I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 652 - Chapter 652 Soul Source Pool. Five Ultimate Divine Eyes

Chapter 652 - Chapter 652 Soul Source Pool. Five Ultimate Divine Eyes


“Don’t revive me. If I’m revived, I will still be found. If you can reach the Soul Source and toss me inside, my soul will be cleansed, and I will be born anew,” the old immortal replied, which made Zhou Xuanji curious about what the Soul Source Pool was.

The old immortal continued to explain.

The Soul Source Pool was where all souls in Kunlun Origin Court and the universes were born. Regardless of how powerful a cultivator was, if he is dropped into the pool, he will start from zero again in another life.

The old immortal could only hide from his enemies by doing so.

“How should I make my way to the Soul Source Pool?” Zhou Xuanji nodded and asked.

He wondered if the Sovereign would also die in the pool.

“Do your best in the Great Elimination. One day, you will receive an official position in the Origin Court. At that time, you can choose to become a Soul Guardian,” the old immortal replied with longing eyes.

“Can you tell me the origin of the eyes given to me by the Primordial Ancestor?”Zhou Xuanji asked.

This matter had always been on his heart.

He always felt uneasy because he did not know much about the eyes.

“Those eyes are one of the Five Ultimate Divine Eyes in Kunlun Origin Court. This pair is called Exterminating Divine Eyes. It can stabilize space, determine time, and overcome all five elements.”

“The Five Ultimate Divine Eyes are legendary treasures in Kunlun Origin Court. Anyone who obtains them is qualified to surpass the Dao Ancestor. Now that you ranked 12 stars, you don’t have to worry. Other than during the Great Elimination, as long as you don’t step into your enemies’ divine ranges, they can do nothing to you,” the old immortal stroked his long beard and laughed. The more he looked at Zhou Xuanji, the more pleased he felt. Zhou Xuanji was like a grandchild to him.

Back then, he felt that Zhou Xuanji had the opportunity to enter Kunlun Origin Court, but he had not expected such a great surprise.

12 Star!

Of all the living creatures he knew, only Zhou Xuanji had reached such a height. The highest among the other living creatures he knew was eight stars.

If the old beggar knew it, he would surely be filled with regret.

“Five Ultimate Divine Eyes… Qualification to surpass the Dao Ancestor…”

Zhou Xuanji thought to himself with sparkling eyes.

After the two chatted a little longer, the old immortal fell into a deep sleep.

He decided to stay inside the Tianxia Map to avoid his enemies’ detection.

He was not sure how long it would take for Zhou Xuanji to access the Soul Source Pool. His original source might not last that long, so he had to enter hibernation mode to reserve energy.

After his consciousness exited from the Tianxia Map, Zhou Xuanji began to focus on cultivation.

The Yu Clan did their best for him, giving all kinds of cultivation resources such that his saint energy continued to grow each day.

Half a year later.

Yu Zhongxiu delivered Zhou Xuanji’s identity medallion personally. Holding up the medallion and inspecting it carefully, he found that, other than his name, there were also symbols of the Longbow Divine Range Yu Clan and 12 Stars.

The medallion looked like jade and was as light as a feather.

Storing the medallion into his Supreme Storage, he asked, “Any other matters, Ms. Yu?”

Yu Zhongxiu did not speak, but it was apparent that she had something to say by standing at his door.

“Your 12-Star ranking had already been known to the others. You will be fighting alone in the Great Elimination. The disciples of Longbow Divine Range will not be powerful enough to participate in the same Great Elimination as yours. I hope that you are prepared. If you need enchanted artifacts, divine abilities, just tell me. I will bring them to you for selection personally,” Yu Zhongxiu said sincerely. A 12-Star talent gave them a huge surprise initially, but as time went by, Longbow Divine Range began to worry.

Because Zhou Xuanji was too extraordinary, he would not encounter any of the Longbow Divine Ranges’ disciples during the Great Elimination.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and replied, “There’s no need. I’m confident.”

He already learned that the Great Elimination was a battle between cultivators of the same level.

Why would he be afraid of people at a similar cultivation stage as him?

Whoever dared to stop him would die at his hands.

Seeing his confidence, Yu Zhongxiu smiled.

No wonder he could become a 12-Star genius. Such confidence.

Yu Zhongxiu no longer bothered Zhou Xuanji and left.

Zhou Xunaji returned to his bead and commanded the four demon gods to continue cultivating saint energy while he studied the Great Dao.

This city was not the only city in the Longbow Divine Range.

A Divine Range was like a tower. This was just one of the cities, which belonged to the Yu Clan.

There were hundreds of clans in the Longbow Divine Ranges and over ten billion living beings.

He realized that a special Great Dao pervaded this Divine Range. It was faint but it was there, so he wanted to understand this Great Dao.

Cultivating would hardly raise his cultivation anymore, so improving on his Dao Will was better. This would improve his battle power without increasing his cultivation stage, which increased his chance of winning in the Great Elimination.

At the same time.

At the top of Longbow Divine Range

In a dim palace, dozens of oil lamps were flickering, casting demon-like shadows on the walls.

At the innermost part of the palace, an old man with a loose robe opened his eyes. He had double pupils in his eyes, and his hair was tied up by a golden thread. An extremely powerful aura was emanated from him.

“Someone is trying to gain insight on my Great Dao, and he’s an Overlord Saint,” the old man mumbled to himself curiously.

Longbow Divine Range was losing in its ranking with each Great Elimination, which made him very anxious. This was why he chose closed-door cultivation. Now that he had encountered a talented junior, it was natural for him to nurture the junior.

He immediately traced with his divine sense and realized that the Overlord Saint was actually in the Yu Clan, living beside Ms. Yu.

Then, he began gathering intel with his divine sense.

Soon, he heard the discussion of many slaves.

“12 Star!”

The robed old man jumped up in pleasant surprise. His body trembled.

He disappeared on the stop and went ahead to verify the information.

In the blink of an eye, numerous months passed.

The Great Elimination was coming.

“Everyone, bring along your identity medallions.”

Yu Shengzhong’s voice sounded off in the courtyard. Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and stored the four demon gods into the Tianxia Map before walking out of his house.

Sheng Tiandao, Qiu Hu, and Si Mengyan walked out too.

They all looked energized and were in a good mood.

They were already Saint Contenders. Now that they enjoyed the Yu Clan’s resources, they had been working toward the Saint Realm.

“He will bring the three of you to the Great Elimination’s portal. I will bring Xuanji personally,” Yu Shengzhong pointed to a muscular man beside him and said. Sheng Tiandao and the other two followed after him.

Qiu Hu looked back and said, “Master, let’s celebrate after the Great Elimination.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded with a smile despite feeling worried for them. He hoped that they could make it.

This was not the Heavenly Law Universe, after all. It was Kunlun Origin Court.

“Xuanji, follow me.”

Yu Shengzhong smiled. Then with a swing of his hand, he swept Zhou Xuanji away with his magic energy.

Only Yu Zhongxiu followed them. They were enveloped with a golden radiance as they soared through space.

“The Old Ancestor wants to see you. Before you enter the Great Elimination, he wants to teach you a divine ability to help you survive easier,” Yu Shengzhong turned and said to Zhou Xuanji. Although he looked composed, he was exhilarated in his heart.

It was time for the Yu Clan to rise to power!

Not only so, as long as Zhou Xunaji continued to grow, the entire Longbow Divine Range would also prosper and flourish!