I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 658 - Chapter 658 Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique

Chapter 658 - Chapter 658 Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique


The black cat thought deeply at Zhou Xuanji’s words, and Zhou Xuanji did not interrupt its thoughts.

He might expose himself if he acted too proactively. It was better to take a backseat and let the cat think about it.

A while later.

“Damn you brat!” the black cat cursed frantically, “You are trying to fool me! I asked you to entertain me, not bargain with me!”

Zhou Xuanji sighed, “You are one of the Five Ultimate Gods. Are you willing to be trapped here forever? Whether you are a human or a cat, we all have dreams and goals.”

A cat?

The black cat cried out furiously with eyes opened wide, “I am Barbaric Ultimate God! I’m not a cat!”

The loud voice almost dissipated Zhou Xunaji’s soul.


You wait!

Zhou Xuanji thought in his heart while appearing to be calm.

And now, Zhou Xuanji had no choice but to tell some jokes.

All that he told the cat were lame jokes that required some thinking before one found it humorous.

The black cat burst out in laughter again and again.

After eight hours, Zhou Xuanji ran out of lame jokes and could only make up jokes of the same type.

Slowly, the black cat lost interest.

“I’ve entertained you for this long, don’t tell me you are going to kill me right after you used me?” Zhou Xuanji said as he massaged the cat.

“You are not in the position to bargain!” the black cat said lazily.

Zhou Xuanji only narrowed his eyes but did not speak further.

In the next few days, he told the black cat stories every day. Fortunately, he did not tell the cat any more jokes.

The black cat was captivated by many of the Chinese legends.

To get Zhou Xuanji to continue the storytelling, the black cat lengthened his life to a year.

Zhou Xuanji did not feel very happy about this, feeling helpless.

The black cat only took him as a toy.

This day.

Zhou Xuanji could no longer hold it and said, “Barbaric Ultimate God, are you really planning to stay here forever? Don’t you have any ambition?”

The black cat rolled about and ignored him.

Seeing this, ZHou Xuanji could only give up. He sat down and began cultivating.

A long while later.

The black cat said suddenly, “If I let you go now, you will die as well. There is someone outside waiting for you.”

Zhou Xuanji neither opened his eyes nor spoke.

“Are you serious about working together?” the black cat stared at him and said.

Zhou Xuanji took a glance at the cat and said, “Are you sure you want to discuss this so openly?”

Could there be a powerful being monitoring Barbaric Ultimate God?

“Don’t worry. I was sent down here by the Sovereign. Other than the Sovereign, no one can spy on the Great Elimination’s arena, or they will suffer the wrath of the Sovereign and be destroyed,” the black cat replied proudly as though it was not a prisoner.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “If so, then let’s work together. You help me grow more powerful, and I will do my best to liberate you after I’m out. I’m faithful to my words.”

“But I cannot guarantee that you can really save me,” the black cat said hesitantly, “Do you have any way of doing it?”

Shaking his head, Zhou XUanji replied, “Honestly speaking, not at the moment. Because when I first came here, I thought that you had one because you would have thought about countless ways of breaking free after being imprisoned here for countless years.”

The black cat was embarrassed and did not know how to reply.

It only cared about sleeping and playing. Although it tried to think about it, it was to no avail. It could only give up.

“If I make a great contribution to Kunlun Origin Court,” Zhou Xuanji asked, “Can I appeal to let you out?”

He remembered Yu Zhongxiu saying that Kunlun Origin Court valued power first and contribution the second.

“Actually you can, but who knows how long it would take for you to make a great enough contribution,” the black cat sighed and felt discouraged.

“Nothing is absolute,” Zhou Xuanji replied, “Let’s make a deal today, then we shall have a chance. If we don’t, we have no hope at all.”

The black cat heard him and contemplated with narrowed eyes.

A while later.

The cat stood up and spat out a purple heart, which quickly flew into the hole in Zhou Xuanji’s chest.

Zhou Xuanji trembled in disgust. He seemed to see something slimy on the Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart.

A massive wave of energy enveloped Zhou Xuanji and helped him to integrate the heart.

He did not feel pain but comfort.

After ten breaths, Zhou Xuanji felt like his peak power had returned. He stood up and stretched himself.

“Brat, your heart is quite awesome. It should be a heavenly-made treasure. Although it’s not considered an ultimate treasure, it’s extremely helpful for you, especially toward the Exterminating Divine Eyes,” the black cat rested its head on its paws and said casually.

Zhou Xuanji nodded. The Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart was a heavenly-made treasure, which he already knew.

The VIolet Demon Monarch’s Heart contributed a lot to his strong physique.

“Next, I will teach you an energy technique,” the black cat said, “Tell me first, what is the energy technique you are cultivating? Tell me in detail.”

Zhou Xuanji immediately told him about World Buddha Art. He was not afraid that the black cat would steal it from him.

There must be more powerful energy techniques everywhere in Kunlun Origin Court.

No matter how devilish Gu Tianxia was, he could not be more powerful than Kunlun Origin Court.

After he finished introducing the World Buddha Art, the black cat felt disdain.

“This energy technique is only unique in controlling magic energy. It’s nothing. When you reach Dao-Treading Saint, your saint energy will become Dao energy. Different Dao energy repels each other. If you absorb them forcefully, you will only self-destruct,” the black cat commented casually, which made Zhou Xunaji more curious about Dao-Treading Saint.

Dao energy?

Great Dao Energy?

Then what was the power of a Dao Ancestor?

He could barely press down the desire to ask and continued listening.

The black cat continued bragging for a while before he said, “Let me teach you an energy technique. Only one with the Five Ultimate Divine Eyes can cultivate it.”

It raised its paws, and out of its flesh padding came a beam of light, shooting into Zhou Xuanji’s forehead.

Zhou Xuanji closed his eyes and received the memory.

An hour later.

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and praised, “Such an ingenious energy technique. If I can cultivate it to Level Ten, it will be extremely horrifying.”

This energy technique was named the Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique

At the first level, the cultivator could create ten Great Li duplicates controlled freely without consuming any Dao energy. As long as the original cultivator did not die, the duplicates would not dissipate. At the same time, the original cultivator could deactivate them at will.

With each increment in level, the number of clones would increase by ten times.

When it reached Level Ten, he could create as many Great Li Clones as he wanted!

Not only so, but the Great Li Divine Suppressor Technique could also absorb Great Dao energy. This alone surpassed the World Buddha Art.

“Are you the one who created this?”

Zhou Xuanji asked curiously. He felt that this technique was extraordinarily powerful. The clones it created were almost as powerful as the original. Most terrifyingly, as long as the original did not die, the clones could be restored instantly.

If he reached Level Ten and attacked his enemies with ten billion clones, he could even kill enemies two stages higher than him.

The black cat shook its head and said, “This was created by the Exterminating Divine Eyes’ previous owner. I’m not sure about its specific origin either. Back then, the Five Ultimate Gods were unstoppable in the Kunlun Origin Court. No one could stop us, and we could do whatever we wanted!”