I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 641 - Chapter 641 Great Dao Power

Chapter 641 - Chapter 641 Great Dao Power


Something is watching us?

Sheng Tiandao, Qiu Hu, and Si Mengyan were shocked. They looked around them nervously.

Looking at the beautiful starlight, there were no traces of other living creatures.

Zhou Xuanji did not reveal the position of their opponent because he was not sure either.

When the Red Dragon began moving forward, there was apparently a pair of eyes staring at them. Zhou Xuanji was already familiar with such a feeling of being watched, and his sensing was accurate.

“Don’t have to be frightened. We are already moving quickly toward the Void Boundary. Although the surrounding universe does not seem to be changing, we are actually in the space-time channel created by the Great Dao Power. The feeling of being watched will continue and become stronger.”

Emperor Red Dragon’s voice came, and the four of them were even more curious.

Great Dao Power?

Space-time channel?

Qiu Hu, Si Mengyan, and Sheng Tiandao opened their eyes in astonishment.

While Zhou Xuanji raised his brow. There’s Great Dao Power around?

He stilled his mind immediately and began sensing the Great Dao surrounding him.

Soon, he saw the presence of Great Dao.

“It’s really there!”

Zhou Xuanji was surprised. Within the range of his divine sense, an invisible tunnel appeared, wide and meandering like a dragon. It was much more massive than the red dragon that was miles long.

He used the divine sense to bridge himself with the Dao Will.


Zhou Xuanji felt an implosion in his mind and immediately entered an enlightenment mode.

Sheng Tiandao and the other two looked at him. They were trying to remain calm but were stunned in their heart.

He can even be enlightened here?

The Emperor Red Dragon looked back at Zhou Xuanji intently with a mysterious look.

Her look made Sheng Tiandao and the other two very anxious. They were afraid that she might disrupt Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji was their only hope for survival, so they did not want anything bad to happen to Zhou Xuanji.

After coming into contact with Dao Will, Zhou Xuanji forgot everything around him, as though he was in a trance.

This feeling was strange and indescribable.

Sometime later.

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes slowly. What entered his sight were dragon horns the size of a mountain, as well as the silhouette of the Emperor Red Dragon.

“The mysteries of the Dao are too profound to be probed,” Zhou Xuanji sighed in amazement in his heart. Such enlightenment increased his Dao Will multiple folds.

Qiu Hu asked him telepathically, “You are finally awake. It has been half a year. I thought you will go on like this.”

Half a year?

Zhou Xuanji was a little dazzled. He felt only a moment had passed.

“Not bad, you can come into contact with the Great Dao at only Overlord Saint Realm One. Seems like you are a genius. No wonder the Primordial Ancestor gave those eyes to you.”

Emperor Red Dragon’s voice came full of praise.

“Are there many who understood the Great Dao in Kunlun Origin Court?” Zhou Xuanji asked.

Sheng Tiandao, Qiu Hu, Si Mengyan looked toward her. They were curious about the Great Dao but were too embarrassed to ask.

They were not as open and casual in front of Emperor Red Dragon as compared to Zhou Xuanji.

“Of course. But only a few truly mastered it. To gain mastery over the Great Dao of a certain region would increase your status in Kunlun Origin Court greatly.”

Hearing her reply, Zhou Xuanji longed for Kunlun Origin Court even more.

He hoped to spar with more powerful cultivators so that he could become more powerful.

“We are already in the Void Boundary. Prepare for battle. The Water Emperor has already locked down on us.”

Emperor Red Dragon made everyone anxious.

But Zhou Xuanji was not very anxious. Instead, he began reminiscing about the Great Dao.

A while later, the red dragon stopped suddenly. The Great Dao Tunnel disappeared as well.

“Emperor Red Dragon, you’ve brought the wrong people. Hand them over to me, and I will spare your life. Or else, you will never return to the Kunlun Origin Court.”

The Water Emperor’s voice came from ahead of them. He spoke with a burst of cold laughter.

Emperor Red Dragon stood up and snorted back in reply, “You think you can stop me, you useless thing?”

She raised her arms and countless red lotus appeared behind her like waves of flame. They quickly merged into a gigantic flaming lotus.

It was charming and dangerous.

Zhou Xuanji scanned with his divine sense and found the Water Emperor’s location.

Through his divine sense, he saw that the Water Emperor was enveloped with Dao WIll and was extremely powerful.

The Water Emperor’s Dao Will was blue in color, which was different from his.

His Dao Will had yet to obtain any color, which made apparent the vast difference between their cultivations.

“Emperor Red Dragon, don’t you understand who we are working for?” the Water Emperor said. His face was turning grim, and he was emanating a powerful murderous aura.

He had no pleasant feelings toward Emperor Red Dragon because they had battled before.

Even when numerous Void Boundary Emperors allied against her, she could still make her escape. This demonstrated her power.

Facing the Water Emperor’s threat, Emperor Red Dragon laughed disdainfully. The flaming lotus burst into countless lotus petals that shot toward the Water Emperor.

The red dragon under her feet also charged ahead with unstoppable impetus.

The Water Emperor exploded into countless water beads immediately and flew in all directions.

“Emperor Red Dragon, you wait for it. If I allow you all to make it back to Kunlun Origin Court, I will resign from the throne of the Void Boundary 13 Emperors!”

The Water Emperor’s voice echoed throughout the universe. He was apparently trying to hold back his anger.

With a cold snort, Emperor Red Dragon continued forward.

Zhou Xuanji sensed that the Great Dao Tunnel had reappeared, and the red dragon moved ahead with full speed.

“Next, I will bring you to a senior. You must follow all his orders. After you have passed the Kunlun Origin Court’s border, I will fetch you.”

They heard her words and frowned.

This was different from what she promised initially.

“Can you ensure that the senior will not harm us?” Qiu Hu could not hold it but ask.

“I cannot,” Emperor Red Dragon replied coldly, “But if you follow me, you will likely be left behind by me. I will not risk my life to protect you. You should understand this. You have a greater hope to survive by following that senior.”

She said with a displeased tone, and Qiu Hu could only swallow his unhappiness.

Zhou Xuanji did not speak, for they were not in the position to choose.

The four waited with uneasiness as they arrived at a universe filled with a silver radiance.

There were no stars around but only countless silver flowers reflecting each silver ray of light.

The spiritual Qi here was thin, which was close to the level of the Milky Way.

A gigantic silver tree appeared in front of them. The tree had countless branches, and all the silver flowers originated from this tree.

The red dragon flew swiftly and stopped before the gigantic silver tree.

He saw an elderly person lying on a tree branch. He could see the elderly easily because the latter was wearing a rainbow-colored and extravagant robe. He was thousands of meters tall and was rather conspicuous on the tree.

“Senior Yinxin, I have a favor to ask.”

Emperor Red Dragon said respectfully.

The old man’s name was Old Ancestor Yinxin. His power exceeded the Void Boundary 13 Emperors. Along the way, she warned Zhou Xuanji and the others multiple times not to enrage Old Ancestor Yinxin.

The old man had hundreds of universes under his control, and each of them was vaster than the Milky Way.

He was like the lord of the universes, controlling those universes in the one he was currently in.