I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 660 - Great Li's Avatar Vs Overlord Saint Puppet

Chapter 660 - Great Li's Avatar Vs Overlord Saint Puppet


Suddenly, Evil Ancestor Shichan opened his eyes and saw a figure walking out of the boundless fog.

It was none other than Zhou Xuanji!

“This kid is still alive!?” Evil Ancestor Shichan frowned and murmured to himself. He didn’t know what was hidden in this forbidden zone but he could sense that it was extremely dangerous. Thus, he didn’t go in.

The only thing he came here to do was eliminate Zhou Xuanji, so he didn’t kill the other participants.

Originally, he thought that Zhou Xuanji was already dead and thought that he could cultivate here to the end.

It had never occurred to him that Zhou Xuanji would make it out of the forbidden area!

It wasn’t just him who was surprised.

Inside the outer ancient castle…

“The twelve star genius of Long Bow Divine Range is still alive!”

Someone cried in surprise, drawing hundreds of creatures in an instant.

The dully sitting Yu Shengzong suddenly got up, looking at the scene before him. He couldn’t hold his joy; his figure was shaking in excitement.

The same was true for Yu Zhongxiu. Her beautiful eyes were shining with joy.

He is alive!

Zhou Xuanji’s gaze pierced straight through the endless fog, locking onto Evil Ancestor Shichan sitting under a distant tree.

When he came out, he had already absorbed a great deal of Great Dao Energy. He had already broken through to the fifth-level of Overlord Saint. Now that he was facing Evil Ancestor Shichan again, he suddenly felt that Evil Ancestor Shichan wasn’t that dangerous.

“A nobleman gets his revenge even if it takes ten years. And father is going to have it today,” Zhou Xuanji raised the corner of his mouth as he muttered to himself.

Speaking of which, he felt like thanking Evil Ancestor Shichan. Otherwise, how could he have met Barbaric Ultimate God?

It was destiny!

Nah, that’s not right!

I can’t call it destiny, lest destiny controls my luck from the back. It will be unlucky.

Zhou Xuanji took out the Thunderclap Sword as he made his way toward Evil Ancestor Shichan.

Suddenly, three silver figures appeared behind him. They were the three avatars of Great Li, all of whom were wielding a sword. The shape of the sword bore a striking resemblance with the Thunderclap Sword.

The dense mist was unable to hide their glow, causing Evil Ancestor Shichan to squint his eyes.

“What’s this!? This Kid actually broke through. It seems he had a lucky encounter inside.”

Evil Ancestor Shichan narrowed his eyes, seemed to be immersed in his thoughts.

It was not unheard of finding a lucky break inside the danger zone.

Anyone who could escape from the danger zone alive would find their lucky break, or they would die inside.

All of a sudden, Zhou Xuanji started dashing towards Evil Ancestor Shichan, closely followed by the three Great Li avatars.

He had closed the distance of a hundred feet in just one step.

Just as the four swords came flying, Evil Ancestor Shichan quickly dodged.


The Sword Qi immediately filled the surroundings, cutting the entire forest in a flash. A cloud of dust and smoke rose into the air, merging with the boundless mist.

“So fast!”

Evil Ancestor Shichan was secretly taken aback.

This Kid has just broken through a small level, how can he change so much?

Before he could give it anymore thoughts, Zhou Xuanji and the three Great Li avatars attacked him from different directions.

Countless sword figures appeared out of thin air, covering the entire sky.

Billions of swords had locked onto Evil Ancestor Shichan, blocking his every route of escape. He had nowhere to escape. This scene was breath-taking and appalling at the same time.

Thousands of spectators inside the ancient castle had already gathered to watch the fight.

“So strong!”

“What lucky break did this kid get?”

“What’s hiding in that danger zone?”

“It seems to be the Barbaric Ultimate God, one of the five ultimate gods of the past.”

“Isn’t that guy extremely cruel? How could he let Zhou Xuanji out?”

Hearing everyone’s exclamations around them, Yu Shenzhong and his daughter grew excited.

They hadn’t expected Zhou Xuanji to give them a surprise!

The speed of his progress is indeed worthy of twelve stars!

Right at the same moment, the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadows blew up, drowning Evil Ancestor Shichan instantly.

This explosion burst forth with glaring light, lightening the dark world as bright as daylight.


A deafening bell rang as a giant ancient bell rose into the sky, countering the vast Sword Qi.

Evil Ancestor Shichan was hovering inside the bell, looking at Zhou Xuanji with a solemn look on his face.

“The avatar has the same strength as this lord!? What divine ability is this? More importantly, his clone can cross the wall of great dao faster than this lord!?”

Evil Ancestor Shichan fell into deep thought. He grew more and more interested in Zhou Xuanji.

Such a genius must be refined into a puppet by him!

He couldn’t let this chance go!

Zhou Xuanji had used the Sword Fusion Technique and Nine Soul Fusion Technique together in a single attack, congealing the Dao Will.

Sword Dao Rules!

Immediately, the sword cut the giant bronze bell in half with a loud clang.

Evil Ancestor Shichan cried in shock, “How is this possible!”


His right arm was immediately chopped off. Had he not avoided the sword instinctively, he might have been chopped in half.

Zhou Xuanji and the avatars rushed into the giant bronze bell. The next moment, thirty-six sword souls appeared behind Zhou Xuanji, frantically attacking Evil Ancestor Shichan. Just as a sword soul attacked, another sword soul emerged almost at the same time. The sword souls were never ending. It was quite domineering.

When Zhou Xuanji’s sword qi touched Evil Ancestor Shichan, it also absorbed his strength.

Since he wasn’t a Dao-Treading Saint, his energy could naturally be absorbed by Zhou Xuanji.

Evil Ancestor Shichan quickly dodged the oncoming attack as his right arm grew at an astonishing speed and a long staff with nine bells hanging on it appeared in his hand.

He waved his long staff at Zhou Xuanji as clear and melodious chimes of bells rang.

Right then, nine evil dragons flew out of the bells, growing millions of miles long. They had covered the entire sky, overlooking Zhou Xuanji and his three avatars.

They looked insignificant before the nine evil dragons.

But Zhou Xuanji didn’t seem to be fazed by this. He directly made use of the Ancestor Dragon Sword, and it immediately grew into a five claw golden dragon. It rose into the air as it grew millions of miles long and bit toward the nine evil dragons. Its entire figure gave the impression of a giant mountain range crossing the earth.

Whereas the three avatars rushed along the dragon spine, using a different sword technique respectively.

Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow!

Heavenly Sword Descent!

Sky Dominating Divine Sword!

Countless sword shadows poured down like a torrential rain. And the huge heavenly sword tore an evil dragon to pieces. This sight was extremely strong.

The remaining avatar wielded the long sword. Burst of sword qi from the Sky Dominating Divine Sword swept in every direction. It was extremely magnificent.

Evil Ancestor Shichan furrowed his brow. He hadn’t expected Zhou Xuanji would be so difficult to deal with.

He grit his teeth and raised his hand immediately, waving it in the air.

When his hand finally stopped, a huge red hole appeared out of thin air behind me. Its edges were covered in dense mysterious spell patterns.

One after another, human-like figures of all kinds of shapes and sizes flew out of the red hole, each of them exuding a tyrannical pressure. All of them were wearing black robes with blood patterns. They gave the impression of devils from hell.

A total of seventy-nine puppets flew out of the hole. All of them were Overlord Saints. The weakest of them was a sixth-level Overlord Saint!

The next moment, each of them took out their respective weapons and attacked Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji immediately dispelled the five-claw golden dragon state and resorted to the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha.

The shining golden Buddha rose from the ground like the divine mountain of creation, standing tall and straight. Immediately after, thousands of arms emerged from it, each hand holding a golden sword. They slashed wildly in every direction, shredding the rest of the evil dragons into nothing.

Just as the seventy-nine Overlord Saints came attacking, they escaped from the salvo of thousand swords just as quickly.

The three avatars blew up in the blink of an eye. But soon, they appeared once again, holding back three Overlord Saint puppets respectively whereas the other puppets used all kinds of divine abilities to attack the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha.


Explosions rang one after another. The ground collapsed, the forest flipped over, and the mountains were razed to the ground. Even the dense fog and the sea of clouds in the sky formed a whirlpool.