I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 647 - Chapter 647 – Talent Examination

Chapter 647 - Chapter 647 – Talent Examination


Zhou Xuanji and the others found a tree where no one else was around, and he began to cultivate.

Since they could not escape, they had to work hard at cultivating.

Zhou Xuanji desperately wanted to reach Overlord Saint Level 7; that way, he would be able to use the Primordial Chaos Divine Sword.

Even though Yu Zhongxiu and her guards had not said anything, Zhou Xuanji could guess that there was nothing good in store for him.

Since Yu Zhongxiu needed an Overlord Saint, that was most likely for something that only an Overlord Saint could do. It was most likely quite dangerous as well, or they would not have bought Zhou Xuanji.

He did not believe that the Kunlun Origin Court did not have other Overlord Saints.

The reason why she did not get another Overlord Saint was either because she could not afford it, or the Overlord Saints they had bought were all dead.

Zhou Xuanji calmed himself down and did not think about this any more.

There was no day and night in this valley, as it was forever bright.

The servants busied themselves with their own tasks, and did not have any set rest times. If they were tired, they would lie down. However, not long after lying down, they would quickly begin working again. They all seemed incredibly muddleheaded, like walking corpses.

After staying here for a long time, anyone would feel despair and numbness.

The dark-skinned elder did not come to make trouble for them. None of the servants seemed to be willing to move more than 100 meters; if they were tired, they would just lie down where they were.

In the blink of an eye, about one month passed.

Zhou Xuanji absorbed more of the silver pill’s energy, helping his saint energy grow stronger.

The remainder of the silver pill’s medicinal energy was in the Tianxia Map and slowly fused into his meridians.

On that day, Yu Zhongxiu and two black-clothed men descended here, landing in front of Zhou Xuanji and the others.

She looked at Zhou Xuanji and said, “Come with us.”

Qiu Hu, Sheng Tiandao, and Si Mengyan all became wary.

Zhou Xuanji looked at them and said, “Wait for me here.”

After saying this, he walked before Yu Zhongxiu and waited for her orders.

A powerful energy wrapped around Zhou Xuanji, and Yu Zhongxiu and the two black-clothed men turned into golden lights and brought him away.

Within the golden light, Yu Zhongxiu looked at Zhou Xuanji and said, “I will first take you to register your identity. After this, you will belong to the Long Bow Divine Range.”

She examined Zhou Xuanji out of curiosity as if she was looking at some interesting creature.

“Is your Long Bow Divine Range strong? What do you need me to do?” Zhou Xuanji asked. Even though he had come to the Kunlun Origin Court, the threat of the Void Boundary 13 Emperors still existed. As such, he wanted to know if the Long Bow Divine Range’s strength could protect him.

If that was not possible, he would have to keep a low-profile, if not find a way to move to a different place.

After hearing about the Great Elimination, he understood that only by revealing his talent and strength would the Divine Range take him more seriously.

Even Divine Ranges needed geniuses, or they would also be eliminated.

“The Long Bow Divine Range has existed for countless billions of years; what do you think? What do we need you for? We’ll see if you can even make it past the first Great Elimination,” one of the black-clothed men glared at Zhou Xuanji and said ill-temperedly.

He did not like Zhou Xuanji’s attitude.

It was as if this fellow did not take the Long Bow Divine Range seriously at all, putting on an act of looking all calm.

He was definitely incredibly scared inwardly, barely maintaining his composure!

“In the following year, I will do my best to nurture you and help you become stronger. After you pass the Great Elimination, you will officially join the Long Bow Divine Range. This is for you too. To you, our Long Bow Divine Range is a great opportunity,” Yu Zhongxiu said as she lightly smiled, not seeming angry at all. Her beautiful eyes and smile could cause anyone to fall into a daze.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “If I pass the Great Elimination, can my three subordinates also regain their freedom?”

If Sheng Tiandao heard this, he would definitely cough up blood.

Since when did I become your subordinate?

Yu Zhongxiu replied, “Yes, the geniuses that the Long Bow Divine Range nurtures all have guards and servants.”

Zhou Xuanji let out a sigh of relief.

One of the black-clothed men could not take it anymore and said, “Boy, don’t treat the Kunlun Origin Court as if it’s one of those lower universes. It’s not that easy to survive!”

The other black-clothed man also looked at Zhou Xuanji condescendingly.

“Do you hope that I fail? So that your miss wastes her resources?” Zhou Xuanji asked, shaking his head.

Hearing this, the two of them were so angry that their faces became red.

However with Yu Zhongxiu nearby, they did not dare to go on a rampage.

“Alright, we’re nearly there,” Yu Zhongxiu said. Following this, the golden light dissipated and a massive city appeared below, with buildings standing in great numbers.

There were many beings flying about in the air, and the streets were crowded with people.

With Yu Zhongxiu leading the way, they came to a massive tower that took up dozens of kilometres on the ground and reached the clouds.

There were many entrances to the tower, and countless creatures were lining up to enter.

Yu Zhongxiu’s identity was evidently quite prestigious, and no one dared to stop her.

On the way, Zhou Xuanji was faced with many gazes of admiration and envy.

He felt that it was most likely the first time that these creatures had come to the Kunlun Origin Court as well.

Seeing this, he was shaken.

Just the Long Bow Divine Range had this many outsiders; just how many people entered the Kunlun Origin Court?

Wasn’t it very difficult to find the Kunlun Origin Court?

“During the examination later, apart from registering your name, age, and race, they will also test your aura. You need to release everything you have, and the examiner will give you a rating. This rating is very important and will determine your standing in the Kunlun Origin Court.”

Yu Zhongxiu walked at the front, and her voice floated into Zhou Xuanji’s ears.

Zhou Xuanji’s mouth twitched; he had been planning to go all-out anyway.

Only by revealing enough talent could he survive.

This was not the time to keep a low-profile.

If he hid too much, he might be buried by others.

They passed through a long passageway, and soon came to a vast plaza. It was ten kilometers wide, and at the center of the plaza were ten examiners dressed in black robes. Their black robes had similar divine beast inscriptions embroidered on them; those divine beasts looked somewhat like Qilins.

In front of them, there were various creatures releasing their auras.

“1.12 million years old, Common Saint Level 1, 2 Star talent.”

“75.35 million years old, Common Saint Level 7, 3 Star talent.”

“3.42 million years old, Overlord Saint Level 1, 4 Star talent.”

“132.46 million years old, Common Saint Level 2, 1 Star talent.”

The examiners’ voices sounded throughout the entire plaza, and 4 Star talent would cause much commotion among the spectators.

From what Zhou Xuanji heard, it seemed that Overlord Saints were more important than Common Saints in the Kunlun Origin Court.

He asked in curiosity, “It seems that the talent ratings start from 1 Star. How high does it go? 9 Stars?”

Yu Zhongxiu replied, “Mm, for most common creatures, 9 Stars is the extreme and can enjoy all-out nurturing from a Divine Range, if not nurturing from the Origin Court. However, some existences can surpass 9 Stars.”

Surpass 9 Stars?

Zhou Xuanji became even more curious; just what kind of existence could surpass 9 Stars?

“If you can reach 6 Star talent, you can stay by my side in the future,” Yu Zhongxiu looked back at Zhou Xuanji as she said seriously.

The two black-clothed men’s expressions greatly changed, but they did not say anything.

Six Star talent was not simple at all.

Even though this boy was at Overlord Saint Level 3, his aura was not stable. It was evident that he had consumed some sort of medicinal pill or used some kind of secret technique to reach this point temporarily; this would only negatively impact his future.