I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 646 - Chapter 646 – Great Elimination

Chapter 646 - Chapter 646 – Great Elimination


“Looks like we can only resign ourselves to fate,” Sheng Tiandao said as he sighed. On the other hand, Si Mengyan was quite calm; he had long since expected something like this would happen.

The white-robed man brought them through many small paths in the garden, and he came to a large hall, where there were three people sitting and drinking tea.

The one at the center was a woman. Her bearings were refined and dignified, and she wore a beautiful dress and a veil, revealing only intelligent-looking blue eyes.

She sat there quietly, and the two men next to her were quite big, looking like two steel towers on either side of her. They wore the same black clothes, on which were embroidered intricate patterns. Their skin was quite dark, and their eyes were red and violet while their long hair fell freely.

“That’s it? There’s only one Overlord Saint, and the others aren’t even at the Saint Realm,” one of the black-clothed men said as he frowned, sounding quite displeased.

The white-robed man gave an apologetic smile and said, “That’s why those three aren’t part of the price, or else the price would not be so cheap. This kind of price for an Overlord Saint is very fair.”

The two black-clothed men looked at each other before looking towards the woman.

“We’ll take them,” the woman said. Her voice was beautiful and sweet, and it was a big contrast to those of the men.

The man on the right immediately took out a rainbow-colored jade pearl, about the size of half a fist.

Following this, the white-robed man handed the cage to the black-clothed man.

Within the cage, Qiu Hu sighed and said, “This is the first time I’ve seen myself being traded like this. What’s key is that the three of us are freebies.”

Sheng Tiandao and Si Mengyan’s mouths twitched not knowing what to say.

Zhou Xuanji looked at the woman and the two men, and he found that he could not see through their cultivation.

Just like that, the woman got up and left, and one of the black-clothed men picked up the cage and followed behind her.

After walking out of the hall, they turned into rays of light and shot into the sky, and they disappeared above the clouds.

Zhou Xuanji tried to send his divine sense out, wanting to see what this world was like. However, the woman and the two men were simply too fast, to the point that he could not send out his divine sense.

After a while, the cage was suddenly opened and a berserk suction force dragged them out. They were dumped on the ground in an incredibly wretched state.

The light around them disappeared, and they got up and looked around. They found that they were in a valley, surrounded by mountains. There were servants everywhere, mining ores and growing plants.

Most of them were in a soul state.

“This is the Long Bow Divine Range, and you are now our mistress Yu Zhongxiu’s servants. You may rest for now and do not need to do any work; after a while, I will come and find you,” the black-clothed man said in a low voice before disappearing with the cage.

Long Bow Divine Range?

Zhou Xuanji and the others frowned.

They did not know anything about the Kunlun Origin Court, and now that they had become servants, making them even more bewildered.

“Let’s find someone and ask about our situation,” Sheng Tiandao said, and the others nodded and walked forwards.

Zhou Xuanji found that even the weakest servants here had Universe Heaven realm cultivation. They all looked like they were in a daze, and they were even more wretched than mortals.

Around the mountain range was a golden energy barrier, covering this area. Fog covered the outside, making it impossible to see what it was like beyond the golden energy barrier.

They soon found an elder lying on the ground, chewing on some grass.

That elder’s body was incredibly skinny, and he was not wearing any clothes on his upper body. His hair was unbound and his skin was quite dark with various black stains.

“Senior, we just arrived here; would it be possible for you to tell us about the Kunlun Origin Court?” Si Mengyan asked respectfully.

The elder opened his left eye and swept his gaze over them as he casually said, “Sure, but my work…”

Qiu Hu said, “I’ll do it for you!”

Hearing this, the elder sat up and said slowly, “I can immediately tell that it’s your first time coming to the Kunlun Origin Court, and you were captured by someone before being sold to the Divine Range as slaves. Don’t be dispirited; all creatures that come to the Kunlun Origin Court will experience this. After all, the Kunlun Origin Court is quite antagonistic towards outsiders.

“Keep enduring and you’ll become used to it.”

Zhou Xuanji and the others sat in front of him and asked about the Divine Range out of curiosity.

The elder laughed and said, “The Kunlun Origin Court is split into Divine Ranges, which are like the ‘worlds’ you are accustomed to. Some Divine Ranges are strong, others are weak. The Divine Ranges that are more powerful control more resources. Some Divine Ranges are ruled by sects; others are ruled over by clans. If you want to survive in the Kunlun Origin Court, you need to find a Divine Range to settle in and register your identity. If you work hard and receive Miss Yu Zhongxiu’s acknowledgement, perhaps you will be able to regain your freedom someday.

“Those who enter the Kunlun Origin Court, no matter if they’re living creatures or souls, will enter the Great Elimination in their first year. Only one in a million survive, and once you are eliminated, you will be destroyed in body and soul. Not only this, following onwards, every 1,000 years, 10,000 years, one million years, and ten million years, you will participate in a Great Extermination. This is for all creatures in the Kunlun Origin Court.

Great Elimination?

Zhou Xuanji and the others frowned; from how this sounded, the Kunlun Origin Court really was hell.

Si Mengyan asked, “What is the Great Elimination like?”

The elder’s eyes narrowed as he said, “The Great Elimination is ever-changing. However, it always comes down to who can last until the end. The Kunlun Origin Court is the peak of the various universes, and there are countless new souls being created every year. If this is not restricted, the Kunlun Origin Court will not be able to support all of the creatures. What is worth mentioning is that no matter how high your cultivation is, you will experience the Great Elimination, unless you make positive contributions to the Kunlun Origin Court.”

Zhou Xuanji fell into his thoughts.

From how it seemed, the Kunlun Origin Court was completely dominated by the law of the jungle.

Weak beings could only die here.

Moreover, they would be destroyed in body and soul and would not even be able to reincarnate.

“How big is the Kunlun Origin Court? How many Divine Ranges are there? How big are the Divine Ranges?” Sheng Tiandao asked three questions in a row, causing the elder to glare at him.

“How big is the Kunlun Origin Court? How should us bottom-level servants know? As for how many Divine Ranges there are, that’s impossible to calculate. There are also rankings among Divine Ranges, and they participate in Great Eliminations too. Every Great Elimination, the bottom thousand ranked Divine Ranges are eliminated. The Divine Ranges experience Great Eliminations around once every 100,000 years. Do you know how many creatures there are in a Divine Range? Countless!” the elder said as he sighed. The dangerous and spectacular Kunlun Origin Court made him feel incredibly fascinated, but it was a pity that he did not even have the strength to escape from this place.

He was filled with useless ambition!

Si Mengyan looked at Zhou Xuanji and said, “Looks like we’ll have to work hard at cultivating.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded; that was what he was thinking too.

“Cultivate while you can; after you start working, you won’t be able to cultivate anymore. The ores in this mountain also absorb magic energy. Back then, I was even sturdier than all of you,” the elder said as he smirked, revealing a mouth full of yellow teeth.

Qiu Hu’s expression changed, and he immediately got up and dragged Zhou Xuanji and the others away.

“Wait! Help me with my work!” the elder called out while pointing at the cliff behind him.

Qiu Hu ignored him, and the four people quickly left.

The elder was infuriated and cursed out, “Four little bastards, you dare to trick me? Just you wait!”

He pulled up his pants, picked up the hoe and iron saber in the ground, and grumbled as he began to work.