I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 655 - Chapter 655 Level 4 Overlord Saint

Chapter 655 - Chapter 655 Level 4 Overlord Saint


Booom! Booom! Boom…

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha swung its 1,000 swords, hacking and slashing in all directions. The Dragon Dive Divine Range disciples dodged desperately. Some of them were struck and died a miserable death. Just when their souls came out of their bodies, they were struck again by the swords and were totally dead.

The red-shirt young man moved with agility and made it to the buddha’s head with a slash.

A burst of green lighting glowed brightly as countless green water arrows shot toward Zhou Xuanji from all directions. The arrows were so venomous and corrosive that they even warped space.

Zhou Xuanji raised his right hand and used Void Instant Kill with the Thunderclap Sword.


The Thunderclap Sword created a bloody hole in the red-shirt young man’s chest. The young man’s face froze instantly.

“How can it be…”

He opened his eyes in disbelief.

When his eyes met Zhou Xuanji’s peripheral sight, he sensed a hellish, murderous aura.

In an instant, he transformed into smoke and fled a thousand miles away.

“Why is he so fast… What’s that divine ability…”

Gasping for air, he thought to himself with his forehead covered with cold sweat.

At this moment, he was filled with regret.

If he knew this, he would not have accepted the mission!

A 12-Star genius was sickeningly powerful indeed!


An air-piercing sound came. The red-shirt young man immediately dodged in fear, but his shoulder was still penetrated by a stream of sword Qi. He gritted his teeth in pain.

Seeing that he fled, the other disciples of the Dragon Dive Divine Range were even more anxious.

“Son of a b**ch! How dare he leave us behind!”

“Let’s run! This brat is too powerful. We cannot defeat him!”

“Damn, my magic energy!”

“He’s absorbing our magic energy. We cannot drag on any longer!”

Those disciples cursed and quickly came to the consensus to flee.

But how could Zhou Xuanji just let go of them like that? Controlling the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha, he pursued them.

Meanwhile, he continued to absorb the saint energy of the 12 Saints. This helped his cultivation to grow tremendously.

If this continued, he could break through very quickly.

The Great Elimination was like a feast for him!


A massive 1,000-hands Sword Buddha moved unstoppably across the battlefield, smashing mountains and trampling over lakes.

On the outside, in the ancient fortress.

More living creatures gathered behind Yu Shenzhong and his daughter, observing the battle projected into the sky.

“This is too overpowered? Those are the Dragon Dive Divine Range’s disciples!”

“They are totally at a different level. No wonder he’s a 12-Star.”

“Oh my Heavens. This is laying bare their defiance against the Dragon Dive Divine Range!”

“Nicely done! I love such a domineering genius!”

“Seems like this Great Elimination will draw much more attention.”

Listening to how awed the living creatures around them were, Yu Shenzhong’s entire body was trembling in exhilaration.

Although Yu Zhongxiu appeared to be calm, her heart was thrilled.

It was her first time seeing someone from the Longbow Divine Range performing so mightily in a Great Elimination.

She began looking forward to seeing Zhou Xuanji grow.

Dao Ancestor?

Or even higher!

Zhou Xuanji pursued persistently. Other than the red-shirt young man, the other 26 disciples were all killed by him.

The saint energy in his body was at the brim, and he was about to break through.

But he wanted to kill the red-shirt young man first before breaking through in one go.

“What must I do so that you will spare my life?” the red-shirt young man roared furiously. His heart was filled with fear and despair, and he was in total panic.

It was his first time being so close to death.

Real death!

“Simple. Let me kill you.”

Zhou Xuanji’s icy voice came. He showed no mercy toward the red-shirt young man.

He lived up to his principle — not to show mercy to any of his enemies.

The red-shirt young man heard him and could only flee faster.

Zhou Xuanji chased after him as they shuttled across the mountains and the rivers. They encountered many living creatures from other divine ranges but were all stunned by Zhou Xuanji’s aura.

“Who is that guy?”

“He dares to chase after the Dragon Dive Divine Range’s disciple. Such boldness!”

“It’s him! 12-Star genius from the Longbow Divine Range. I’ve seen his portrait.”

“I knew it. None of the 12-Star geniuses were easy to deal with.”

“Such arrogance. Let’s not go close.”

Zhou Xuanji showed no regard towards the cries of awe along the way. He had only one target, and that was the red-shirt young man.

He suddenly deactivated the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha and used Violet Sun Tunneling. Transforming into a beam of violet light, he continued his pursuit.


Two beams of light were shot onto the red-shirt young man’s body, which immobilized him immediately.

Immobilizing Divine Light!

It was specialized for immobilizing the enemy.


The red-shirt young man’s head was about to burst. What’s this divine ability?

Zhou Xuanji caught up with him and slashed his prey with the Sword Dao Rules. The red-shirt young man was bombarded into ash by his sword Qi.

Shortly after, Zhou Xuanji no longer suppressed the violent and surging saint energy in his body. He began breaking through.

His muscles expanded, and a terrifying aura emanated from him. The surrounding space rippled, and forests within 1,000 miles shook.

His aura grew intensely and unstoppably.

With a loud boooom!

His cultivation stage reached Overlord Saint Level 4!

Everyone’s jaw dropped at this scene.

He broke through right after the battle!

Could this guy know some kind of divine ability that could absorb magic energy?

Such divine abilities were not rare, but it was considered a lesser technique. This was because other cultivators’ magic energy was not one’s own after all. One would not build a firm foundation with others’ magic energy. There would be countless consequences for doing so.

Far away.

On a mountain top, a man with white hair sat on the floor. His white hair was extremely long and was draped on the floor like a loose white robe.

His face was pale, and his eyes were shady. Looking toward the direction where Zhou Xuanji was, he gave an eccentric smile.

“Not bad. He has the talent of a 13-Star, seemingly. I can make him into my puppet,” the white-haired man mumbled. He did not get into action immediately but waited until Zhou Xuanji’s breakthrough was over.

Even after witnessing Zhou Xuanji’s battle power, he was not worried.

Although Zhou Xuanji had unmatched talent, the young Overlord Saint was still not powerful enough.

Two hours later.

He stood up and was prepared to move out.

On the other side.

Just when Zhou Xuanji was about to leave, he sensed an extremely dangerous aura coming toward him. He fled instinctively.


He used Violet Sun Tunneling to fly away swiftly in a beam of the violet ray.

“Who is that guy… Why is his aura this terrifying? Could he be a Level 9 Overlord Saint?”

Zhou Xuanji was shocked in his heart. He moved full-speed ahead, shuttling through space, and it was as fast as teleporting.

An indifferent and cold voice came, “You can’t escape me. Stop now, and I will give you less pain.”

Zhou Xuanji immediately activated the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow. Ten billion ethereal swords appeared out of nowhere and were shot toward his back.

Sounds of a deafening bombardment came ceaselessly.

Soon, he saw a group of mountains veiled by dense fog in front of him. A strong baleful aura pervaded the entire area, which suggested that it was forbidden ground.

Without hesitation, he dashed into it.