married and takes root, this kid will remain in the Longbow Divine Range.

Zhou Xuanji nodded but did not incorporate the ID card into his right arm. He always felt that it wasn’t safe to do so. What if the ID card exploded?

He still chose to put it in the Supreme Storage.

“Can you take me to the Tao Tower in the Origin City today?” asked Zhou Xuanji.

Yu Shenzhong gave his nod before turning around and leading the way, smiling.

Yu Shenzhong couldn’t help but sigh in his heart.

So, this kid is crazy about cultivation! His aptitude is already so terrifying. And yet, cultivation is all he has on his mind. So unreasonable!

Under Yu Shenzhong’s lead, Zhou Xuanji left the Longbow Divine Range again.

Just as they passed through the spacial barrier of the Divine Range, huge and boundless beams of light entered Zhou Xuanji’s eyes. They looked like towers, rising from the majestic sea of fog to the invisible top.

Divine Range!

This was the first time Zhou Xuanji saw the outside of Divine Range, the Kunlun Universe!

The Kunlun Universe was full of Kunlun Origin Energy. Especially at the bottom and the top, the gray mist-like Kunlun Origin Energy had formed two oceans. The Divine Ranges were interspersed between them, like lines of different colors connecting the top and the bottom of the Kunlun Universe.

Every Divine Range was vast. Even if they were far apart, they still gave Zhou Xuanji a strong visual impact.

There were untold creatures in the Kunlun Universe and giant cities between the Divine Ranges. From the distance, they looked like bright and shining pearls.

“Apart from these Divine Ranges, there are many space pockets you have to be careful about. They might seem ordinary but they might have been occupied by some Divine Ranges. If you aren’t careful, you might stray into the other Divine Ranges’ territories. They have every right to kill you there. Many outsiders, who couldn’t distinguish clearly, lost their lives without knowing what killed them.”

Yu Shenzhong introduced things to Zhou Xuanji, pointing at some of the fluctuating spatial regions. These space pockets might belong to some Divine Ranges, and there could be a vast world or an independent city inside.

Zhou Xuanji listened with rapt attention. Right then, he raised his head and noticed something like a huge vortex at the top of the Kunlun Universe. A circular rift surrounded by light could be seen at the center of the vortex. It looked as if it led to another universe.

“Don’t look. That’s the center of Kunlun Origin Court’s power. It’s the Domain of Gods. Supremes also live there. If anyone tries to enter it without getting summoned by the Origin Court, he or she will be reduced to ash,” warned Yu Shenzhong, shaking his head.

Every outsider was attracted to the Domain of Gods when they entered the Kunlun Universe.

The Domain of Gods…

What a pretentious name.

Zhou Xuanji curled his lips in contempt but didn’t say anything.

Under Yu Shenzhong’s lead, he soon entered the closest Origin City.

The intense light around the Origin City gave a warm feeling. After going through the light, an enormous city below would take any newcomer’s breath away. Untold towers were rising into the sky. And at the edge of this vast city was a sea of white clouds, like a barrier of clouds.

The streets were wide and the buildings were tall. The buildings were in all shorts of shapes and sizes.

Many creatures could be seen moving around the city, riding on mounts or their weapons. Everyone had different levels of cultivation.

Most people were ordinary Saints, but Zhou Xuanji could sense many unfathomable auras. Some of the beings even gave him the feeling that he was up against beings like Black Cat and Longbow Ancestor.

Yu Shenzhong, leading Zhou Xuanji, landed before a Tao Tower. The Tao Tower was pitch-black, and it looked very much like a black pillar. At every hundred feet along the tower, there was a huge gate.

The gate at the very bottom of the tower was guarded by a squad of soldiers in black armor. All of them were in the Saint Realm, and their commander was a Dao-Treading Saint.

“Go straight in! Someone will give you an introduction once you go in. I will come and pick you up after a year,” Yu Shenzhong said with a smile.

The merit points he had given to Zhou Xuanji could help Zhou Xuanji cultivate in a relatively good cultivation room for a year or two.

Zhou Xuanji nodded his acknowledgement before he walked inside.

After having seen Zhou Xuanji enter through the doors, Yu Shenzhong could finally leave without worry.

Zhou Xuanji, after having entered the tower, saw several spiral stairs on the inner wall of the Tao Tower, leading to higher floors. The first floor was nearly a hundred feet high and covered an area of several miles. Many creatures could be seen sitting cross-legged, immersed in their cultivation.

There was a stone platform with twenty-six stunning beauties sitting on benches right in front of him. Behind every one of them was a screen of light with a few lines written on it.

One-Star Tao Room: 10 merit points per day.

Two-Star Tao Room: 100 merit points per day.

Three-Star Tao Room: 1,000 merit points per day.

Four-Star Tao Room: 10,000 merit points per day.

In total, there were Tao Rooms upto seven stars. The highest one required ten million merit points a day.

Zhou Xuanji cursed in his heart.

Yu Shenzhong turned out to be so poor!?

Zhou Xuanji took a deep breath and walked to the stone platform. Just as he took out his ID card and was about to speak…

A young man in beast skin pants rushed over and said anxiously, “I want to challenge the Breakthrough Rankings! Here are the 10,000 merit points!”

The young man had long hair like a lion’s mane. His face was rugged and his voice extremely loud.

“Okay! Senior, please wait a minute.”

The receptionist he was facing took his ID card and registered him.

Zhou Xuanji couldn’t help but asked, curious, “Brother, what are the Breakthrough Rankings!?”

The wild youth glanced at Zhou Xuanji before explaining to him in low spirits, “The Breakthrough Rankings are for betting merit points. One needs to atleast hand over 10,000 merit points. If you can quickly breakthrough in the Tao Room, you will be rewarded with massive merit points. Every time someone enters the Breakthrough Rankings, one’s name will be displayed in every Tao Tower. This is also a chance to become famous.”

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes immediately lit up.

He just so happened to be lacking merit points!