I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 64 - Grandmaster of The Sword’s Way

Chapter 64 - Grandmaster of The Sword’s Way


Chapter 64: Grandmaster of The Sword’s Way

But when North Zhou Gale Sword was about to land on the stone stage, he twirled and pushed toward the ground with his palm. A burst of wind from his palm hit the floor and propelled him upward.

He kicked with his feet, which produced sounds of explosions in the air. He then leaped up again and charged toward the top.

At the same time, the cultivators on the second and third levels were hot in battle.

The Sword Conference competitors each found their opponents, and the fighting had pushed the Sword Conference to the climax.

The sword lights flashed, and the sword Qi shot across everywhere, which caused the entire metal tower to sway continuously.

Zhou Xuanji stood at the top with both the Thunderclap Sword and the Swineculling Sword, preventing North Zhou Gale Sword from ascending to the top.

North Zhou Gale Sword shuttled between the ninth floor and the top floor. With his sword in the right hand, he held the metal bars with his left. He was agile like a monkey.

He continued to shuttle around beneath the top level’s metal board to leap up from different angles, but his attacks were all blocked off by Zhou Xuanji.

In the eyes of the million spectators, Zhou Xuanji attracted so much attention.

With swords in both hands, he was like a sword-play solo performer on a stage. He moved elegantly, like a dancing crane, with a resounding melody from a Xiao.

TL: Xiao is a traditional Chinese flute that’s played vertically and with lower octaves.

Compared to him, North Zhou Gale Sword was totally disadvantaged. At least from the aesthetic aspect of sword techniques, he could not compare with Zhou Xuanji at all.

Xie Wuyou frowned, while other Elders, Deacons of the Xie Sect opened their eyes wide, as though they just saw a ghost.

“Sword will… Is that our Thirty-Six Paths Jade Xiao Sword? ”

Xie Wuyou asked the Elder beside him softly.

A Black Grade Advanced Tier Sword Technique. Naturally, he impressed.

But he did not know Thirty-Six Paths Jade Xiao Sword.

The Elder nodded blankly and said, “Yes… That is the Thirty-Six Paths Jade Xiao Sword… Sword will… It really is its Sword Will…”

Thirty-Six Paths Jade Xiao Sword was his favorite.

But now, someone else had realized its Sword Will.

At this moment, a sense of unspeakable respect welled up within him.

Thirty-Six Paths Jade Xiao Sword was an extremely versatile sword technique. It had 36 transformations, which could catch its opponent off guard.

Zhou Xuanji kept switching between his White Crane Sword Will and Thirty-Six Paths Jade Xiao Sword, and he continued to remain in the Sword Will mode.

Compared to the other competitors, he was so unique.

Not only his Spirit Energy but merely his stance, he was so much better than even Zhaocong Sword.

Little Jiang Xue’s eyes were sparkling as she observed amidst the crowd of people. She was not the only one, but Huang Lianxin was as well.

Although Zhou Xuanji had a small body, he looked gigantic when he was fighting with swords, which made his spectators sigh in exclamation.

Grandmaster of the Sword’s Way!

That’s the demeanor of a Grandmaster.

There were no need for words to describe, it would all be shown in a battle.

Zhou Xuanji exemplified it.

“Sword God Zhou… really lived up to his title…”

“Switching between two Sword Wills with ease, without delay… He’s too powerful!”

“No wonder Great Zhou’s Sword Monarch would see him as an opponent. Putting cultivations aside, it’s the first time I’ve see such accomplishments in the Sword’s Way.”

“He is a true Grandmaster of the Sword’s Way!”

“North Zhou Gale Sword is so weak! Look at Sword God Zhou! That’s the grandeur of a Sword Cultivator!”

The million spectators commented excitedly. They were extremely loud, but not loud enough to cover up the sound of swords clashing.

At the sight of Zhou Xuanji’s solo play, who would dare to say Zhou Xuanji did not live up to his name?

Even the Great Zhou’s Third-Grade General Xiahou Jin was sighing.

“What a Sword God Zhou. He will most likely enter the Hero Ranking Board ranking after this Sword Conference.”

No one around him denied his comment.

They all admired Zhou Xuanji.

At the same time, a young man dressed in yellow tiptoed amidst the crowd. His facial features were well-defined and he looked a little like a girl.

That was Princess Xuanya, the Embodiment of the Way!

Previously at Cloud Swallow City, she was caught by Zhuang Huisheng. If not for Zhou Xuanji’s timely rescue, she would have been captured by the Demon Race.

But she still could not forgive Zhou Xuanji for letting her fall just like that.

She almost died from the fall.

When she heard that Sword God Zhou intended to participate in the Sword Conference, she escaped from the Royal Palace and came dressed as a man to observe the battle.

Before she saw Zhou Xuanji at the top of the tower, she still hated him, but now, she totally admired him.

She was even screaming for him, “Sword God Zhou! Beat him down!”

When everyone was looking at Zhou Xuanji in exclamation, North Zhou Gale Sword felt so terrible.

He roared in his heart. Damn! How can this guy continuously use his Sword Will? Even switching his Sword Wills… Damn!

“I’m going to fight you with my all!”

Suddenly, a terrifying aura exploded from him. He jumped up from Zhou Xuanji’s back.

It was as though Zhou Xuanji had eyes in the back of his head, he slashed toward his opponent with both swords at the same time. The movement of his body was agile and without any awkwardness. Instead, there was even a hint of elegance.

On the other hand, a killing aura was emanating from North Zhou Gale Sword’s eyes. He held his sword with both hands, and a powerful gust of wind circled his sword as he slashed.

This time, he mustered up a full measure of Spirit Energy. His arm muscles were also bloating.

The cold reflections from the sword were like the sunray radiating in the sky, causing many to squint their eyes, including Zhou Xuanji.


As two swords clashed, the Thunderclap Sword flew out from the impact. Zhou Xuanji felt severe pain in his hand and he moved backward instinctively.

This scene made everyone nervous.

Little Jiang Xue even covered her mouth with her hands. She felt as though her heart was popping out from her mouth.

North Zhou Gale Sword grinned. However ingenious your sword techniques are, your Spirit Energy is still too weak!

Just when Zhou Xuanji was going to fall from the top level, he hooked onto the metal bar underneath the roof with his toes. The Crimson Dragon Sword appeared behind him and pushed him upward.

The million spectators opened their eyes wide.

What kind of sword technique is that?

His sword came alive?

Zhou Xuanji returned to the top while the North Zhou Gale Sword had one foot on the top as well.

In an instant, the Formless Sword appeared beside Zhou Xuanji.

Only he could see it.

Then, with his mind, he cast the Ranged Sword Propelling using the Formless Sword.


North Zhou Gale Sword’s chest was penetrated and blood was spurting from the wound.

His face was filled with disbelief and his eyes were wide-open.

What happened?

His body fell backward and Zhou Xuanji looked further and further away from him.

Zhou Xuanji stood at the top and looked down at his opponent. His eyes looked calm as ever, as though he was looking at someone insignificant.

North Zhou Gale Sword’s eyes turned red in an instant. Anger was welling up in his heart.

No! I will not be defeated just like this!

He roared in his heart. Even though he was severely injured, he channeled his Spirit Energy in his body and prepared to charge up again.

Suddenly, Zhou Xuanji tossed his Thunderclap Sword toward North Zhou Gale Sword. The blade flew as it rotated swiftly, intertwined with lightning.


The Thunderclap Sword transformed into a thunder strike that shook the heavens.

The lightning was swift!

North Zhou Gale Sword, who was falling, could not make it in time to dodge.

As the crowd watched, the lightning struck North Zhou Gale Sword and knocked him downward. Because the base of the tower was broader, the lightning strike broke a metal bar, which caused great fear in the hearts of competitors nearby.

Another loud explosion erupted in the sky.

The lightning hit the ground!

North Zhou Gale Sword slammed into the ground, swirling up a cloud of dust. The stage was filled with smoke, and no one knew whether he was dead or alive.

As of now, North Zhou Gale Sword was eliminated!

The million spectators became silent.

With the Swineculling Sword in his hand, Zhou Xuanji stood atop the tower aloof. He looked extremely domineering as his black clothes danced in the wind, shocking everything below the heavens!