I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 639 - Chapter 639 Red Dragon

Chapter 639 - Chapter 639 Red Dragon


Yi Shenglong?

Zhou Xuanji felt that this name was rather familiar.

Yi Shenglong smiled passionately, “Back then, our seats were given according to our academic results. Whenever it comes to the few of us, only the last row and the first row were left. The trash dump was near the back window, which became our territory.”

Remembering the past, Zhou Xuanji sighed deeply.

Unknowingly, they were turning 30 years old soon. Time slowed down for no one.

Zhou Xuanji nodded, “Miss those times.”

He did not feel uncomfortable talking to Yi Shenglong

He returned to Earth to have a taste of ordinary life.

After that, Yi Shenglong took Zhou Xuanji and invited him to their high school classmate gathering. He also asked Zhou Xuanji about his cultivation.

Zhou Xuanji kept a low profile and said that he was merely at Qi Nurturing Level One, but that was enough to give Yi Shenglong a shock.

Although Earth’s spiritual Qi was recovering, it was still not abundant yet. Moreover, each person had different talents in cultivation. Even at the Northern Wilderness Region and Wanshen Great Thousand, some were innately unsuitable for cultivation.

Those people who could not make it existed in every world.

Until now, the person with the highest cultivation on Earth was Qi Nurturing Level Seven.

In this small town, only a few reached Qi Nurturing Level One.

The two chatted a little more before parting ways.

Zhou Xuanji wandered around in the nearby streets, enjoying his previous hometown.

He only returned home when it was near dinner time.

Xu Shu and Yang Dabang saw him and were pleasantly surprised.

During dinner, the family was joyful.

The couple asked where Zhou Xuanji had been.

Zhou Xuanji replied with a smile, “Isn’t spiritual Qi coming from underground recently? I’m the first batch of beta cultivators that the Alliance recruited. My cultivation had reached Qi Nurturing Level Seven, top of the world. So, during the coming days, I might need to be out for a longer time. At that time, Jiang Xue will visit and look after you.”

After that, he took out two bottles of pills for his parents and introduced to them the pills’ uses.

“Remember, don’t tell anyone, especially our relatives. If this medicine is made known, then I’m afraid the next time I’m back, I won’t be able to find you.”

“You really think your mum is dumb?” Xu Shu asked unpleasantly as she rolled her eyes at what he said.

Yang Dabang grabbed hold of the pill bottle and inspected it carefully as though he had found a treasure.

After that, the family continued to chat.

Xu Shu was worried that Zhou Xuanji might encounter danger, but Zhou Xuanji affirmed to her that his mission was only to focus on cultivation and help others cultivate.

That night was the happiest night for Zhou Xuanji’s parents.

On the second day, Zhou Xuanji left because Sheng Tiandao was calling for him.

He quickly left the Milky Way and the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus.

At this moment, Sheng Tiandao, Si Mengyan, and Qiu Hu were ready for a fight.

“What happened?” Zhou Xuanji asked.

The three of them raised their hands and pointed toward the same direction.

Zhou Xuanji looked over and frowned.

Deep in the universe, someone was flying toward them. That person was a lady with red armor. Her untied hair danced wildly, and a red dragon coiled around her body, spitting out flames silently.

Even Zhou Xuanji could not see their cultivation.

He quickly took out the Thunderclap Sword and flew over.

Sheng Tiandao and the other two followed behind nervously.

Because their opponent appeared too suddenly, they did not detect her even though they were on the alert.

“Be careful. This is not the Heavenly Law Universe. Weird beings exist everywhere, and they are extremely dangerous,” Sheng Tiandao reminded him. When he was wandering around, he almost died because of his curiosity.

Zhou Xuanji nodded. He used the Sword Fusion Technique and came up to the red-armored lady.

The red dragon bit at him swiftly, but he caught it by his hand.

“Hmm? Not as powerful as I expected?”

Zhou Xuanji thought to himself with narrowed eyes. He scanned the red-armored lady with his divine sense and realized that the lady was severely injured and unconscious.

Should he save her?

The others came up to him as well.

“Tsk tsk, this woman is quite pretty.”

“Let’s save her. She might be able to provide us information about Kunlun Origin Court.”

“What if she’s the subordinate of the Void Boundary 13 Emperors?”

The three of them gave their comments, and Qiu Hu was naturally the bawdiest one.

After some thought, Zhou Xuanji decided to save the woman.

They understood the Void Boundary too little, and it was extremely dangerous.

He immediately used the Extreme Nightmare Abyss to hypnotize the red dragon. He then healed her with the Holy Light Redemption Sword.

The three of them were not surprised by the act because they have seen the sword many times.

They turned their gaze toward the red dragon.

“This dragon’s cultivation is at Saint Realm. It seems to be her guardian beast.”

Sheng Tiandao spoke with a complex tone. He used to be the most powerful Heavenly Saint. Even though he’s no longer one, he still had his knowledge.

Zhou Xuanji could easily handle the dragon, but it would be a nightmare for the three of them.

After a long while.

“You guys back off.”

Zhou Xuanji drew his sword and moved back as well, followed by the three.

The red-armored woman opened her eyes slowly, revealing a pair of crimson eyes.

A horrifying aura came from her body, then her body rotated to an upright position, and she stood up. Qiu Hu swallowed his saliva in fear.

The red-armored woman looked toward Zhou Xuanji and the other three. She did not attack but spoke to them in a language that was difficult to understand. Her voice was not ear-piercing. Still, her voice was enough to dazzle Sheng Tiandao and the other two. Zhou Xuanji, however, was not affected.

“What are you trying to say?”

Zhou Xuanji asked. He realized he could not make sense of the red-armored woman’s words.

Her voice sounded familiar.

Why does it sound like Great Dao’s Voice?

The red-armored woman frowned. Her coldly and beautiful face showed no change in expression, but she changed her language.

She tried forty different languages before they could finally understand her.

“You saved me?”

Qiu Hu nodded as he pointed to Zhou Xuanji, “My master is benevolent. He endured the extremely high cost of saving you, do you understand?”

The red-armored woman looked toward Zhou Xuanji, nodding slightly. “Overlord Saint Realm One. Very good. Tell me, what do you want?”

Her eyes were indifferent, as though a heavenly god was looking at a mortal.

“I want to know about Void Boundary and its nearby universe. The current universe that we are in now is destroyed, and we were forced to wander about,” Zhou Xuanji said.

“Void Boundary?” The red-armored woman narrowed her eyes. “Seems like you want to go the Kunlun Origin Court?”

Sheng Tiandao and the other two grew anxious immediately. Could this woman really be the subordinate of the Void Boundary 13 Emperors?

“It would be the best if we can go, but what we need the most is a safe place to cultivate.”

Zhou Xuanji replied calmly without any anxiety.

“Then follow me,” the red-armored woman replied, “I will bring you to Kunlun Origin Court.”

Having heard that, Zhou Xuanji and the other three were not surprised but alarmed.

“May I know who you are?” Sheng Tiandao asked.

He did not believe that the red-armored woman was really that kind.

It was definitely a trap!

Qiu Hu and Si Mengyan were prepared for battle.

“You can call me the Emperor Red Dragon.”

The red-armored woman revealed an icy smile. The moment she finished speaking, Zhou Xuanji and the other three backed off and drew a huge distance from her.