I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 653 - : Chapter 653 Violet Sun Tunneling

Chapter 653 - : Chapter 653 Violet Sun Tunneling


Led by Yu Shenzhong and his daughter, they came to a faint palace after half an hour.

Zhou Xuanji looked ahead and saw a loose-robed old man sitting on the ground. The old man was gazing toward him fixedly. His eyes were glowing coldly like a famished wolf.

Zhou Xuanji could not help but raise his brow in suspicion. Why such an atmosphere just to teach him a divine ability?

“He’s the Longbow Divine Range’s Old Ancestor, who is also the ruler of this Divine Range. You can address him as the Old Ancestor.”

Yu Shenzhong introduced Zhou Xuanji, who had already heard about the Old Ancestor Longbow in the Yu Clan.

No one knew how long Old Ancestor Longbow had lived. A long time ago, he belonged to another divine range. But because of how outstanding he was, he began a new divine range by himself and created Longbow.

“Brat, come over,” Old Ancestor Longbow’s voice came. Without hesitating, Zhou Xuanji walked over to him.

Yu Shenzhong and Yu Zhongxiu waited on the spot.

After Zhou Xuanji walked up to Old Ancestor Longbow, he bowed slightly to show his respect.

Old Ancestor Longbow sized Zhou Xuanji up and praised him, saying, “You are fewer than 600 years old indeed. This is spectacular. I wonder which universe gives birth to such an ultimate treasure like you.”

Ultimate treasure?

Zhou Xuanji felt very uneasy with how he was described, but he did not rebut.

After that, Old Ancestor Longbow raised his right hand and tapped Zhou Xuanji’s forehead across the air.

A massive memory flooded Zhou Xuanji’s mind. At the same time, strange energy was flowing inside his body.

A while later.

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and cupped his fists, saying, “Thank you, Old Ancestor, for your gracious gift!”

This divine ability was called Violet Sun Tunneling. It was a divine ability that allowed one to shuttle through five-elemental space and the Great Dao Wall with incredible speed.

This strange energy should be some kind of Great Dao.

Old Ancestor Longbow was afraid that Zhou Xuanji might die in the Great Elimination, so he gifted the young Overlord Saint with Violet Sun Tunneling.

“Go ahead. I will wait for your return. There are so many more divine abilities I want to teach you,” Old Ancestor Longbow chuckled and waved his hand, sending Zhou Xuanji back to Yu Shenzhong and his daughter.

Yu Zhongxiu immediately left with his daughter and Zhou Xuanji.

The smile on Old Ancestor Longbow was replaced with a worrisome expression.

“Hopefully, those guys will not overdo it,” he mumbled to himself.

It was too difficult for a divine range like his to protect a 12-Star genius.

The genius would either be destroyed or snatched away by the other divine ranges.

But for the future of the Longbow Divine Range, he had to take the risk.

Even if he failed, it was only Zhou Xuanji who died.

An hour later, Zhou Xuanji and the other two came to a region of the void. In front of them was a long bridge connecting to an old castle. Looking around, there were few stars in the ebony void.

There were many living creatures on the move in Longspear, creating much noise.

“I heard that there’s a 12-Star genius in this Great Elimination.”

“I hope that I can persevere through it.”

“Sigh, I’m not prepared yet.”

“This Great Elimination will be ruthless. There are many powerful participants, even those divine ranges that ranked top 1000 sent their disciples.”

“Top 1000 divine ranges are coming too? What trickery is this!”

Zhou Xuanji heard those discussions and captured two pieces of information.

His participation had already been made known.

Top 1000 divine ranges would also participate in this Great Elimination.

He deduced the conclusion from these two pieces of information.

No wonder Old Ancestor Longbow was worried about him.

He smiled mockingly.

“What are you smiling at?” Yu Zhongxiu asked curiously. She thought that Zhou Xuanji would feel uneasy hearing this news, so she did not expect Zhou Xuanji to laugh about it.

Zhou Xuanji stopped his laughter and said, “Wait for my return.”

His unwavering confidence astonished Yu Shenzhong and Yu Zhongxiu.

Yu Shenzhong said, “We will wait for you outside the portal. The rule is simple: Stay alive. Only when the number of survivors reaches a certain point will all of you be released. There are all kinds of traps, ferocious beasts, and ghosts. You must be careful of them all because your opponents are not only the disciples of other divine ranges. Also, whoever you kill, that person’s identity medallion will merge into yours, so you don’t have to hide who you killed.”

He had never been this anxious before.

He felt even more anxious than his own Great Elimination.

Because too much hope was put onto Zhou Xuanji, he hoped that Zhou Xuanji would not die.

Zhou Xuanji replied, “If I kill disciples of influential divine ranges, can Longbow Divine Range bear the burden of it?”

Yu Shenzhong nodded, “There’s still a long time before the next Great Elimination. It’s enough for you to grow.”

Zhou Xuanji was totally relieved. As he moved forward, he laughed coldly, “Then I shall overturn the entire Great Elimination!”

Yu Shenzhong and his daughter’s hearts beat rapidly. Somehow, they believed Zhou Xuanji’s words.

After he entered the old fortress, it was just like Zhou Xuanji had expected. It was a vast space with thousands of portals. More and more cultivators stepped into space while scenes of the Great Elimination were projected high up in the sky. It was just the beginning, and the cultivators had already started battling.

The entry duration of the Great Elimination was just one day. Anyone who did not enter it in the stipulated time would be burnt to ashes by the identity mark on their body.

That was the mark on Zhou Xuanji’s arms, which was a spell for Kunlun Origin Court to control them.

The three of them walked to a portal without anyone around. Then Yu Shenzhong pointed to a stone pillar in front of the portal and said, “Put your identity medallion down.”

Zhou Xuanji had already noticed the socket on the stone pillar. He was somewhat reminded of tapping his train card.

After his identity was verified, the portal glowed brightly. Zhou Xuanji stepped inside and disappeared.

“Father,” Yu Zhongxiu asked, “is the Old Ancestor really ready to face the coming pressure?”

Yu Shenzhong nodded, and then he shook his head.

“It still depends on how well he performs,” he replied faintly, “If he can really dish out a spectacular performance, Old Ancestor will give his all.”

After entering the portal, Zhou Xuanji felt as though everything around him was revolving. An extremely powerful force enveloped him such that he could not probe with his divine sense.

Soon, he landed.

He regained his consciousness quickly. Looking up, he realized that he was standing on a cliff. The scenic view was made more mesmerizing by the dusk.

“This is the Great Elimination? Such abundant spiritual Qi!”

Zhou Xuanji mumbled to himself, surprised.

It was no wonder the survivors of the Great Elimination would go through rapid growth after the event.

The Great Elimination seemed like an awesome serendipity for powerful cultivators.

Zhou Xuanji sat down and began cultivating straightaway with the Thunderclap Sword beside him.

On the outside.

Yu Zhongxiu and Yu Zhongxiu found the projection of Zhou Xuanji, and they were stunned.

“Isn’t this brat too conceited?”

Yu Shenzhong frowned and uttered angrily.

He was willing to believe that Zhou Xuanji could survive, but this was too reckless!

Yu Zhongxiu frowned silently. Her evaluation of Zhou Xuanji worsened.

It would be all for naught if the genius was dead.

Escorts of other divine ranges came up to them.

“This is your 12-Star genius?”

“He’s going to die for being so arrogant.”

“Since the ancient times, countless geniuses have died in the Great Elimination because of their pride.”

“Seems like the Yu Clan still cannot make it.”