I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 640 - Chapter 640 Origin Court Gave Birth To The Universe

Chapter 640 - Chapter 640 Origin Court Gave Birth To The Universe


Emperor Red Dragon!

The word Emperor gave Zhou Xuanji and the others a great fright.

They drew a huge distance from the Emperor Red Dragon.

“This woman is also one of the Void Boundary 13 Emperors?” Qiu Hu asked deeply.

His heart was almost bursting out from his throat.

That was too terrifying!

“I’m not sure. I only know Flame Emperor, Sky Emperor, and Water Emperor…”

Sheng Tiandao replied. Beads of cold sweat covered his forehead.

After a battle with the Water Emperor, he truly understood how horrifyingly powerful they were.

Si Mengyan spoke telepathically to Zhou Xuanji, “What should we do now?”

The Overlord Saint replied, “Let’s observe first. She doesn’t seem to be hostile.”

Seeing how anxious they were, the Emperor Red Dragon smiled with an evil charm.

“Don’t worry. I’m not one of the Void Boundary 13 Emperors. But I have a grudge against them. More specifically, my enemy comes from Kunlun Origin Court. If you want to find Kunlun Origin Court, then you do something for me. After you enter Kunlun Origin Court, I will settle you in a peaceful realm.”

Emperor Red Dragon laughed with an icy voice.

Zhou Xuanji was hesitant.

This matter had both pros and cons. Putting Emperor Red Dragon’s trustworthiness aside, they might be swept into war.

Emperor Red Dragon continued, “I forgot to tell you. The Heavenly Law Universe is going to be destroyed. The Heavenly Law is withering. The Void Boundary 13 Emperors has already infiltrated it to search for a pair of eyes without reserve. Those eyes came from the Primordial Ancestor and were taken away by someone called Zhou Xuanji. I think it should be one of you. If you continue to be a fugitive, you will surely be captured. The only way to survive is to head toward Kunlun Origin Court.”

The group was shocked. They did not expect Emperor Red Dragon to have guessed their identity.

If this was the case, then they had no other choice.

Zhou Xuanji said, “Right, then we shall follow you. But may I know who is more powerful? You or the Void Boundary 13 Emperors?”

Could her injuries be from the Void Boundary 13 Emperors?

“Humph, don’t worry. You saved my life. I will not let you die!”

Emperor Red Dragon snorted coldly, as though Zhou Xuanji had burned her.

Shortly after, she sat down and began healing herself.

Taking a deep breath, Zhou Xuanji sat down as well. The others looked at each other in dismay.

In the vast universe, a stone tower was quietly drifting through it. It had tens of thousands of levels, and each level imprisoned countless spiteful demons. Through the windows, their terrifying figures could be seen.

A man with golden eyes sat on the tower. His hair was pinned under a fiery crown. That person was the Flame Emperor.

“Zhou Xuanji, where are you? If I find you, I will surely crush you totally, once and for all.”

The Flame Emperor mumbled to himself with radiant eyes.

His search for Zhou Xuanji had gone on for a few thousand years but to no avail. This futility infuriated him.

At this moment, a water pillar appeared behind him, and a blue-robed man walked out of it. He had a handsome face with the look of a 30-year-old man, and he had the elegant demeanor of a scholar.

“Flame Emperor, the Primordial Ancestor, is handed over, but those people above us are not satisfied. Most importantly, because the eyes are missing. If you don’t find the eyes, they might vent their displeasure on you.”

The blue-robed man chuckled as though he was mocking Flame Emperor.

Flame Emperor snorted coldly in reply, “Water Emperor, have you any inklings about the two Heavenly Saints?”

“They said that Zhou Xuanji was banished by destiny along with everyone related to this matter. But he has a teacher who came from Kunlun Origin Court. I might be able to start with him. I’ve already sent someone to capture him,” Water Emperor chuckled and said intently, “Do you want to know who he is?”

As he spoke, he walked up to the female Emperor and blocked his view.

Frowning, the Flame Emperor said, “Countless people have escaped from the Kunlun Origin Court. How would I know who he is?”

The Water Emperor spoke the answer in total silence.

The Flame Emperor’s expression changed drastically. He jumped out and cried out in a fury, “It’s him! No wonder he had so many rebellious students!”

“Capture him. I will use Soul Source Incantation to deal with him!”

The Water Emperor smiled and said, “I had the same idea too.”

Zhou Xuanji sat down beside Emperor Red Dragon.

“Sitting so close to me, aren’t you afraid of me?”

Emperor Red Dragon asked softly with closed eyes.

“Can you tell me the origin of Kunlun Origin Court?” he glanced toward her and asked.

He was too curious about the Kunlun Origin Court.

He also wanted to know the distribution of factions in the universe.

“Just like a tower. Each level represents a universe. The higher it goes, the more powerful it gets. The Kunlun Origin Court is the top of the tower, and it gave birth to all the lower universes. The Kunlun Origin Court was complex and regimental. If one leaves the Kunlun Origin Court against the orders, that person would be pursued and killed. Whoever trespasses Kunlun Origin Court will be killed as well.” Emperor Red Dragon answered casually.

Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes. So, all the universes were born out of the Kunlun Origin Court.

Just like the old beggar and old immortal could hasten the Heavenly Law’s birth and create a universe?

“Kunlun Origin Court controls countless universes. Living in the universes is actually safer than living inside the Kunlun Origin Court. But with my protection, you can rest assured. As for others, you will know once you reach the Kunlun Origin Court.”

This information was already enough for Zhou Xuanji to get an idea.

However, he was still curious about many things.

How big was the Kunlun Origin Court?

What were the cultivation stages in it?

Seeing that the Emperor Red Dragon was a little impatient, he stopped asking.

When he reached the Kunlun Origin Court, he would resolve these mysteries by himself.

After the thought, he flew back to Sheng Tiandao and the others.

Time flashed.

Two years passed.

Zhou Xuanji obtained five more legendary swords. The highest grade of these was merely Ancient Gazing. No other sword techniques or enchanted artifacts appeared.

During this period, he did not return to the Milky way but merely inspected the realms inside.

Xian Xianghua returned to the Demon Realm to cultivate.

Although the Heavenly Law Violet Qi was already useless, she understood a lot more by studying it.

This day.

The Emperor Red Dragon finally opened her eyes. Standing up, she said, “Follow me. You must not be more than three hundred meters away from me, or else you shall bear the consequences.”

The red dragon on her body detached itself from her and transformed itself into a massive mount.

Hearing her, Zhou Xuanji and the others leaped up onto the back of the dragon head but kept a thirty-meter distance from her.

Emperor Red Dragon looked around and chose a direction to fly towards. Zhou Xuanji and his companions followed closely behind.

“Kunlun Origin Court! We are coming!”

Qiu Hu clenched his fist in excitement. He wondered what the Kunlun Origin Court looked like.

“I always sense danger from what’s going to happen next,” Sheng Tiandao sighed.

They would most likely suffer casualties.

It was just too difficult for all four of them to reach the Kunlun Origin Court alive.

Zhou Xuanji sat down and said, “Wait patiently. Be careful. I’ve already sensed something watching us.”