I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 66 - Grandeur Accomplished

Chapter 66 - Grandeur Accomplished


Chapter 66: Grandeur Accomplished

Zhou Xuanji, with his foot on Zhaocong Sword’s chest, looked down on him and said, “To be defeated by me, it’s worth it for you. ”

Just when he finished speaking, he kicked with his right foot and Zhaocong Sword fell down the tower.

His vision was like that of North Zhou Gale Sword previously. Zhou Xuanji looked higher and smaller as he fell.

Compared to North Zhou Gale Sword, he no longer had the strength to fight back.

Zhou Xuanji’s relentless attacks just now had severed all his vital channels. His Spirit Energy was cut and he could no longer stabilize his body in the air.

Sword Cultivators on each level looked in shock as Zhaocong Sword fell.

Although it was not as dramatic as North Zhou Gale Sword’s fall, it was still shocking for them to see Zhaocong Sword fall.

It was like seeing a god falling down to earth.

Matchless Three Sword Moves Zhaocong Sword, Contender to the Emperor’s Son!

But still not a match for the unrivaled Sword God Zhou.

Zhaocong Sword was like a ball, bouncing off the metal bars one after another. Eventually, with a loud thump, he landed on the stone stage.

Blood was flowing out from his body. As he laid in a pool of blood, he looked up. In that instant, he could only see Zhou Xuanji’s legendary swords.

“I’m defeated…totally defeated…”

Zhaocong Sword was at a loss. His eyelids felt very heavy and sleepiness washed over him like a strong tide.

Right before he lost consciousness, a memory flashed in his mind.

It was his father speaking to his younger self who was injured and was lying on the bed.

“Zhaocong Sword, in this world, there are always people who are stronger and there exist worlds you have never seen before. Although your talent is very rare, don’t push yourself too hard. Know when to be content.”

“Daddy, even if I train my sword skills to the pinnacle, I still cannot become the most powerful person?”

“Maybe, but you are only qualified to explore that question after you have reached the pinnacle of the Sword’s Way and became a Sword God.”

“Are there really Sword Gods in this world?”

“You will meet one eventually. Maybe you will become one too.”

Zhaocong Sword smiled bitterly, before falling unconscious amidst the cries of the million spectators.

Following North Zhou Gale Sword, the Tri-sword Unrivalled Zhaocong Sword was defeated.

And this defeat was terrible!

No one could find an excuse for Zhaocong Sword. He was totally defeated.

“Too powerful! Too powerful! In our world today, who could rival Sword God Zhou in the Sword’s Way other than the Sword Monarch?”

“How did he do that?”

“Even if those swords were used as enchanted artifacts, he should not be able to cast different sword techniques simultaneously… Could the swords have spirits of their own?”

“Sword God indeed!”

“Even the Sword Monarch might not be able to control so many swords. He could, at most, control them to attack in a single direction.”

“From today onward, Sword God Zhou is my goal!”

The spectators exclaimed excitedly. It was not long after the Sword Conference began that two popular picks were totally defeated and lost consciousness. No one knew whether they were dead. This was totally unexpected.

Zhou Xuanji stood at the top, looked down, and asked with arrogance, “Who else dares to come up?”

He just defeated Zhaocong Sword with an overwhelming advantage, who dared to challenge him now?

The Sword Cultivators came back to their senses and continued their fights with their opponents.

Zhou Xuanji sighed in relief silently.

Facing Zhaocong Sword, he almost depleted his Spirit Energy.

Although he looked vigorous and high-spirited, he was actually feeling weak.

He stood at the same spot, surrounded by his Legendary Swords and began replenishing his Spirit Energy.

He did not dare to take any Spirit Pills, because the rule of the Sword Conference stated that whoever consumes any supplies would be disqualified.

He did not internalize Qi either because it would be telling everyone that he lacked Spirit Energy.

* I hope you guys will fight slowly.*

Zhou Xuanji thought to himself. He turned around and looked at Little Jiang Xue, who stood beside the stone stage.

He winked at Little Jiang Xue.

Although they were a few hundred meters apart, Little Jiang Xue’s Foundation Building cultivation allowed her an extraordinary vantage point.

She smiled sweetly and looked very happy.

Zhang Ruyu, who stood beside Northern Valiant Sword, sighed, “Sword God Zhou indeed. He doesn’t neglect to flirt even while impressing everyone. He is our model to follow! I admire him!”

The group heard him and burst into laughter.

Little Jiang Xue blushed but did not look away from Zhou Xuanji.

She suddenly felt that Zhou Xuaji had grown up.

Even though she had been relying on Zhou Xuanji all along, Zhou Xuanji now gave her an indescribable feeling.

As she looked at this little guy who grew from just two years old into such an impressive young man, she was both happy and proud.

In the beginning, she was the one who carried Zhou Xuanji out of the river.

It was her who cooked for and fed him every day.

Many ladies around her screamed because they thought that Zhou Xuanji was looking at them.

Little Jiang Xue curled her lip and snorted lightly, thinking to herself, he is mine. You girls can only think about it!

Xie Sect disciples carried Zhaocong Sword off the stage to attend to him medically. Of course, only he could receive such treatment.

Time passed quickly, and Sword Cultivators continued to be eliminated.

Only Zhou Xuanji stood at the top alone, calmly looking down, as though he was a king enjoying the battle.

His Spirit Energy was recovering slowly.

Sword Qi Golden Body Incantation’s regenerative effect was powerful. At least during this Sword Conference, no one had a faster-recovery speed in Spirit Energy than him.

He guessed that the Sword Qi Golden Body Incantation could be an Earth Quality energy technique or even Heaven Quality?

He was not sure and asked the Sword Spirit, but the Sword Spirit said that it could not identify.

For the most part, the Sword Spirit was very reliable, but at times it could be unreliable.

Of course, he was suspicious that the Sword Spirit could be intentionally hiding from him.

Just like playing a game, one could only unlock more information and functions once one reached a certain level.

Although he stood silently, he still attracted most people’s attention.

His previous battles with North Zhou Gale Sword and Zhaocong Sword were too splendid, which made the other battles look dry and dull in contrast.

“Sword God Zhou! Go! Take them down!”

All of a sudden, someone screamed like a rooster crowing. The voice penetrated through the crowd, which caused the crowd to erupt into a commotion.

After that…

More and more people began to scream for Zhou Xuanji.

After defeating Zhaocong Sword, the result was already apparent. Why waste more time?

Zhou Xuanji’s face was coldly calm, but he felt bitter in his heart. Isn’t it good to let you guys have more things to watch?

As more and more people joined in the petition, he felt that he could no longer wait.

Or else, his reputation as Sword God Zhou might be compromised.

He immediately took out his Bloodbath Sword and charged down.

In such a situation, he could only rely on his Bloodbath Sword.

The more blood it absorbed, the more powerful its owner became.

His Bloodbath Sword was upgraded to Gold Grade. It flew with extreme speed.

One Sword Cultivator after another was pierced by it before they could react. Their blood was absorbed by the sword.

Zhou Xuanji finessed his control to avoid attacking the Sword Cultivators’ vital organs, only impairing them.

After a short while, he already defeated about 8 Sword Cultivators, which got the crowd very excited. The atmosphere began to boil again.

Zhou Xuanji felt that his Qi blood, stamina, and Spirit Energy began to recover quickly.

At this rate…

It felt so good!

His most powerful Legendary Sword indeed!

At the same time, on the stone stage.

A Xie Sect Elder walked to Xie Wuyou and muttered softly, “Sect Master, with his talent, if he were to enter the Sword Library for 3 days…”

When Xie Wuyou heard this, his face changed drastically.

And so did the faces of the other Elders too.

Previously, Zhou Xuanji only took only about half an hour to learn Thirty-Six Paths Jade Xiao Sword, which was Black Black Advanced Tier.

If he were to be given 3 days…

Wouldn’t he learn everything in the Sword Library?