I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 651 - Chapter 651 – Talent Result

Chapter 651 - Chapter 651 – Talent Result


“Use your full strength! I know that this is far from everything!” the elder shouted, his voice blasting out like thunder and spreading throughout the entire city.

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji leapt up and condensed 18 Sword Souls behind him.

The Sword Souls slashed out, turning into Sword Dao Rules, looking like 18 massive swords of light as they slashed at the elder.

The elder did not move at all, and he used his formless aura to withstand Sword Dao Rules.

“He’s most likely a Dao-Treading Sage, or even stronger—a Dao Ancestor?”

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes narrowed and felt inwardly shocked. In front of the elder, he felt incredibly weak and small, as if he was a child swinging his fist at an adult.

He used his Dao Will and prepared to unleash his most powerful attack.

Zhou Xuanji raised the Thunderclap Sword high and billions of arcs of electricity spread out around him.

At that moment, he looked like he had turned into a god of lightning, causing many creatures to feel dumbfounded.

A lightning sword descended from the sky, so fast that it almost looked like it teleported!

Heavenly Sword Descent!


The ground beneath the elder’s feet instantly crumbled, turning into dust.

He looked up, his expression slightly changing.

“This boy…” He felt inwardly shocked; he could feel the strength of Zhou Xuanji’s Dao Will.

He was only at Overlord Saint Level 3, and yet he had such comprehension towards Great Dao.

He was an absolute genius!

Zhou Xuanji put away his sword and his black robes fluttered in the wind. He gave off an air of calmness, no longer giving off the berserk and sharp aura from before.

The elder floated in the air, thinking to himself.

Everyone fell silent, waiting for the results from the elder.

The elder slowly spoke, “12 Star talent!”

He flipped his right hand and took out a violet-gold stamp. He instantly came before Zhou Xuanji and stamped onto Zhou Xuanji’s right arm.

At that moment, Zhou Xuanji felt a burning sensation as a large hole appeared in his sleeve, and two big words appeared on his right arm: 12 Star.


The surroundings of the plaza were sent into a frenzy!

12 Star talent!

“Did I hear correctly? 12 Star talent?”

“Holy crap! The rating goes beyond 10 Stars?”

“12 Star talent exists? Why haven’t I heard of it despite living for so long?”

“With how big the Kunlun Origin Court is, how many places have you been to before?”

“So powerful! The Long Bow Divine Range is going to rise up!”

“Oh my goodness, 12 Star talent. Is that even possible?”

All of the creatures cried out with all their might, unable to believe their eyes.

Yu Zhongxiu, Yu Shenzong and the others were completely dumbfounded.

They had imagined that Zhou Xuanji would pass the Ultra-Star Examination, but they had never thought that he would have 12 Star talent.

12 Star talent…


Yu Shenzong slapped himself to make sure that he wasn’t dreaming.

Sheng Tiandao, Qiu Hu, and Si Mengyan almost went crazy. They all hugged each other and screamed for joy.

The elder gave a slight smile and said, “My name is Hong Yuan. In the future if you need anything in the Origin Court, you can come to find me. Now, I will record your information in the Origin Court, and your identity medallion will be sent to you within half a year. Try not to go out before you receive your identity medallion, and especially don’t leave the Long Bow Divine Range.”

The more he looked at Zhou Xuanji, the more pleased he felt with him.

Even for him, seeing a 12 Star genius was incredibly rare; as such, he naturally needed to try to get on his good side ahead of time.

If Zhou Xuanji died early, then it would just mean that there was no fate between them.

However, if Zhou Xuanji achieved great things, that would be good for him too.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “Thank you, senior.”

Hong Yuan smiled and turned and flew towards Yu Shenzong.

The heaven-shaking shouts still did not cease, and they instead became more and more intense.

Zhou Xuanji looked at the crazed beings and felt somewhat confused.

I’m the one with 12 Star talent, what are you all getting so excited about?

Aren’t you scared of me taking all of your resources?

Zhou Xuanji could not understand and did not think too much about it, and he flew towards Yu Zhongxiu.

The plaza had already been destroyed, and there were broken pieces of rock everywhere.

If it was in the heavenly law universe, his aura would have been enough to destroy a Great Thousand World; from this, it could be seen just how firm the ground here was.

“Xiu’Er, take little friend Xuanji back to rest,” Yu Shenzong said with a smile before enthusiastically talking to Hong Yuan.

Yu Zhongxiu smiled at Zhou Xuanji and brought him away.

“Young sir Zhou, you are truly incredible. It’s the first time I’ve seen someone with 12 Star talent before,’ Yu Zhongxiu said as she lightly smiled, her voice becoming even sweeter than before.

Zhou Xuanji smiled and asked, “Do you know what the highest Star rating is?”

Yu Zhongxiu replied, “I’m not sure; I heard that the most powerful should be 16 Star. Those are all Dao Ancestor reincarnations or possessions though, and ordinary people can’t compare to them.”

16 Star talent…

Zhou Xuanji raised his eyebrows; it seemed that he had once again underestimated the Kunlun Origin Court.

After Zhou Xuanji went back to Sheng Tiandao and the others, Qiu Hu said excitedly, “Master, I want to kneel to you!”

Zhou Xuanji waved his hand and said, “You can kneel after we get back for a whole month!”

Sheng Tiandao and Si Mengyan loudly laughed, and Yu Zhongxiu could not help but laugh either; she had never thought that Zhou Xuanji would have this kind of humor.

Following this, the group quickly left, while the entire city began to shout Zhou Xuanji’s name.

12 Star talent—this news would definitely spread out of the Long Bow Divine Range, and the Long Bow Divine Range would also become famous.

On that day, Yu Zhongxiu chose some tender and beautiful women to be Zhou Xuanji’s female attendants. He could take all of them if he wanted, and no matter what he did with them, Yu Zhongxiu would not ask about it.

Zhou Xuanji felt quite annoyed and said, “Take them back; do I look like that kind of person?”

He already had two wives, and if he really wanted other women, would he not be able to find them himself?

Yu Zhongxiu was quite surprised before laughing out loud.

She waved her hand, getting the women to leave.

After the women left, all of them looked incredibly disappointed and sad.

They had thought that they would be able to benefit from Zhou Xuanji, but they had not expected him not to be interested at all.

No wonder why he had reached Overlord Saint Level 3 in just 600 years; he definitely put all of his time into cultivating.

Zhou Xuanji did not know how they were feeling, and even if he did, he would not particularly care.

Yu Zhongxiu chatted with him for a bit longer before leaving.

Zhou Xuanji let out a long breath and said, “I can finally calmly cultivate.”

In the following half a year, he did not plan to leave the residence and wait for his identity medallion to arrive.

Following that, he would have to participate in the Great Elimination.

When the time came, he and Sheng Tiandao and the others might have to face each other.

The Great Elimination was held in many different places, or else the difference in cultivation would make it unfair.

Zhou Xuanji turned and returned to his room, and he sat on his bed as he began to cultivate.

Just as he closed his eyes, a voice sounded in his ears, “12 Star talent… haha, looks like I vastly underestimated you.”

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes shot open as a delighted look appeared on his face.

“Senior, you’ve finally woken up!” Zhou Xuanji tried to contain his excitement as he said in a low voice.

It was the old immortal!

“I’ve already told you many times to keep your heart calm; why has it gone into chaos again?” the old immortal’s voice once again sounded out, sounding somewhat reproachful but also grateful.

Zhou Xuanji closed his eyes and sent his consciousness into the Tianxia Map.

There was a forest, and even though it was an illusion, it was very realistic. The old immortal sat under a tree and smiled as he looked at him.

Zhou Xuanji walked up and asked, “I’ve already arrived at the Kunlun Origin Court; how do I revive you?”