I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 65 - : A Deity Incarnated Looking Down Upon The World!

Chapter 65 - : A Deity Incarnated Looking Down Upon The World!


Chapter 65: A Deity Incarnated Looking Down Upon The World!

As the dust dispersed, North Zhou Gale Sword was already unconscious in the crater. He was totally charred and looked pitiful.

Zhou Xuanji summoned the Thunderclap Sword back into his hand.

The move he used just now was one of the Thirty-Six Paths Jade Xiao Sword moves, Xiao Fall!

Imbued with the heavenly thunder, the Xiao Fall was dominating indeed. It incapacitated North Zhou Gale Sword, who was an Inner Pellet Cultivator, immediately.

Within the Inner Pellet stage, there was no match for the North Zhou Gale Sword.

It was a pity that neither of his swords were as good as Zhou Xuanji’s, nor were his sword techniques.

Zhaocong Sword lifted up his head from the 8th level and silently looked at Zhou Xuanji as thoughts were going through his mind.

Below them, battles were still raging on every level.

Although they were all astonished by Zhou Xuanji, they still had to do their best.

This was an excellent opportunity to rise to fame. Even if they couldn’t claim victory, they could at least show all their capabilities. Perhaps, someone rich and powerful might regard them highly.

Zhou Xuanji looked down at Zhaocong Sword and said with a smile, “Dare to come up for a fight?”

If I’m going to fight, I will fight the strongest one!

After settling for North Zhou Gale Sword, it was Zhaocong Sword’s turn next.

Once he defeated Zhaocong Sword, he would steadily win the Sword Conference.

Facing Zhou Xuanji’s challenge, how could Zhaocong Sword reject?

He was pleased to do so!

He sheathed his sword before he flipped his hand, and a long sword seemingly made of white jade appeared in his hand.

He leaped straight up to the top level and slashed at Zhou Xuanji.

His Sword Qi appeared suddenly like a huge storm, blowing toward the child warrior.

Zhou Xuanji reacted just as quickly. He used Tri-Source Vein Severing Sword with dual-wielding. Streams of Sword Qi clashed with those from Zhaocong Sword.


Two powerful Sword Qi clashed and shook the entire tower.

All the Sword Cultivators below them looked up. When they saw Zhou Xuanji and Zhaocong Sword fighting, they all paused fighting tacitly and watched the fight above them unfold.

They wanted to see who was stronger, Zhaocong Sword, or Zhou Xuanji. At the same time, they hoped to learn something from their battle

Of course, it would be best if both were severely injured.

Zhang Tianjian felt nervous for Zhou Xuanji. He knew that he had no chance of winning, so he hoped that Zhou Xuanji could win.

Zhaocong Sword’s long hair danced messily in the air. He stood on the edge of the metal roof board with one foot and swung his sword toward Zhou Xuanji. The slash was so strong that it forced Zhou Xuanji to take half a step back.

2 people stood on the meter-long metal board, each with one foot. Their bodies were leaning backward, their blades clashed at extreme speed, giving off countless sparks.

Even though Zhou Xuanji was dual-wielding, he could not suppress Zhaocong Sword’s single sword.

“Zhaocong Sword indeed, he’s much stronger than North Zhou Gale Sword.”

Zhou Xuanji sighed. He was not discouraged, he actually became more motivated to fight.

Only by defeating a prodigy like this, could he feel a sense of achievement!

The Formless Sword and Crimson Dragon Sword appeared behind him and entered the battle swiftly, catching Zhaocong Sword off guard.

Zhaocong Sword was not a physical cultivator. As such, he was not as physically strong as Zhou Xuanji. However, since he was of a higher cultivation stage and because of his exquisite sword technique, he was not immediately pushed off the tower by his opponent’s four legendary swords.

“Three swords… No! There is another one… One that I cannot see…”

Zhaocong Sword’s face was calm, but he was actually shocked.

He also knew dual-wielding, albeit he was not very good at it, not as good as using just one sword.

But Zhou Xuanji could control two other swords while dual-wielding…

He suddenly remembered a rumor about Sword God Zhou…

Nine swords!

The Sword Cultivators all looked at them, aghast. They could not see the Formless Sword, but even so, three swords were enough to shock them.

The million spectators also burst into a huge commotion!

“Sword God Zhou is so powerful! Using three swords simultaneously ”

“Why do I feel that Zhaocong Sword is more powerful? Fighting three swords with one?”

“Stupid. Can you use three swords simultaneously? Zhaocong Sword uses only one sword, because he cannot control three!”

“Did you guys notice? The three swords have different trajectories, Sword God Zhou seemed to be using different sword techniques on each of them.”

“That’s how powerful Sword God Zhou is! There are still six more that he hasn’t taken out yet!”

The voices of exclamation, cheering, and doubts mingled together, loud enough to shake the heavens and the earth.

Xie Wuyou knitted his brows tightly. His eyes were filled with fear.

If Sword God Zhou were to develop fully…

So, his revered teacher’s evaluation of Sword God Zhou was right.

Northern Valiant Sword was very excited. Zhaocong Sword was the rising superstar among the Sword Cultivators. During these few years, he heard so many rumors about Zhaocong Sword that his ears became calloused. But it seemed like such a person was not at a significant advantage facing Zhou Xuanji.

Ha! Master is still more powerful!

Xiahou Jin sat up straight. He stared at Zhou Xuanji with burning passion in his eyes and muttered, “He must be mine… No matter the cost…”

At this moment, Zhaocong Sword entered his Sword Will mode suddenly. His eyes looked calm while his body seemed to be sparkling with a layer of faint silver light.

Man and Sword Unification!

His sword immediately became much more fierce and unpredictable. His attacks became more than twice as fast as before.

He even suppressed four legendary swords in an instant.

The Thunderclap Sword suddenly shot out countless lightning, lighting up the entire sky, but Zhaocong Sword’s sword was not affected by the lightning. His body was like an insulator and was not injured at all.

Zhou Xuanji immediately activated Dual Sword Wills.

With Thunderclap Sword on his left hand, he used Tri-Source Vein Severing Sword Sword Will!

With his right, he held the Swineculling Sword and activated the sword will of Thirty-Six Paths Jade Xiao Sword!

As the three sword wills clashed together, rainbow-colors suddenly radiated from their bodies. The three swords were like the wind, and the reflections from the blades shone brightly. The view was totally stunning visually.

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji did not look like he was in the Enlightening stage at all!

The 10-level tower shook violently. Its metal structure felt like they were to break any time.

Zhaocong Sword’s expression turned fierce or even sinister.

Zhou Xuanji’s prowess made his blood boil!

He had never met such an opponent before, so he was exhilarated.

However, Zhou Xuanji’s attacks were only beginning.

His Hell King Sword, Heaven Sound Sword, Windcutter Sword, Frost Wave Sword, Residual Image Sword, and Tiger Roar Sword appeared around him out of nowhere.

Together with his Thunderclap Sword, Formless Sword, Swineculling Sword, and Crimson Dragon Sword, he was using 10 swords simultaneously!

“When it comes to the Sword’s Way, I am unrivaled! ”

Zhou Xuanji said coldly. His hands did not stop but he controlled the other legendary swords to generate sword Qi, which took the form of a dragon, coating the blades.

10,000 Sword Dragon Incantation!

Looking up from below, Zhou Xuanji had 8 Golden Dragons around him, roaring at Zhaocong Sword.

Zhaocong Sword opened his eyes wide. He was totally appalled by what was before him.

10 swords!

Sword Qi in dragon form?

Zhou Xuanji had the 8 Legendary Swords with Dragon-shaped Sword Qi surrounded Zhaocong Sword. They slashed and hacked at Zhaocong Sword, injuring him immediately.

His back, thigh, waist, and abdomen were all injured.

Blood was spurting from his wounds.

The battle had turned into a ruthless slaughter.

From the perspectives of the million spectators, Zhaocong Sword, at this moment, could not be compared to Sword God Zhou at all.

The two of them were on totally different levels.

“Too powerful…”

Yang Che was looking up and muttered to himself. His legs were trembling.

Even Xie Wuyou looked with disbelief as his eyes were wide open.

The hundreds of Rulers behind the crowd of spectators all stood up, looking at what was happening in shock.

What kind of sword technique is that?

Within 3 breaths’ time, Zhaocong Sword was covered with blood. He was totally helpless.

Zhou Xuanji stopped. The 8 Legendary Swords stopped too.

After the attack stopped, Zhaocong Sword, who was totally worn out, fell backward. He tried his best to open his eyes, in his vision, he only saw blood covering the entire blue sky.

Zhou Xuanji stood up straight with his left foot landed on the roof. He raised his right foot and stepped onto Zhaocong Sword’s chest.

The scene seemed to freeze!

Zhou Xuanji stood on the roof metal board, with swords in both hands, and 8 Legendary Swords coated with Dragon-shaped Sword Qi levitating around him.

His right foot was lifted up and stepped onto Zhaocong Sword’s chest. Despite his small body, he looked so gigantic in stature at that moment.

Under the bright sun, he was like an incarnated deity, looking down upon the world!