I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 643 - Chapter 643 Soul Source

Chapter 643 - Chapter 643 Soul Source


“Do you think you can say no?”

Old Ancestor Yinxin looked down at Zhou Xuanji and asked with a smile. His eyes turned into two crescents, and his visage resembled a sly fox.

The threat was already obvious in between the lines.

“Where is the pill?” Zhou Xuanji asked.

Old Ancestor Yinxin raised him onto the great cauldron.

Zhou Xuanji looked down and was shocked. There was a gigantic pill that was a mile long sitting inside the cauldron. It was silver in color and was covered with rainbow-colored patterns.

One would die after eating this!

Even as the Overlord Saint, Zhou Xuanji could sense the abundant energy inside it.

He looked toward Old Ancestor Yinxin and asked, “If you want me to die, you can tell me directly.”

Sheng Tiandao, Qiu Hu, and Si Mengyan flew into the sky. Looking down at the cauldron, they were shocked.

It was huge…

“Don’t worry. I will not harm you. This could be your serendipity. Don’t you want to try?”

Old Ancestor Yinxin said it as though Zhou Xuanji should thank him.

Taking a deep breath, Zhou Xuanji activated his Dao Will. He enveloped the enormous pill within his saint energy before shrinking it.

Old Ancestor Yinxin nodded satisfactorily and praised him, saying, “Your understanding of the Great Dao is already formed. You can even control it easily. Not bad.”

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes and was not very happy about it.

He focused on the gigantic silver pill. And soon, it shrunk to the size of a normal pill, flying into his hand.

Right before he put the pill inside his mouth, he hesitated again.

Will I die from overeating?

“Don’t worry. If you are going to die, I will save you. I will also save the enchanted artifact that contains the universe.”

Old Ancestor Yinxin urged as he grew impatient.

Zhou Xuanji could only put the pill inside his mouth.


A violent surge of energy burst his white clothes into pieces. The entire tree shook and knocked Qiu Hu and the other two away. All of them vomited blood from the impact and almost fainted.

Excitement appeared on Old Ancestor Yinxin’s face as he mumbled, “He did not explode and die immediately. An Overlord Saint indeed! Awesome! Awesome!”

Zhou Xuanji felt that his body was going to burst. An indescribable pain made his face twist. His body was also expanding exaggeratingly.

He immediately used the Nine Soul Fusion Technique and Sword Fusion Technique, and his bodily strength grew tremendously in an instant.

Old Ancestor Yinxin’s smile disappeared. He looked at Zhou Xuanji closely with a frown.

A violent surge of energy traveled wildly within Zhou Xuanji’s body. Zhou Xuanji absorbed this energy by using World Internalization.

And so, his body began transforming.

All the vital channels inside his body were damaged. They burst and regenerated. And the cycle went on.

Old Ancestor Yinxin waved his right hand and threw Zhou Xuanji into the massive cauldron.

“Are you going to make him into a pill?” Qiu Hu was worried and cried out angrily.

Old Ancestor Yinxin threw him a stare and said unpleasantly, “I like to create pills but not eat pills. Why would I make him into a pill? I will not go back on my word. I will take you guys to Kunlun Origin Court.”

Qiu Hu could only accept his words.

Old Ancestor Yinxin sat before the great cauldron and waited while Qiu Hu and the others sat down. But they could not focus on cultivation.

A long while later.

A voice reverberated throughout the silver-flower universe.

“Senior Yinxin, can I come in for a search?”

The voice belonged to the Flame Emperor, which gave Qiu Hu and the others a great fright.

The Void Boundary 13 Emperors pursued them even to this place!

“Humph, I’m busy. Get lost and search somewhere else!”

Old Ancestor Yinxin snorted grumpily, not showing any respect to the Flame Emperor.

After that, the Flame Emperor’s voice did not come again.

“So domineering,” Qiu Hu muttered to himself.

He heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed like Old Ancestor Yinxin had the power to temporarily protect them.

“I always have a bad feeling,” Sheng Tiandao said with a frown.

Si Mengyan nodded. They felt that the Void Boundary 13 Emperors had not retreated yet. They might be scheming something.

At this moment, Old Ancestor Yinxin stood up and took out a gigantic silver lid that covered the mouth of the cauldron. Then, he carried the cauldron on his shoulder.

“The three of you come quickly onto my shoulders. It’s time to run!” Old Ancestor Yinxin shouted. The three realized what was happening and quickly got onto his shoulder.

Shortly after, Old Ancestor Yinxin tore through space and stepped into the tear, carrying the huge cauldron.

Shortly after he left, many figures appeared inside the silver-flower universe.

And the Flame and Water Emperors were among them.

“They ran!”

“I knew something was wrong with that old guy. Usually, he would attack us straight away if we wanted to investigate him.”

“The Red Saint Divine Bloodline is quite close to him. He will surely assist Empress Red Dragon.”

“Go after them! We must not let Zhou Xuanji leave!”

After a short conversation, they tore through space and pursued Zhou Xuanji.

At the same time, Old Ancestor Yinxin sped through the time-space tunnel.

Sheng Tiandao and the other two stood on his shoulders and looked back occasionally, fearing that the Void Boundary 13 Emperors might catch up with them.

“Senior, are you afraid of the Void Boundary 13 Emperors?” Qiu Hu asked. Si Mengyan threw him a stare when he heard this. Was this dumb tiger trying to kill us?

“Humph! You think I’m afraid? It’s just that the faction behind them has full control over Kunlun Origin Court. I don’t want to run into trouble. Understand?”

Old Ancestor Yinxin replied frustratingly. He had an urge to throw Qiu Hu away.

Sheng Tiandao could not help but frown. After they entered Kunlun Origin Court, it would be equal to entering the headquarters of their enemy.

Suddenly, countless hostile souls rained on them from the front.

Old Ancestor Yinxin emanated a silver radiance that deflected these souls.

Those souls that flew into the silver radiance disappeared immediately.

“What is this?”

Qiu Hu cried out in fear. Even for him, it was terrifying to see so many ghosts.

These ghosts had different expressions. Some were in pain, some excited, and some were in sorrow; others were either sobbing or laughing wildly. They were like the miniature of all lives.

“The people who were eliminated from Kunlun Origin Court. Their souls will enter each universe through the time-space tunnel. This was how you were born back then,” Old Ancestor Yinxin replied. And the three were even more terrified.

They came from Kunlun Origin Court?

“Can the ghosts that you destroyed still revive?”

Si Mengyan asked further. He looked around him and felt a sense of sorrow.

Old Ancestor Yinxin chuckled, “Of course not. This is when they are the weakest. The Kunlun Origin Court is full of souls, and the few of you must work hard. Or else, you might end up like this.”

They were quite shocked. Could there be examinations in the Kunlun Origin Court, or why would Old Ancestor Yinxin call them eliminated?

Soon, the ghosts disappeared, and there seemed to be nothing around them.

But a horrifying murderous aura came from their back, and they looked over.

And they saw the Flame Emperor and Water Emperor darting over to them.

Qiu Hu counted ten people. His eyelids twitched, and he cried out, “Senior, faster!”

Old Ancestor Yinxin cursed, “You think I don’t want to? Do you know how heavy this cauldron is? It was enough to bring down an entire universe!”

Although he said so, he began increasing his speed.

“Senior Yinxin, you are playing with fire!” the icy voice of the Flame Emperor came again. It was filled with a murderous aura.