I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 649 - Chapter 649 – Rise Together

Chapter 649 - Chapter 649 – Rise Together


Hearing what Yu Zhongxiu had to say, Zhou Xuanji felt strangely pleased.

Weren’t the Void Boundary God and the Void Boundary 13 Emperors quite arrogant?

The next time they met, he wanted to see what those fellows’ expressions would be like.

However, just what was the origin of the Primordial Ancestor’s eyes?

He had to investigate this clearly, but he could not do so brazenly.

Zhou Xuanji followed Yu Zhongxiu to her residence.

Her residence took up dozens of kilometers and looked like a small city, with many servants cleaning inside.

Seeing her arrive, the servants all paid their respects. They did not greet her verbally, afraid of annoying her.

Zhou Xuanji swept out with his divine sense and found that the servants’ cultivations were not weak; even the lowest cultivation was Heavenly Law True Immortal.

Throughout the entire city, he had not seen any existences lower than Heavenly Law True Immortal.

This was the Kunlun Origin Court; the starting point of most creatures here were far beyond the peaks of mortal realms.

Soon, Yu Zhongxiu brought Zhou Xuanji to a courtyard. There was a garden here, with five servants cleaning; there were both males and females.

“You can stay here; I live next door. If you need anything, let me know. At night, there will be people to deliver spirit food and spirit tea to you. If you don’t want to be disturbed, you can also have them bring food to you at set times. Soon, your three subordinates will be brought over; I’m going to report your matter to the Long Bow Divine Range’s seniors,” Yu Zhongxiu said as she smiled. Even though she was wearing a veil, she still had a smile that was so beautiful that it could topple nations.

Zhou Xuanji nodded before turning and walking to his room.

Yu Zhongxiu disappeared where she stood.

After walking into the room, Zhou Xuanji found that the space within was larger than he had expected.

It seemed that this room contained some sort of spatial barrier; after walking in, it felt as if he was living in a palace.

He walked in and sat on the bed and began to cultivate.

Yu Zhongxiu had not told him much about the Ultra-Star Examination, as she had never seen it before.

However, no matter what it was like, Zhou Xuanji had confidence he could pass it, as did Yu Zhongxiu.

According to her, even if he couldn’t pass, he would still have 9 Star talent. This kind of talent could rank within the top 1,000 Divine Ranges.

Soon, he found that the spirit qi within the room was very dense; it was much denser than in the heavenly law universe.

He opened his eyes and saw that there were oil lamps in all corners of the room, and the spirit qi was coming out of these lamps.

“How luxurious,” Zhou Xuanji said in awe; this was just a guesthouse.

Moreover, the Long Bow Divine Range was only a mid-tier Divine Range in the Kunlun Origin Court, yet it had such items.

At that moment, he felt like he was a country person entering a big city.

After a while, he sensed Qiu Hu, Sheng Tiandao, and Si Mengyan’s auras, and he went out to see them.

Seeing Zhou Xuanji, Qiu Hu rushed over and said excitedly, “Master, you’re so amazing! Talent surpassing 9 Stars!”

The two black-clothed men had told them what had happened on the way, which was why they were so excited.

“It’s indeed incredible,” Si Mengyan said with a look of admiration. In the heavenly law universe, Zhou Xuanji had been the most talented genius in history; who would have thought he would be so exceptional even in the Kunlun Origin Court.

Sheng Tiandao was also very excited; at that moment, he was filled with limitless admiration towards Zhou Xuanji.

He decided that he would continue to follow Zhou Xuanji; that way, he would rise together with him.

The two black-clothed men bowed to Zhou Xuanji before quickly leaving.

They had no face to face Zhou Xuanji, and were afraid that Zhou Xuanji would hold a grudge against them.

With the talent that Zhou Xuanji had displayed, he might reign above them one day.

They did not even dare to plot against Zhou Xuanji. In the Divine Ranges, if they dared to fight and kill among themselves, the consequences were worse than death.

This was especially so if they targeted geniuses the Divine Range wanted to nurture; the consequences were unimaginable.

Zhou Xuanji had Qiu Hu and the others each take a room for themselves before going back to his own room to cultivate.

Qiu Hu and the others understood that he was preparing for the Ultra-Star Examination, so they did not dare to disturb him. After all, this would determine their fate too.

Just like that, Zhou Xuanji and the others went from being prisoners to esteemed guests. Every day, they would have food and drink filled with dense spirit qi delivered to them.

Their stay in the Kunlun Origin Court was no longer painful.

During this time, Zhou Xuanji had ordered some extra spirit food and drink to share with Jiang Xue and the others.

After telling them about what had happened during this period of time, all of the women became incredibly shocked.

The most excited were Xian Xianghua and Zhou Xiaoxuan.

Xian Xianghua desired more strength, while Zhou Xiaoxuan was just purely curious.

Zhou Xuanji did not bring them out because he had not steadied himself in the Kunlun Origin Court; he did not want to act rashly.

Time continued to pass like that.

Ten days later, Yu Zhongxiu came to find him, bringing with her dozens of people.

Standing next to her was a tall middle-aged man dressed in luxurious clothes. His eyes were incredibly bright and piercing, and he gave off the aura of aristocracy. His cultivation was even more unfathomable, and Zhou Xuanji could not see through it at all.

“I am her father, Yu Shenzhong. In the future, our Yu clan will nurture you to the best of our ability. If there is anything you are dissatisfied about, you can let me know directly. The Long Bow Divine Range’s Range Master is still in closed-door training so he cannot personally come to see you. However, don’t worry—with your talent, he will greatly value you too,” the middle-aged man spoke in a valiant and bold voice.

“Even though you were bought by Xiu’Er from the black market, it was definitely because you have your own difficulties. Don’t worry, from today onwards, the Long Bow Divine Range will protect you. Even if the number one Divine Range wants to harm you, we will fight with them!” Yu Shenzhong continued to speak, sounding somewhat arrogant; Zhou Xuanji would not believe such a thing.

He asked, “If I want to take a look around the Kunlun Origin Court, would that be alright?”

Yu Shenzhong nodded and said, “Of course that’s fine. However, it’s best that you bring some people with you, not to supervise you, but to guide you, as the Kunlun Origin Court is very big and it is easy to get lost. If you mistakenly enter other Divine Ranges, it will be incredibly dangerous for you.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded; he had not been thinking of escaping anyways.

He had finally found his footing and there was someone willing to nurture him; why would he escape?

He just hoped that the Long Bow Divine Range would not be the next Divine Range to be eliminated.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head; how could he think like that? That was so pessimistic!

Yu Shenzhong continued, “Now, the Origin Court will send high-level examiners to conduct an Ultra-Star Examination for you. When that time comes, I will promote you in the Long Bow Divine Range. Even if you fail, you will have 9 Star talent, which you can be proud of. I’m not doing this to put you at a disadvantage; rather, in the Kunlun Origin Court, only by being more eye-catching will you receive more resources and attention. This matter is even linked to the Great Elimination; you will understand the details in the future.”

A heated look appeared in his eyes.

He had lived for so long, and it was the first time a 9 Star existence had appeared before him.

Ordinarily, these kinds of existences could only be found in the powerful Divine Ranges. All of them were exceptionally talented and could not be rivaled.

Next to him, Qiu Hu laughed and said, “Don’t worry, the one thing that our master is bad at is keeping a low profile.”

Zhou Xuanji glared at Qiu Hu, and Qiu Hu chuckled before immediately shutting up.

Yu Shenzhong loudly laughed and stepped forwards, patting Zhou Xuanji’s shoulder as he said, “Our Long Bow Divine Range greatly favors you, and you should be a smart person. With talent like yours, if you go to other powerful Divine Ranges, you won’t have this kind of freedom, nor will you enjoy such great nurturing. After all, there will be other geniuses of your level there.”