I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 648 - Chapter 648 – Surpass 9 Stars

Chapter 648 - Chapter 648 – Surpass 9 Stars


Yu Zhongxiu brought Zhou Xuanji to one of the examiners, pointed at him, and said, “Let him go next.”

The examiner had a medium build and had two small tufts of moustache on either side of his face. He silently nodded and did not say anything.

Zhou Xuanji patiently waited, and the being next to him did his best to raise his aura, to the point that his face was bright red and veins bulged in his neck.

Seeing him like this, even Zhou Xuanji felt anxious for him.

Hopefully this fellow didn’t exert himself too much and discharge his bowels.

In the end, his results came back.

“97.37 million years old, Common Saint Level 3, 2 Star talent,” the examiner said expressionlessly before letting that being walk in front of him.

He held a golden stamp in his right hand and stamped it on the being’s arm.

When leaving, that being did not look disappointed and instead gave a sigh of relief.

As long as they had a Star, they would be able to stay.

Some beings were unable to even obtain a Star and were made slaves.

Zhou Xuanji walked over.

The examiner looked at him and asked, “Name?”

“Zhou Xuanji.”

The examiner waved his hand and Zhou Xuanji walked before him.

The examiner stretched out his right hand and pressed it against Zhou Xuanji’s forehead.

A strange energy began to wander about his body.

In the next second, the examiner’s expression became shocked.

His eyes widened, and his left hand grabbed Zhou Xuanji’s shoulder while his right hand tightly pressed against Zhou Xuanji’s head.

Zhou Xuanji slightly frowned, feeling quite displeased.

This fellow was using so much strength!

“What’s going on?” one of the black-clothed men asked. Was there something wrong with this boy?

Yu Zhongxiu also slightly frowned; she very rarely saw examiners react like this.

In the past, they would only react like this if the examinee was trying to cheat.

Zhou Xuanji was just a servant; how could he find the opportunity to cheat.

The surrounding beings and examiners all looked over, looking at Zhou Xuanji suspiciously.

“Less than 1,000 years old… specifically speaking, he’s not even 600 years old. How is this possible?!” the examiner muttered to himself, a strange expression on his face, a look of disbelief in his eyes.

The beings who were nearby heard this, and they were all stunned.

Yu Zhongxiu and the two black-clothed men’s eyes widened.

Their first reaction was to wonder if the examiner drank something that was off the previous night.

The other examiners all came over.

“Are you joking?”

“Old Jia, are you still asleep?”

“He has Overlord Saint Level 3 cultivation; 6 million years old would already be incredible, but 600 years old?”

“Are you trying to quit?”

The other examiners all spoke. Some ridiculed him and others were quite dissatisfied.

Examiner Jia said angrily, “Check for yourselves!”

His voice slightly trembled, and he looked at Zhou Xuanji as if he was a monster.

Following this, the examiners surrounded Zhou Xuanji, checking his age.

The beings lining up to wait for the examiners all looked about, discussing amongst themselves.

All of the beings felt that Examiner Jia had gone crazy.

Soon, all of the examiners finished checking Zhou Xuanji’s age, and all of them fell silent, using an extremely complicated gaze to look at Zhou Xuanji.

This scene caused the entire plaza to fall silent.

Could it be that this boy really was only 600 years old?

How was this possible?!

Even if it was someone who had possessed another being or reincarnated, it was impossible to reach Overlord Saint Level 3 at 600 years old!

Some terrifying beings had astounding cultivation since they were born, and their age counted from when they were conceived. Most of these beings were born from eggs or born from outside their mother’s bodies.

“Is he really less than 600 years old?” One of the black-clothed men by Yu Zhongxiu’s side asked out of disbelief.

He had never seen such a ridiculous thing before.

When he was 600 years old, he had not even been at the Universe Heaven realm.

Moreover, Zhou Xuanji was not native to the Kunlun Origin Court.

“That’s right, he is really less than 600 years old… Overlord Saint Level 3, what kind of rating is this?”

“9 Star talent?”

“No, far from that… 9 Star talent is not sufficient to describe him…”

“Should we request an Ultra-Star Examination?”

“How many years has it been since we’ve had an Ultra-Star Examination…”

The examiners marveled among themselves as they discussed.

Zhou Xuanji felt like a panda in a zoo, being watched and discussed by others.

Even though he felt a bit uncomfortable, he was looking forward to the Ultra-Star Examination.

Since he was going to show his talent, he was going to soar to the sky in one go!

Yu Zhongxiu went forwards and said, “Does he need to apply for an Ultra-Star Examination? If he does, can you speed it up? He just arrived and will soon participate in a Great Elimination.”

The examiners nodded and Examiner Jia went to make the application.

He was no longer as calm as before, and seemed very excited.

The remaining nine examiners were also very friendly, and they crowded around Zhou Xuanji and praised him.

Yu Zhongxiu was also praised; they said that she had brought a supreme treasure to the Long Bow Divine Range. With Zhou Xuanji, the Long Bow Divine Range would definitely become stronger.

The beings waiting for their turn were also sent into a commotion.

Talent that surpassed 9 Stars!

Their doubts towards Zhou Xuanji were dispelled, and they all felt immense respect and worship towards him.

They all carved the name Zhou Xuanji into their minds.

In the end, Zhou Xuanji was brought away by Yu Zhongxiu.

On the way back, the two black-clothed men fell silent, not daring to say anything.

“Later, you can bring your three subordinates to live at my residence. In the future, if you need anything, you can ask me directly,” Yu Zhongxiu said as she smiled. No matter where it was, experts were treated with utmost respect.

Zhou Xuanji did not put on airs and nodded as he said, “I’ll be troubling you then.”

Yu Zhongxiu ordered the black-clothed men to bring Qiu Hu and the others over, while she brought Zhou Xuanji to her residence.

She did not bring up how they had treated him before; she trusted that Zhou Xuanji would understand.

Rather than apologizing, it was better to make it up to him by giving him practical help.

During this time, Zhou Xuanji asked about the Kunlun Origin Court’s situation.

This time, Yu Zhongxiu patiently explained everything.

There were over 10,000 Divine Ranges, and the Long Bow Divine Range was only a mid-tier one. However, every Great Elimination, its position had been slipping.

In the Kunlun Origin Court, even the top-ranked Divine Range could fall because there were two types of Great Elimination: one for people and one for Divine Ranges.

When the top-ranked Divine Range’s experts were eliminated in the personal Great Elimination, the top-ranked Divine Range naturally would not be able to maintain its overlord position.

It was not an exaggeration to say that in the Kunlun Origin Court, apart from the Sovereign, anyone could die.

The Sovereign was the ruler of the Kunlun Origin Court. No one knew their name, and all referred to them as the Sovereign.

“Is the Long Bow Divine Range afraid of the Void Boundary God?” Zhou Xuanji asked. He was worried if the Sovereign stood behind the Void Boundary God.

Yu Zhongxiu replied, “No, even though the Void Boundary God belongs to the Sovereign, there is a world of difference between them. Moreover, the Sovereign is absolutely fair towards all creatures. Even if someone kills the Sovereign’s descendants in the Great Elimination, there will be no problem. After all, the Great Elimination was created by the Sovereign.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded, and the pressure hanging in his heart disappeared.

Yu Zhongxiu said, “I won’t ask what conflict there is between you and the Void Boundary God. If you pass the Ultra-Star Examination, in the future, even the Void Boundary God will have to pay his respects to you if he meets you in the future. You will even be able to order him to do things.”