I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 644 - Overlord Saint Level 3

Chapter 644 - Overlord Saint Level 3


Hearing the Flame Emperor’s threat, Old Ancestor Yinxin lowered his head and said furiously, “You little brat, you dare to say that I’m playing with fire? You think I won’t just kill you?”

Given his generation and standing, how could he allow the Flame Emperor to point fingers at him like this?

The Flame Emperor did not reply, but the ten Void Boundary Great Emperors continued to give chase.

“Wait till I get to the Kunlun Origin Court. The next time I come out, you’ll all be dead!

“If it wasn’t for the fact that my cauldron is brewing wine, your souls would all have scattered by now!

“Hmph, wait to be terrified!”

Old Ancestor Yinxin continuously cursed out as he flew at his full speed.

Hearing Old Ancestor Yinxin’s words, Qiu Hu’s scalp felt numb as he called out, “Senior, please stop taunting them!”

Sheng Tiandao and Si Mengyan were also quite afraid, wishing they could gag Old Ancestor Yinxin.

It was a pity that they were not strong enough.

The situation persisted in a stalemate.

About the time of an incense stick later, Old Ancestor Yinxin suddenly opened his mouth and a powerful silver wind blasted out from his mouth, descending downwards. It became bigger and bigger, until it looked like a silver river, filling the entire space-time channel and creating a grand scene.

The ten Void Boundary Great Emperors’ expressions fell and instinctively wanted to dodge, but they were submerged by the silver river.

“Will they die?” Qiu Hu excitedly asked. Old Ancestor Yinxin had not acted this whole time, but when he did, it was incredibly shocking!

With how loud that silver river was, it was evidently very powerful.

Old Ancestor Yinxin replied, “No, but it can freeze them there and buy some time for us.”

Qiu Hu pouted in disappointment, feeling that it was a pity.

Compared to the Void Boundary 13 Emperors, was Old Ancestor Yinxin strong or not?

He suddenly lost his sense of security and felt that it was not very safe following Old Ancestor Yinxin.

Who knew if this old thing would abandon them.

Old Ancestor Yinxin led them onwards, on a seemingly-endless journey.

Gradually, Qiu Hu, Sheng Tiandao and Si Mengyan felt their eyelids becoming heavier and heavier.

A wave of weariness swept at them, making them feel incredibly sleepy.

After a while, they finally fell asleep.

Qiu Hu felt himself fall to the ground, and he hazily opened his eyes as he found that all around him was fire.

His eyes fully opened in shock and hurriedly got up as his mind also cleared.

He instinctively looked around and saw that Sheng Tiandao and Si Mengyan were lying beside him. Not too far away, Zhou Xuanji was meditating.

“What’s going on… this place is…” Qiu Hu rubbed his head as he said with gritted teeth.

Zhou Xuanji’s voice sounded out, “You’ve also been thrown into the cauldron.”

Hearing this, Qiu Hu was startled and looked at Zhou Xuanji as he asked, “What do you mean? Is he going to refine us?”

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes, and his violet pupils were incredibly bright, making him look quite devilish.

“I’m not sure, but I don’t think it’s what you’re thinking or else we would have already burned to death.”

His answer caused Qiu Hu and the others to let out sighs of relief.

Following this, Qiu Hu woke up Sheng Tiandao and Si Mengyan.

They started to call out to Old Ancestor Yinxin, but no matter what they did, they did not receive a reply.

They could only put their attention on Zhou Xuanji.

“Are you alright?” Si Mengyan asked in concern.

Zhou Xuanji grinned and said, “I’m doing very well; I’ve already broken through to Overlord Saint Level 3.”

Overlord Saint Level 3!

Sheng Tiandao, Qiu Hu, and Si Mengyan’s eyes widened, feeling great shock.

Just how long had it been?

“Was that medicinal pill that miraculous?” Sheng Tiandao asked with admiration. He, who had fallen from the Saint Realm, desperately wanted to get back there.

Zhou Xuanji replied truthfully, “It’s indeed very miraculous, but I don’t know what the side-effects are; there’s no such thing as a free lunch.”

Old Ancestor Yinxin did not get him to test this because he wanted to increase his cultivation.

His body had become stronger, but his heart had remained taut this entire time.

He felt as if his body would break apart at any moment.

This kind of feeling was very uncomfortable, so he did not feel delighted at all and instead felt quite worried.

“What should we do now?” Si Mengyan asked. He looked around; all around them was fire, and there were not any other living creatures. There were not any mountains, and the flat land continued as far as the eye could see.

Zhou Xuanji said, “Let’s wait for now; we can’t escape anyways.”

He closed his eyes and continued to examine his body.

He did not want anything bad to happen to his body.

Old Ancestor Yinxin continued to speed through the boundless Void. There were no stars here, only a turbid fog.

He carried the massive cauldron on his back, continuously looking around as he headed forwards to stay wary of enemies.

“Nearly there. Those fellows were quite difficult to deal with,” Old Ancestor Yinxin muttered to himself, a pleased look on his face.

You wanted to hunt me? You’re still too young!

He continued onwards.

After a while, a violet line appeared in the depths of the Void ahead.

As he came closer, the violet line became bigger and bigger. It turned out that it was a ray of violet light that seemed to have no end to it, and it seemed to split the Void in half.

The 3,000 meter tall Old Ancestor Yinxin seemed incredibly small in front of this violet light, as if he was an ant facing the sun.

He dove into the violet light and continued onwards.

Countless blasts of lightning slammed into his body.


A massive palm suddenly slammed into him, sending him flying backwards.

Old Ancestor Yinxin was sent back into the Void, and he shook his head as he spat out, “Who is it?”

As he spoke, a well-built figure slowly walked out from within the violet light. He was three million meters tall, and his body was covered by a black scaled armour. He had 12 wings on his back: three pairs of feather wings and three pairs of knife-like black wings.

He wore a black mask through which only his eyes could be seen. His pupils were scarlet, and he looked like a war god from the depths of primordial chaos. As he stepped out, the roiling fog in the Void settled down.

Seeing him, Old Ancestor Yinxin’s expression fell.

“Void Boundary God! What do you want?” Old Ancestor Yinxin said in a low voice, a trace of grumbling in his voice.

The Void Boundary God was very powerful, and the Void Boundary 13 Emperors were his guards.

“Hand over those eyes. The Primordial Ancestor has already been captured, and if you act rashly, we will take all of the universes under your control, send you to the Deep Universe Prison, and lock you away for ten billion years!” Void Boundary God said in a low voice, his voice shaking Old Ancestor Yinxin’s clothes.

Old Ancestor Yinxin did not panic. He flipped his right hand and a golden arrow appeared in his hand as he said, “I have the Gold Sovereign Arrow; are you sure you want to stop me?”

Void Boundary God’s pupils constricted as he fell silent.

Old Ancestor Yinxin puffed out his chest and raised his head as he said with a proud smile, “Now you know who wants me back? If you dare to stop me, the consequences will be unimaginable!”

Void Boundary God coldly harrumphed and made way.

Old Ancestor Yinxin flew forwards with his massive cauldron. As he passed by Void Boundary God, he tilted his head back and looked at him condescendingly.

Soon, he disappeared into the depths of the violet light.

Void Boundary God looked in the direction he had left and remained silent.

After a while, he took out a piece of black paper, used his left index finger as a pen, and wrote on it.

“Old Ancestor Yinxin, those eyes are not something you can take for yourself. Even that existence will desire those eyes; just wait to die,” Void Boundary God muttered as blood-red flames burned in his eyes.

After saying this, he turned and flew towards the Void, not rushing into the violet light to return to the Kunlun Origin Court.