I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 661 - Chapter 661 - Merit Points

Chapter 661 - Chapter 661 - Merit Points


Zhou Xuanji fought against Evil Ancestor Shichan with all his strength. He wanted to get close to Evil Ancestor Shichan using the Overlord Saint Puppets, but he kept escaping far away. Zhou Xuanji couldn’t approach him.

His three avatars were beheaded again and again, but they appeared just as quickly. They also destroyed several of the Overlord Tyrant Puppets, causing Evil Ancestor Shichan to frown.

If the fight continued, he would be the one to suffer heavy losses for sure.

Zhou Xuanji’s strength had gone past his estimation. He had realized that he couldn’t get Zhou Xuanji.

“Stop! Instead of mutual destruction, why don’t we sit down and talk. You should be able to tell that there are many people in the distance spying on you,” proposed Evil Ancestor Shichan. His voice clearly rang in Zhou Xuanji’s ears.

Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes and stopped. The remaining Overlord Saint puppets also stopped almost at the same time.

The three Great Li avatars arrived behind Zhou Xuanji, standing back to back with him like three sharp legendary swords.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “What do you want to talk about?”

Evil Ancestor Shichan was very strong. Zhou Xuanji couldn’t help but think of Emperor Zhao.

Emperor Zhao also had many puppets, but compared to Evil Ancestor Shichan’s Overlord Saint puppets, they were worth nothing.

Evil Ancestor Shichan flew over and stopped ten feet away from Zhou Xuanji. He then asked in a leisurely manner, “You have great potential beyond my expectations. Do you want to join hands with me?”

Zhou Xuanji sneered, “You wanted to kill me just a moment ago, and now, you are asking to cooperate with me. Don’t you think you are too quick to change your mind?”

Evil Ancestor Shichan shook his head and broke into laughter before speaking in a serious manner, “This is the law of the Kunlun Origin Court. There are no permanent enemies. You are new here. It’s best for you to get to know some people from other Divine Ranges. Only then you will come know whether the Longbow Divine Range is good or bad.”

Yu Shengzhong in the outer ancient castle started cursing when he heard this.


Not only was he trying to rope Zhao Xuanji in, but he was also trampling the Longbow Divine Range!

The other spectators around teased Yu Shenzhong, mostly because they wanted the Longbow Divine Range to hand Zhou Xuanji over. The Longbow Divine Range was really unsuitable for Zhou Xuanji.

Throughout the entire history of the Longbow Divine Range, not even a genius of nine-star level had appeared.

Yet such a Divine Range wanted to hold onto a genius with twelve-star aptitude!?

Aren’t you afraid of getting crushed under the pressure!?

Yu Shenzhong’s face turned livid when he heard this. He very much wanted to lash out but he was afraid of making too many enemies.

Yu Zhongxiu was also very angry. Her hands inside her sleeves were clenched tight. But all she could do was turn her anger into anticipation, hoping for Zhou Xuanji to stay in the Longbow Divine Range forever and lead the Longbow Divine Range to new heights.

At this time, Zhou Xuanji parted his lips and said, “F*** off! Next time we meet, only one of us is going to survive!”

Zhou Xuanji spoke in a completely indifferent manner. Evil Ancestor Shichan’s face turned ashen the instant he heard Zhou Xuanji’s reply.

Evil Ancestor Shichan didn’t speak anything anymore. He turned around and left straightaway.

Watching Zhou Xuanji act in such a tough manner, Yu Shengzhong let out a roar, venting off all his frustration.

But other spectators, on the other hand, sneered. They believed that there was something wrong with Zhou Xuanji’s brain.

Such a stubborn person was unlikely to survive for long!

After Evil Ancestor Shichan left, Zhou Xuanji flew toward another direction with strong vitality.

Since so many reptiles were trying to kill him, then he could only send himself to death’s doorsteps.

Having seen Zhou Xuanji force Evil Ancestor Shichan to retreat, all the creatures who were planning to make a move were terrified. They couldn’t be overconfident anymore; everyone fled, one after another.

One had to admit that all these creatures were really good. Each one of them used one ability or another to escape. Zhou Xuanji was momentarily taken aback and couldn’t chase anyone.

Finally, Zhou Xuanji stopped half-way up on a mountain and started cultivating.

He took out the bodies of four demon gods and scattered them in four directions, ten feet apart from each other. This would give him time to react in case of an enemy attack.

Yu Shenzhong and his daughter, watching Zhou Xuanji enter cultivation again, didn’t panic anymore.

Since even Evil Ancestor Shichan was helpless against Zhou Xuanji, the outcome was already a forgone conclusion.

No one could eliminate Zhou Xuanji.

Time quickly went by.

About two months later, the elimination was finally over.

Suddenly, Zhou Xuanji felt an extremely powerful force enveloping him before he was transmitted to another place.

When Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes again, he had already returned to the ancient castle, surrounded by a jam-packed crowd.

In just one glance, he caught sight of Evil Ancestor Shichan, and Evil Ancestor Shichan too was looking at him.

When their gazes meet, Evil Ancestor Shichan made a gesture of slitting his throat.

In response, Zhou Xuanji curled his lips as he gave Evil Ancestor Shichan a contemptuous smile.

Evil Ancestor Shichan quickly left. Since an enmity was already forged between them, he needed to make some early preparations.

With Zhou Xuanji’s talent, he would have surely advanced by leaps and bounds the next time they met.

At that time…

Evil Ancestor Shichan had entered the Kunlun Origin Court much earlier than Zhou Xuanji. God only knew how many thousands of years it would take for them to meet again after this elimination.

Zhou Xuanji quickly flew his way to Yu Shenzhong and his daughter.

“Good job, Kid! You gave us a good show! Well, do you like my little girl? I can betroth her to you right now!”

Yu Shenzhong patted Zhou Xuanji’s shoulder excitedly. The nearby Yu Zhongxiu became shy upon hearing this proposal.

Zhou Xuanji, on the other hand, smiled and shook his head. He didn’t agree.

He had a good impression of Yu Zhongxiu but that didn’t mean he liked her.

The two hadn’t been in that much contact with each other. And if he married her, wouldn’t Zhou Xuanji just have an extra burden to carry?

If the Longbow Divine Range encountered some difficulties in the future, then he wouldn’t be able to escape. Just the thought of helping them gave him a headache.

There wasn’t any graciousness between Longbow Divine Range and him. They were in it for mutual benefits only.

Meanwhile, others in the vicinity were looking at Zhou Xuanji in amazement.

After today, Zhou Xuanji had gotten a firm foothold in the Kunlun Origin Court.

The trio quickly left.

After leaving the ancient castle, Zhou Xuanji asked, “It’s said that there are many places in the Kunlun Origin Court that are suitable for cultivation and comprehending the Great Dao. How can I go there?”

He had heard the black cat speak of this.

There were some cultivation areas that could help him grow stronger quickly.

“There are Dao Towers in every Origin City. You need merit points to enter them. After we get back, I will divide my merit points with you and take you there personally.”

Yu Shenzhong gave a bold and heroic smile. As the head of the Yu Family, the things he lacked the least were merit points.

Merit points were the most important universal currency of the Kunlun Origin Court. As long as one had enough merit points, one could get anything one wanted.

The so-called merit points were related to one’s contribution to the Kunlun Origin Court. Some specific missions could be picked by various divine ranges. This also ensured that the missions weren’t monopolized by the powerful divine ranges.

Once one had finished the mission, one had to go to a Origin City to redeem merit points. Origin Cities were the main cities of the Kunlun Origin Court. They were located between various divine ranges and were no less inferior to the divine ranges.

Zhou Xuanji couldn’t wait to cultivate the Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique.

After returning to the giant city of the Longbow Divine Range’s Yu Family, Zhou Xuanji returned to his house to take a rest while Yu Shenzhong went to report the news and prepare merit points for Zhou Xuanji.

Qiu Hu, Sheng Tiandao, and Si Mengyan had still not returned. This worried Zhou Xuanji a little.

The next day…

The three finally returned. All three of them had suffered all kinds of serious injuries. After landing on the ground, they had to support each other.

Zhou Xuanji came to the courtyard and immediately took out the Holy Light Redemption Sword to heal them.

“Master, how did everything go on your end?” Qiu Hu asked powerlessly as if he had lost half his life.

Zhou Xuanji replied in a calm manner, “It was alright. I broke through a small level.”

The three immediately looked at each other before a wry smile appeared on their lips.

Comparisons are odious!