I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 650 - Chapter 650 – This Was The Aura Of Overlord Saint Level 3?

Chapter 650 - Chapter 650 – This Was The Aura Of Overlord Saint Level 3?


Yu Shenzhong chatted with Zhou Xuanji for a while before leaving with all the other people, and the courtyard became quiet again.

Sheng Tiandao said softly, “Don’t tell anyone about your eyes, and don’t fully trust the Long Bow Divine Range.”

He was worried that Zhou Xuanji would act impulsively; he did not want to be met with unexpected failure.

“Don’t worry, I already know that.” Zhou Xuanji calmly nodded.

He was not very touched by the Long Bow Divine Range’s enthusiasm, and he instead felt that it was normal.

The Long Bow Divine Range said many favorable things, but who knew how things would turn out in the future.

There were not many factions like the Divine Cliff.

Thinking of the Divine Cliff, Zhou Xuanji thought back to Han Xuzi.

It was a pity that time could not be rewound.

The four of them chatted for a bit before going back to their own rooms to cultivate.

Time passed quickly.

Half a month later, Yu Zhongxiu personally came to take Zhou Xuanji to the Ultra-Star Examination.

Qiu Hu, Sheng Tiandao, and Si Mengyan also went with him.

On the way, the servants that they encountered all looked at Zhou Xuanji excitedly and secretly whispered among themselves.

“He’s that 9 Star genius everyone has been talking about!

“It should be him; it’s rare to see the aura of an Overlord Saint.”

“It’s as if there’s some kind of halo of light around him.”

“It’s said that all of the Long Bow Divine Range’s higher beings came to watch this examination. When the time comes, we’ll be able to see a bunch of Dao-Treading Saints.”

“I’m really looking forward to it; it’s rare to see such a grand event.”

Zhou Xuanji heard all of their voices.

Dao-Treading Saint?

Was it a title or a realm?

Zhou Xuanji thought to himself and hesitated for a moment before asking, “What is about the Saint Realm?”

Yu Zhongxiu looked back and smiled as she replied, “The Saint Realm is split into Overlord Saints, Common Saints, and Heavenly Saints. Above them are beings closer to the Great Dao, and they are called Dao-Treading Sages, who can independently live in the Kunlun Origin Court for a long time. Above them are Dao Ancestors. Dao Ancestors are usually all rulers of Divine Ranges, or people who the top 1,000 Divine Ranges support.”

Dao-Treading Sage!

Dao Ancestor!

Zhou Xuanji committed these two names to memory, and he did not ask about even higher realms.

Even if he knew of them, there would be no point; he was not even close to Dao-Treading Sages.

Yu Zhongxiu did not fly and instead walked out of the residence. There were people everywhere, and at a glance, even the buildings were crowded with people. They were all looking about, as if they were waiting for someone.

Seeing Yu Zhongxiu bring someone out, all of the gazes swept over.

The gazes all gathered on Zhou Xuanji’s body because Yu Zhongxiu had purposefully taken half a step back to walk with him side by side.

“Keep walking forwards, let them remember you,” Yu Zhongxiu said in a soft voice, and Zhou Xuanji was speechless.

Even if she wanted to build up fame for him, wasn’t this a bit too much?

However, since things had come to this, he could only raise his head and walk forwards.

Qiu Hu looked on in admiration and said, “How good would it be if I could be treated like this!”

Si Mengyan rolled his eyes and said, “Using Zhou Xuanji’s words, keep dreaming.”

The two of them both felt annoyed at each other, but they were still quite happy.

Only after two hours did Zhou Xuanji see his destination.

It was a sparse plaza that was many kilometers wide. There were many cultivators standing guard in order to prevent anyone from intruding.

Next to the examination plaza were mountain-like buildings. Countless creatures were crowded around, while Yu Shenzhong and some beings with powerful auras chatted and laughed at the center. Among them was an elder who was smiling widely from all their praise.

“No matter what happens, this old man will conduct a proper examination. Don’t worry, everyone,” the elder said as he smiled and stroked his beard, both putting everyone at ease while telling Yu Shenzhong and the others not to try anything.

Yu Shenzhong laughed, pretending not to understand.

“They’re here!” a middle-aged man suddenly called out, causing everyone to turn and look.

Yu Zhongxiu brought Zhou Xuanji over, while Qiu Hu and the others stopped outside the plaza. They wanted to get closer but were stopped. They were told that if they went any closer, they would be in danger of death, causing them to shiver.

Zhou Xuanji expressionlessly advanced, ignoring all of the gazes.

“He’s Zhou Xuanji?”

“It’s said that he came from outside of the Kunlun Origin Court and reached Overlord Saint Level 3 before turning 600 years old!”

“That’s a bit too ridiculous; how can he be less than 600 years old?”

“Maybe it’s just a rumor to boost his fame.”

“There’s a high-level examiner here now, and you still think it’s fake?”

There were all kinds of discussions; before the results came out, there would definitely be disagreements.

Sheng Tiandao was also worried for Zhou Xuanji; from how he saw it, Zhou Xuanji wasn’t only 600 years old.

After all, he had spent thousands of years searching for Zhou Xuanji.

Of course, it could be like what Zhou Xuanji had said, that destiny had sent him thousands of years back in the past so his body and soul truly were not even 600 years old.”

If this really was the case, Sheng Tiandao would naturally be quite happy.

Now, he was completely set on following Zhou Xuanji.

Because of Zhou Xuanji, he could eat and drink well in Yu Zhongxiu’s residence, and he did not feel like a servant at all.

Soon, Zhou Xuanji and Yu Zhongxiu arrived at the high-level examiner.

“Relax, come closer,” the elder said as he smiled, not seeming high and mighty at all.

Zhou Xuanji stepped forwards and the elder put his hand on Zhou Xuanji’s forehead.

The elder closed his eyes and began to examine Zhou Xuanji’s age.

Soon, all noise in and around that plaza had disappeared; all creatures were holding their breath, waiting for the results.

If Zhou Xuanji really had talent that surpassed 9 Stars, the Long Bow Divine Range would rise meteorically!

After a while, the elder opened his eyes and said with a serious expression, “Attack me with your full power.”

Hearing this, Yu Shenzhong and the others quickly retreated to the boundary of the plaza. All of the guards formed a magic formation and a semi-transparent golden energy barrier rose up, covering the plaza.

Yu Shenzhong was very excited because those words meant that Zhou Xuanji already surpassed 9 Stars, and now the examiner was testing just how many Stars his talent really was.

However, the other spectating beings did not know this and continued to wait.

Zhou Xuanji took out the Thunderclap Sword and used the Sword Fusion Technique, fusing with 1,000 or so swords. His aura skyrocketed and blasted out, causing the plaza to tremble.

Following this, he unleashed the Nine Soul Fusion Technique, and his aura rose even more.

Flames appeared over his body as he also condensed the Battle Path Flame Soul.

Most creatures’ eyes greatly widened.

His aura already surpassed that of a Level 3 Overlord Saint!

Even a Level 5 Overlord Saint might not be stronger than him.

His body blurred as he slashed out, and the sword qi blasted into the elder as a formless barrier blocked his sword qi.

Zhou Xuanji was not startled and began to quickly swing his sword.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Sword qi madly slammed into the elder. Zhou Xuanji’s sword was extremely fast, creating countless afterimages and building a grand scene. The ground beneath his feet continuously collapsed, and cracks spread out throughout the plaza.

Yu Shenzong’s expression changed, feeling completely dumbfounded.

This was the aura of Overlord Saint Level 3?

Yu Zhongxiu’s beautiful eyes shone with light; seeing how mighty Zhou Xuanji was, she felt incredibly excited.

It was not that she liked Zhou Xuanji but that because Zhou Xuanji was her subordinate, she would also receive glory.