I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 645 - Chapter 645 – New Legendary Sword Ranks

Chapter 645 - Chapter 645 – New Legendary Sword Ranks


Within the cauldron, Zhou Xuanji, who was examining his body, was suddenly cut off by the Sword Spirit’s voice.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has arrived at the Kunlun Origin Court. New legendary sword grades will now be announced!”

“From lowest to highest, Ordinary Ore, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Amethyst, Glorious Gold, Heavenly Soul, Intimidating Spirit, Celestial Shaking, God Slaying, Armageddon, Ancient Gazing, Disaster Releasing, Universe Essence, Overturning Heaven, Connecting Heaven, Nine Extreme, Primordial Chaos, Mysterious Dao, Supreme Lord, Vast Sky, Universal Fusion, Court Toppling.

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes narrowed; he didn’t think it would take this long to reach the Kunlun Origin Court.

Mysterious Dao, Supreme Lord, Vast Sky, Universal Fusion, Court Toppling!

The last grade, Court Toppling—was that a reference to power that could topple the Kunlun Origin Court?

The Supreme Legendary Sword System was truly domineering!

It could actually create legendary swords that could topple the Kunlun Origin Court; it seemed that the system was becoming stronger together with him.

“Very good!” Zhou Xuanji grinned. Since he had entered the Kunlun Origin Court, that meant that Old Ancestor Yinxin had not broken his promise and that they would be safe.

Qiu Hu asked out of curiosity, “What are you smiling about?”

Sheng Tiandao and Si Mengyan also looked at him.

“We’ve already entered the Kunlun Origin Court,” Zhou Xuanji replied, making the three others feel quite surprised.

So quickly?

They had thought that it would take dozens of years, if not even longer.

“How do you know?” Sheng Tiandao asked in surprise.

Zhou Xuanji gave a mysterious smile and did not explain.

Rather than explaining, it was better to remain mysterious.

Qiu Hu said excitedly, “If he says we’re there, we’re definitely there! Senior would never trick us!”

Zhou Xuanji closed his eyes and called out to the old immortal.

The old immortal had said before that if he reached the Kunlun Origin Court, he would appear.

However, no matter how much he called out for him, the old immortal’s source energy did not appear.

Zhou Xuanji’s heart plummeted, and the delight of the new sword grades disappeared.

After a while, Old Ancestor Yinxin’s voice sounded in the cauldron, “We’ve arrived at the Kunlun Origin Court. Soon, I’ll hand you over to someone else. If you want to live on in the Kunlun Origin Court, you’ll have to rely on yourselves.”

Qiu Hu’s eyes widened as he cursed out, “You’re passing us off again?”

Emperor Red Dragon had passed them off to Old Ancestor Yinxin, and Old Ancestor Yinxin was passing them off to someone else.

Weren’t they just like prey?

Sheng Tiandao walked over to Zhou Xuanji and said in a low voice, “Looks like what’s coming won’t be good; it’s best to make preparations.”

Back when they had looked into the Kunlun Origin Court, all they had heard of it was bad news.

It was as if the Kunlun Origin Court was hell.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and slowly stood up.

He had not completely absorbed the energy from the medicinal pill; he had stored the remainder in the Tianxia Map.

The four of them stood in a row and silently waited.

About an hour later, the four of them were suddenly sent out.

When they opened their eyes again, they found that they were in an iron cage. There were countless other cages beside them, some large and some small. In the distance, there were mountains and forests.

Next to their cage, there was a giant. Compared to him, their iron cage was like a little rock.

“What’s going on?” Qiu Hu’s eyes were wide, a look of confusion on his face.

The four of them looked up and saw Old Ancestor Yinxin floating in front of that giant, seeming to be discussing something.

The giant wore white robes with blue stripes and had a kind-looking face. His body was quite fat, making him look like a merchant of a human realm.

They spoke a strange language, and the four of them could not understand it.

It was the language that Emperor Red Dragon had spoken before; this was most likely the language used in the Kunlun Origin Court.

Soon, the white-robed giant took out a bag with golden lines on it and handed it over to Old Ancestor Yinxin, and Old Ancestor Yinxin left looking very happy.

“He sold us off?” Qiu Hu roared, extremely furious.

Even though they could not understand the words, they could tell that this was an exchange.

Following this, the giant lifted up their cage and flew off.

The land beneath them quickly became smaller, and as they looked out, they saw that there were millions of cages like theirs. Seeing this, their scalps felt numb.

They had imagined the kind of danger they would face at the Kunlun Origin Court, but they had never thought that such a thing would happen.

This was too humiliating!

Zhou Xuanji did not say anything. He stretched out his hand to pull apart the cage’s iron bars, but he found that the cage was incredibly tough. Even he was unable to break it open.

He looked around and found that this world was very vast. Above, there seemed to be a hole, as if they were in a massive bottle.

He sent out his divine sense and found that the space at the horizon was formed by Great Dao.

“You all better hope that there is a good clan that will buy you, or else you can only be the lowest grade of soul slave,” a voice sounded out in a language that the four of them could understand.

As expected, they had been sold!

Si Mengyan asked in a loud voice, “Do you know Emperor Red Dragon? We saved her life and she asked Old Ancestor Yinxin to escort us here, not betray us.”

The white-robed giant did not reply.

Soon, they flew out of this world. Zhou Xuanji and the others instinctively looked down, and he discovered that that world was actually a white jade bottle.

Following this, the white jade bottle quickly shrank down, and they landed as well.

Beside them appeared a table and chairs, as well as boxes of different colors.

This was an ancient-styled room, and there were many magic treasures and beast bones hanging on the walls.

The white-robed giant became normal-sized, and he was slightly shorter than Zhou Xuanji. He looked 40 or so years old, and there was a big birthmark on his forehead.

He flipped his right hand and tossed four scrolls into the cage.

“Learn the Kunlun Origin Court’s language; it’ll make your lives better. If it wasn’t for the fact that you were brought by Old Ancestor Yinxin, I wouldn’t be helping you,” the white-robed man coldly harrumphed before walking out of the room.


The room’s door closed, and Qiu Hu collapsed to the ground.

This cage was not very big, and the four of them were squeezed together; it was impossible to even lie down.

Zhou Xuanji picked up a scroll and sent his divine sense into it, and a massive wave of memories flooded into his mind.

Soon, he was able to grasp the Kunlun Origin Court’s language.

Sheng Tiandao, Si Mengyan, and Qiu Hu also began to learn it.

After they all learned the language, they fell silent; no one spoke.

After a while, Sheng Tiandao looked at Zhou Xuanji and asked, “Are we just going to wait passively like this?”

Zhou Xuanji shrugged and said, “This situation is already quite good; at the very least, it’s better than being caught by the Void Boundary 13 Emperors.”

Hearing this, Sheng Tiandao felt that what Zhou Xuanji said was reasonable.

Zhou Xuanji closed his eyes and continued to search for the old immortal’s source energy.

He had been looking forward to reviving the old immortal; he hoped that the old immortal had not told him a white lie.

About three days later, Zhou Xuanji gave up; the old immortal’s source energy still did not appear.

The door was suddenly opened and the white-robed man walked in. He raised his right hand, and the cage quickly became smaller and landed in his hand, looking like a bird cage.

He then left the room with the cage.

Zhou Xuanji and the others looked out and saw that it was a garden. There were many servants raising flowers and grasses, and all of them were in a soul state.

Could it be that these were the so-called soul slaves?

Qiu Hu bitterly smiled, “I’ve never been in such a sorry state before.”