I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 657 - Chapter 657 Barbaric Ultimate God. Five Ultimate Gods.

Chapter 657 - Chapter 657 Barbaric Ultimate God. Five Ultimate Gods.


“Tell me, how do you want me to serve you?”

Zhou Xuanji took a deep breath and said. He had no choice but to bow down to the cat.

The black cat walked aside, and Zhou Xuanji felt at ease instantly.

Supporting himself, Zhou Xuanji sat up. He was shocked to see the bloodied hole in his chest. His heart was nowhere to be found.

And he did not die!

“Where is my heart?” he turned and asked the black cat.

The feline licked its paw and said longingly, “I ate it. It was such a delicacy.”

Ate… Ate it!

Zhou Xuanji felt like he was struck by lightning. He could not take it no matter how still his mental state was.

The VIolet Demon Monarch’s Heart was the main source of his saint energy. Now that he lost the Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart, his cultivation rate would become much slower.

“Don’t look at me like that. You took a pill previously. Although it helped your cultivation greatly, the poison in that pill had already seeped into your heart. If you continue cultivating like that, you will die from the poison when you reach Dao-Treading Saint. At that time, you will not be able to stop it,” the black cat said lazily, as though it was waiting for Zhou Xuanji to show his gratitude.


Zhou Xuanji frowned as he cursed in his heart.

Old Ancestor Yinxin had ill-intentions indeed!

He would definitely seek revenge against Old Ancestor Yinxin the next time they met.

“You won’t die within ten days. But if you want to live, you must please me. I’ve stayed here for 100 billion years, and I’m extremely bored. Those guys I found previously were either frightened to death, or they were too panicked to tell entertaining stories. The food they could eat was horrible too,” the black cat laid on the ground and ridiculed.

Instinctively, Zhou Xuanji looked around him and realized that the mountain top was covered in bones. There were human and beast bones piled up densely. An ordinary person would have been frightened to death.

Then he looked back toward the black cat and contemplated.

The entire mountain top became silent.

“Faster. I’m falling asleep,” the black cat snorted, displeased. How was this brat maintaining his cool?

“Come over,” Zhou Xuanji said, “and lay on my legs.”

The black cat leaped over to his legs and laid down lazily.

“Brat, don’t try to do anything funny. My body is far too strong for you to hurt me. The only thing you can manage to do is enrage me. You understand?” the black cat muttered with a faint murderous aura.

Zhou Xuanji did not show any expression. He took hold of its paw and rubbed against its paddings. It contracted its claws instinctively, but it soon stopped resisting because it was very comfortable.

A cat indeed…

Zhou Xuanji was speechless. It was his first time seeing such a powerful cat.

He massaged the cat while asking, “What’s your name? How did you come about? Why are you staying here?”

The black cat was enjoying the massage. It replied with a smile, “My name is greatly reputable. I’m Barbaric Ultimate God, one of Kunlun Origin Court’s Five Ultimate Gods. I offended some powerhouse of the Original Court and was imprisoned here for eternity. I cannot get away from this forbidden ground.”

Five Ultimate Gods?

Zhou Xuanji immediately thought of the Five Ultimate Divine Eyes. How were these two groups related?

“You are right. Your Exterminating Divine Eyes and my eyes are the Five Ultimate Divine Eyes. This is why I am talking to you for this long.”

The black cat turned around and revealed its belly. Zhou Xuanji began massaging its belly.

“You are the ones who created the Five Ultimate Divine Eyes?” he asked curiously. He did not know how the eyes came about.

The black cat replied idly, “I advise you not to ask so much. I’m going through the consequences of it. The less you know, the safer you are.”

Zhou Xuanji looked as if he was in deep thought.

The black cat threw him a stare and reprimanded him, “Little brat, you are here as my servant, not my disciple. You must do more than just massaging. You must also entertain me!”

With a sigh, Zhou Xuanji replied, “Then let me tell you a joke.”

“Everyone who told me jokes died,” the black cat laughed coldly, “No one can make me laugh.”

Zhou Xuanji looked at him faintly and said, “Then be prepared. This will make you laugh until you die.”

The black cat heard him and got serious. It turned around and faced Zhou Xuanji, waiting for the joke to come.

“When I was traveling around the world, I encountered a thief who stole my sword. I immediately realized it and pursued him. But unfortunately, we had similar cultivation. Both of us were persistent in running and chasing. Even after half a year, I did not catch up to him.”

“Then, we came to the edge of the world. He stood on the cliff and cursed out loud, claiming that if I continued to chase after him, he would throw the sword down.”

“Then I said, you better throw it because then I will have a reason to kill you.”

Zhou Xuanji began telling a story with a sad face. Seeing that he was so serious, the cat wondered why.

Wasn’t this supposed to be a joke?

Why did it feel like he was talking about his past?

“This thief was very bold. He threw the sword down immediately. Oh, how could I bear with my anger? I took out another sword and killed him.”

Zhou Xuanji sighed, which made the cat frown.

“Then?” it asked.

It just did not get how this was supposed to be funny.

Zhou Xuanji said, “He died, and then he was reincarnated.”

“And then?” the black cat asked further.

It almost burst out in anger because it felt like being ridiculed.

“Are you sure you want to know further?” Zhou Xuanji asked for confirmation seriously.

The cat’s sharp claws were upon his neck, telling him the confirmation with its actions.

“Then I met with an old man, who claimed to be Jiang Ziya. He seemed unfathomable, and so I chatted with him. And he told me his story,” Zhou Xuanji continued the story, and then he told him an entire ancient Chinese legend.

The black cat was deeply absorbed into the Great Shang and Great Zhou’s spectacular battle and the schemes that the immortals used against each other.

Its characters’ visciousness and ruthlessness, especially those excruciating execution methods, made the black cat grit its teeth.

Zhou Xuanji spoke for two full hours in full detail of the tale, which made it sound like a historical epic.

Finally, the main character, Jiang Ziya, took off his armor and returned to the mortal realm. He resolved himself from both the immortals and demons, as well as politics. The black cat greatly admired Jiang Ziya’s great insight.

With a sigh, the black cat said, “These poor saints did not even know why they fought each other to death. It was merely for competition?”

From its perspective, there was no reason for a saint to loiter in the mortal realm. A saint should continue to pursue power and reach higher levels.

Overall, it was an impressive story that captivated its attention. It could empathize with the characters’ emotions, schemes, dangers, forthrightness, and justness.

The black cat was greatly satisfied. It even longed for more.

Hold on!

The black cat came to a sudden realization. Staring at ZHou Xuanji, it asked, “How’s Jiang Ziya’s story related to what you were talking about initially?”

Zhou Xuanji nodded seriously, “Of course. But I cannot tell you now, since it’s a greatly important matter that’s linked to a world-shaking secret. If you know about it, the Sovereign might kill you.”

Seeing that Zhou Xuanji appeared so genuine, the black cat was convinced.

If it were another person, it would not have believed him. But since this brat had the Exterminating Divine Eyes, he must have a unique background.

And this story was very detailed. It did not seem to be made up.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly changed his tone, “Since you have the Five Ultimate Divine Eyes too, it means that we are on the same side. Your enemy is very likely my enemy too and vice versa. Why don’t you teach me cultivation so that I can help you break free? How about that?”