I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 659 - Chapter 659 Absorbing Great Dao Energy

Chapter 659 - Chapter 659 Absorbing Great Dao Energy


“Do you know this energy technique too?”

Zhou Xuanji asked curiously. He wondered if the black cat could cultivate this domineering energy technique.

“Of course,” the black cat smiled proudly, “this is my main energy technique, and I’m at Level Five now. I can create 100,000 Great Li clones straight away. Although my cultivation is not as powerful as before, I can still deal with Dao Ancestors easily.”

Level Five!

Zhou Xuanji was shocked. This guy could only reach Level Five. How hard would it be to reach Level Ten?

The black cat said intently, “Other than being indestructible, the Great Li Clones can also pass through Great Dao Walls. This means that you can control your clones to travel around Kunlun Origin Court freely! There are no traces of aura, and it is difficult for anyone to detect!”

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes glowed. His expectation for the Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique grew.

He immediately began cultivating the Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique.

Soon, he could sense the surrounding Great Dao. There were all sorts of Great Dao, and he did not know what rules these Great Dao represented either. However, he could sense their presence and difference in color.

In his meditation, he could sense the colorful surrounding as though he was in a parallel universe.

In the past, he could only touch the Great Dao with his Dao Will. Now, he could absorb it straightaway.

The Great Dao Energy, which was much more violent than spiritual Qi, entered his body. In an instant, he opened his eyes in fear.

Whooo Whooo—

He gasped for air and was greatly shaken.

In that instant, he felt that the Great Dao Energy was going to burst him like an over-blown balloon.

It was only a sliver…

How horrifying was the Great Dao?

“Hahaha! Look at you!” the black cat burst out laughing.

It laughed until it began rolling on the floor.

“I’m too weak,” Zhou Xuanji said unpleasantly, “Even if I learn this energy, I cannot absorb Great Dao Energy. What should I do?”

It was like giving him a mountain of gold, but he’s trapped on an isolated island and there was no way to use all that gold.

“Be patient. Start cultivating the Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique. At the same time, you being an Overlord Saint will help you build a firmer foundation when you reach Dao-Treading Saint. And the longer this goes on, the better you will be compared to others. The Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique is easily the tip-top energy technique in the Kunlun Origin Court,” the black cat said impatiently. Why was this brat always rushing?

Zhou Xuanji took a deep breath and could only try again.

Next, he was intimidated by Great Dao Energy again and again.

A whole month passed.

He could finally absorb the Great Dao Energy slowly and create a Great Li Clone.

His clone was like a silver shadow. It had no face but its silhouette was similar to his.

On the outside.

Yu Zhongxiu sat down in mid-air and was cultivating. She opened her eyes and looked at Yu Shenzhong with a sigh.

Ever since Zhou Xuanji entered the forbidden ground, they could no longer observe Zhou Xuanji’s status.

All Great Elimination arenas had such forbidden grounds that they could observe from the outside. This made the Great Elimination more interesting and dramatic. Gambling was a huge industry in the Kunlun Origin Court. Every divine range had its own gambling house. Countless living creatures speculated on the Great Elimination Arena almost every day.

Yu Shenzhong waited for a month, and Zhou Xuanji had yet to come out. Everyone thought that Zhou Xuanji was dead, which made Yu Shenzhong emotionally unstable with bloodshot eyes.

They had been through so much to get this great surprise. He did not want this surprise to burst into nothing.

He could no longer take it.

“He’s that confident… He must not have died just like that…”

Yu Shenzhong chanted in his mouth to convince himself so that he could continue waiting.

Yu Zhongxiu’s heart ached for her dad, but she did not know how to console him.

She tried to console him in every way she could think of.

And now, they could only wait for the result.

Amidst the pinnacles.

Zhou Xuanji and his Great Li Clone attacked the black cat simultaneously. Their extreme speed made them look like three beams of light, bouncing here and there.

The black cat set the rules that Zhou Xuanji must not touch the mountains around him.

It wanted Zhou Xuanji to fully master the Great Li Clone.

In the beginning, the clone always crashed into the mountains, but it became more agile over time.

Within half a day, the Great Li Clone no longer crashed into the mountains while pursuing the black cat.

The cat stopped suddenly and smashed the clone into pieces.

“Very good,” it said with a smile, “you are very talented indeed. Next, I will help you cultivate Great Dao Energy to pass the foundational stage quickly. You don’t have much time left, and you need to get out as soon as possible.”

Zhou Xuanji stopped and was shocked in his heart.

The Great Li Clone had similar power to himself, which meant that the black cat could smash him into pieces instantly.

The most terrifying thing was that this cat’s cultivation far from its peak.

This was definitely someone that surpassed Dao Ancestors!

After that, the black cat urged Zhou Xuanji to sit down. It leaped onto Zhou Xuanji’s head and helped him to take in the Great Dao Energy.

This time, he sensed extremely powerful energy supporting him, which decreased Great Dao Energy’s impact on him sharply.

Great Dao Energy was pumped into his body ceaselessly, which empowered him continuously.

His cultivation grew rapidly.

Half a month later.

Zhou Xuanji broke through to Overlord Saint Level Five. His cultivation increased tremendously.

He became far more powerful than before. Under the tempering of Great Dao Energy, his saint energy was slowly converting into Dao energy.

If not for the fact that he’s still far from Dao-Treading Saint, he might have broken through to Dao-Treading Saint straightaway.

“Brat, you have too much serendipity. You might become someone who shakes the entire Kunlun Origin Court. No wonder the Exterminating Divine Eyes chose you.”

The black cat looked toward Zhou Xuanji and sighed in amazement.

It was so patient to not kill Zhou Xuanji, even trusting in him, all because of the Exterminating Divine Eyes.

Thinking of this, it could not help but reminisce the Five Ultimate Gods’ era.

“If not for your help, how could I have encountered such a great serendipity,” Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and smiled back.

He wanted to relate to the black cat as a junior. But whenever he did that, the black cat got angry.

“You can already create three Great Li Clones. When you can create ten, you will have reached the Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique Level One. At that time, you will be surprised.”

The black cat laughed as it laid on the ground. After a pause, it continued, “Okay, you can leave now and teach the guy outside a lesson.”

“I can defeat him already?” Zhou Xuanji asked with a raised brow.

The black cat yawned before replying, “You guys should be on par, but he can’t kill you.”

Zhou Xuanji got up, cupped his fist, and bowed. Then, he left.

“Wait for me to come back and save you,” Zhou Xuanji said without looking back. The black cat’s eyes turned gentle at these words.

“I hope so. Sigh,” It mumbled.

Its heart became heavy and sorrowful suddenly.

In the dim forbidden ground, it was so lonely.

Just like an unwanted little cat, it talked to itself about Zhou Xuanji’s stories, “Xu Xian was really a horrible person, throwing away such a beautiful bride. A pity that brat did not finish the story. I really hope that someone can teach Xu Xian a lesson… Sigh… It’s been a long time since I ate meat. I really want to eat meat.”