I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 656 - Chapter 656 Immobilizing Divine Eye.

Chapter 656 - Chapter 656 Immobilizing Divine Eye.


Seeing Zhou Xuanji dash into the peaks veiled by dense fog, the white-haired man stopped with a slight frown.

He did not barge into it but landed. He sat down by a giant tree and waited patiently.

The outside world was shocked.

“Why is Evil Ancestor Shichan here?”

“He’s a 10-Star Level 9 Overlord Saint!”

“The Origin Court is such a vicious place. This is to kill Zhou Xuanji intentionally!”

“Well, a 12-Star genius should not stay in Longbow Divine Range. Old Ancestor Longbow is too greedy.”

“I agree. If it was me, I will definitely give him to another divine range.”

Yu Zhongxiu and Yu Shenzhong heard these words, and their faces turned sour.

The Great Elimination of Kunlun Origin Court seemed just, but actually, the class system was unbreakable. The top 1,000 divine ranges were totally on a different level from those ranked lower than them.

More powerful divine ranges developed faster and continued to exploit weaker divine ranges. Normally, a top-1,000 divine range would fall only because it was targeted by other top-1,000 divine ranges. The polarization was intense.

Evil Ancestor Shichan came from the top 1,000 divine range. He had not reached ten billion years old yet and was from outside Kunlun Origin Court. This was his second time participating in the Great Elimination.

His power had already surpassed the Saint Realm, so it was not according to the rules of a Great Elimination restricted to the Saint Realm.

“This is trouble…”

Yu Shenzhong mumbled to himself as his face darkened.

Zhou Xuanji was pursued by Evil Ancestor Shichan and was fleeing desperately, even into a forbidden ground. The chance of him overcoming the situation was dim.

At the same time.

Zhou Xuanji landed at the foot of a mountain, trying to condition the saint energy inside his body.

He just broke through, and he needed time to stabilize the saint energy inside his body.

Evil Ancestor Shichan did not come in, which meant that this place was very dangerous. Zhou Xuanji summoned the four demon gods to guard him against any enemy.

Time passed.

He could sense that Evil Ancestor Shichan’s aura was still present outside.

Three days later.

Evil Ancestor Shichan was still out there. Zhou Xuanji got up and walked into the deeper region of the mountains.

“I advise you not to venture deeper, or else you will suffer more than just death.”

Evil Ancestor Shichan’s voice came to him, but it did not stop Zhou Xuanji’s steps.

Zhou Xuanji ventured deeper without hesitation.

He knew that he didn’t stand a chance against Evil Ancestor Shichan, so it was better to risk it inside.

What if there was great serendipity inside?

He flew along the ground with the four demon gods.

The deeper he went, the dimmer it got. The fog’s density increased, and if not for his saint energy repelling the vapor, his entire body would have already been drenched.

“What’s hidden inside this place?”

Zhou Xuanji stayed vigilant with narrowed eyes. Somehow, he felt very uneasy.

His eyelids twitched nonstop, and his eyes were aching. The Exterminating Divine Eyes seemed to be warning him against the nearby dangers.

As a precaution, he fused the four demon gods into his body to enhance his sensory organs.

The Thunderclap Sword hovered below his feet. The heavenly lightning was ready to strike down any evil creatures.

In the Kunlun Origin Court, all living creatures were powerful. To hide his aura from them would be near impossible.


The ground shook violently out of a sudden, as though a gigantic creature was about to burst out from the ground.

Zhou Xuanji was shocked. He immediately shuttled through the mountains using the Violet Sun Tunneling, disappearing swiftly into the horizon.

But soon, he realized that something was not right.

No matter how fast we went, he could not escape the mountain range.

It was impossible that the mountain range was so vast that he could not escape. There must be some kind of trap mechanism here that confused his sense of direction.

He remained calm and continued ahead with full speed.

At the same time, he activated the Exterminating Divine Eyes. His eyes beamed in purple and his field of sight turned purple as well. He saw countless golden objects spread all across the mountain body and underground. These should be the ominous creatures hidden within this place.

“They can be used like this? It’s like a heat-seeking device,” Zhou Xuanji thought to himself. He was pleasantly surprised.

Under such a mode, he could sense how powerful those creatures were.

The most powerful one was behind him, pursuing him relentlessly.

He turned back and saw a massive ocean of gold coming toward him from the underground. The sight of it was rather impressive.

“What the hell is that?”

Zhou Xuanji was a little panicked because those things made him shudder.

They gave him a stronger sense of danger than Evil Ancestor Shichan.

He immediately ate an invisibility herb and stored the Thunderclap Sword into the Supreme Storage.

Disappearing on the spot, he flew in a different direction.

That thing was still chasing after him relentlessly.

Zhou Xuanji grew angry immediately. He activated the Sword Fusion Technique and charged back with the Saint Slayer Sword in his hand.


He crashed and dove underground fearlessly and recklessly charging toward that mysterious being.

With the help of the Exterminating Divine Eyes, he could sense himself plunging into a vast ocean of gold.

He had yet to encounter the massive creature he expected to see.

Along the way, he saw what was around him. The golden ocean was merely a field of powerful energy. And within the golden ocean was a tiny figure.

He looked ahead and saw a black cat. The half-a-meter long cat had blue pupils. It was standing on a boulder with its front limbs crossed, looking at him coldly.


Zhou Xuanji gave an odd expression. And the cat suddenly moved.


Before Zhou Xuanji could react in time, his chest was penetrated. The black cat held his violet heart in its mouth and appeared a hundred meters behind him. Countless rocks collapsed and separated them.


Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes wide as he felt his life force receding.

He wanted to grow a new heart with his saint energy, but he could not do so.

More accurately, that black cat snatched away the Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart and cut off his life force.

He could not even use the Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique.

“Am I going to die here…”

Zhou Xuanji’s eyelids grew heavier. He could hear a sharp cry of the cat before a pair of claws landed on his nape. Next, he fell unconscious.

In a daze, Zhou Xuanji felt something licking his face.

He regained his consciousness gradually.

Opening his eyes with much difficulty, he saw a black cat standing on his chest, looking down at him. A sense of mockery flowed from its blue eyes.

Above him was the night sky. The moon and the stars could faintly be seen because the dense fog had veiled over most of the sky.

Zhou Xuanji did not lose his composure, neither did he struggle. He asked, “What do you want?”

The black cat’s power was unfathomable. He understood that he stood no chance against the cat, so he gave up resisting.

“Brat, do you want to live?” the black cat asked with a sharp and icy voice that one could not guess whether it was male or female.

“Of course,” Zhou Xuanji replied.

Seems like that cat was not a demonized creature. It had clear thoughts.

The black cat smiled, “Serve me and entertain me. If I’m in a good mood, I will let you go. Or else, even if a Dao-Treading Saint comes, you will not be saved.”

Zhou Xuanji frowned in confusion.

Why did the Kunlun Origin Court put so many overwhelmingly powerful beings inside the Great Elimination’s arena?