I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 654 - Chapter 654 A Showing of Power. Domineering Sword Buddha

Chapter 654 - Chapter 654 A Showing of Power. Domineering Sword Buddha


The Yu Clan of the Longbow Divine Range brought back a slave from the black market, who happened to be a 12-Star genius. This matter generated a lot of commotion in the Kunlun Origin Court.

Thousands of divine ranges sought to buy Zhou Xuanji from the Longbow Divine Range, but Longbow refused them all. As such, Longbow Divine Range made many new enemies.

Many were sent into the Great Elimination to kill Zhou Xuanji or invite him to other divine ranges.

However, to change one’s identity medallion, one must first get his current divine range to agree.

As long as the Longbow Divine Range did not agree, the other divine ranges could do nothing. Since they could not get their hands on Zhou Xuanji, many more sent their powerful cultivator to eliminate the 12-Star genius.

The outside world was buzzing with people. More spectators gathered around Yu Shenzhong and his daughter. They all wanted to see what a 12-Star genius was like.

Zhou Xuanji did not know that he was the focus of discussion on the outside world.

Even if he knew, he would not care.

It was better to fight face-on than to hide.

He wanted to test how powerful he is currently.

Sometime later.

An air-piercing sound came.

A valiant man with two pairs of golden wings flew toward him with two whips, leaving a trail of swaying trees as though a gigantic wave was generated in a green ocean.

He whipped toward Zhou Xuanji. The two whips turned into two horrifying snakes that bit at Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji did not get up but continued to meditate.

The Thunderclap Sword got into action suddenly. Lightning flashed, and ten billion electric ethereal blades appeared around Zhou Xuanji. All of them shot toward the man with golden wings.

Everything happened too quickly for the golden-winged man to evade the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow.


World-shattering, deafening explosions could be heard. A powerful gale blew in all directions.

Zhou Xuanji’s hair was blown backward, and his white clothing flapped loudly in the wind.

Zhou Xuanji had only two kinds of clothes now. He wore either black or white, and he had thousands of them stored up inside the Supreme Storage. If that was still not enough, he could get more from the lotus world.

His white shirt was not tainted at all despite the strong gust.

The outer world was shocked.

They did not expect Zhou Xuanji to be this powerful. He injured his opponent without even standing up. No wonder he was so arrogant.

“What’s that divine ability?”

“That’s the Jinpeng Clan’s disciple!”

“Such a powerful aura. Seems like he was waiting here on purpose.”

“This is exhilarating! The portal to the Great Elimination has not even closed!”

“I feel that this Great Elimination will be a spectacular one!”

Observers from the other divine ranges spread the news with their spells.

Although the Longbow Divine Range was huge, they could send only Zhou Xuanji to this arena.

There were countless Great Elimination arenas in the Kunlun Origin Court. Because each living creature had different longevity, countless arenas were activated each day, and the number of participants allowed varied.

The one controlling this arena was the supreme Sovereign.

Yu Zhongxiu and Yu Zhongxiu were also stunned by Zhou Xuanji’s performance. They had never seen Zhou Xuanji using the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow before.

They immediately brushed away the negative thoughts they had about Zhou Xuanji. They looked forward to this young Overlord Saint’s performance.

After the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow struck the enemy, Zhou Xuanji absorbed a massive amount of saint energy, which made him burst into a roar.

It felt so good!

Indeed, I can only grow quicker through battle.

Zhou Xuanji got up slowly and held the Thunderclap Sword in his hand.

At this moment, the golden-winged man charged at him with a bloodied body in a frenzy.

“Brat! I will kill you!” he let out a furious cry. The aura of Saint Realm Level Eight exploded from him and shook the realm.

Zhou Xuanji smiled condescendingly and charged toward his opponent directly.

They were like two comets brushing past each other. The next moment, the golden-winged man was decapitated. Blood gushed out from him like a fountain.

Zhou Xuanji immediately absorbed all of the winged man’s saint energy before pulling his opponent toward him. After extracting his opponent’s soul into the Tianxia Map, Zhou Xuanji incinerated his opponent with his sword Qi.

A painless death!

Since the golden-winged man wanted him dead, he would surely not show mercy.

Slaying a Level 8 Saint was a piece of cake for him.

He smiled and flew in another direction.

Just when he turned around, he felt something enter his right arm. It should be his opponent’s identity medallion.

This place was destroyed and no longer conducive for cultivation, so he left quickly.

A while later.

He stopped on a mountain top. Just when he was about to cultivate, a gigantic rock-patterned python slithered up along the mountain wall to devour him.

Without turning his head, Zhou Xuanji activated Sword Qi Soar. Sword Qi shot out from his back like a jet and killed the python instantly.

“Troublesome,” Zhou Xuanji muttered, and then he closed his eyes to cultivate.

Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh…

Numerous air-piercing sounds came from all around him. He opened his eyes again with a slight frown.

“12-Star genius? Let me see your true colors!”

“Let’s work together and kill him here!”

“I have never killed someone ranked 12 stars.”

“Hahaha. This brat is really arrogant to train at such an obvious place!”

“Level 3 Overlord Saint. Not bad!”

“Many figures gathered around him. Each of them had extraordinary auras and powerful weapons. Their murderous aura pervaded the sky.

Zhou Xuanji counted 26 in total. The weakest of his enemies was a Level 3 Overlord Saint. He could not identify most of the others’ cultivations, but he did not feel much danger.

“You must be Zhou Xuanji. I shall give you a chance. Join us, the Dragon Dive Divine Range, and I will spare you your life!” a young man who wore a red shirt and jaded crown said with a burst of cold laughter. The young man pointed his sword at Zhou Xuanji and looked at him condescendingly, as though he was looking at a prisoner.

The other 25 raised their weapons and entered a formation. Rays of golden beams burst from their body and soared into the skies, and they then dove into the ground. Light screens were formed from their sides, and each of them connected with others, creating a formation that trapped Zhou Xuanji.

“This is the way the Dragon Dive Divine Range invites others?”

He remembered the name in his heart.

“What a joke. You don’t know the awesome name of the Dragon Dive Divine Range? We have someone who exceeds 12-Stars. It’s your honor to join us,” the red-shirt young man snorted. He did not take Zhou Xuanji seriously at all.

He was a Level 7 Overlord Saint with 9-star talent. He had no reason to fear Zhou Xuanji.

Activating the Sword Fusion Technique straightaway, Zhou Xuanji fused more than 1,000 swords into his body. He even fused the Nine Extreme swords like the Three Clear Taichi Sword and Great Thousand Reincarnation Sword.


His aura exploded and crushed the mountain under his feet instantaneously. The formation warped greatly as well.

Everyone from the Dragon Dive Divine Range was shocked, including the red-shirt young man.

Then, Zhou Xuanji activated the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha. A golden buddha was erected from the ground. He stood on the buddha’s head and was raised into the sky as it grew. And he looked down upon the red-shirt young man.

In the blink of an eye, the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha was a hundred miles tall. The golden-ray formation was like a tight-fit shirt around the buddha. As the buddha’s 1,000 arms extended, the formation broke immediately.

Everyone in the formation vomited blood as they were thrust backward by the huge impact, accompanied by painful cries.

At this, the red-shirt young man took out his long green saber and slashed toward Zhou Xuanji.