I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 637 - Chapter 637 Merging the Milky Way. Global Live Stream.

Chapter 637 - Chapter 637 Merging the Milky Way. Global Live Stream.


“What are you going to do next?” Sheng Tiandao asked. He could only survive by following Zhou Xuanji.

If he were to continue wandering like this, he would eventually become a lunatic.

Zhou Xuanji told him his plan, which made him frown.

“This is such a vast universe, and you want to put it inside your enchanted artifact. You must be crazy!” Sheng Tiandao said sincerely. He was no longer a Heavenly Saint, but he knew the cost of doing it through his experience as a Saint.

Although Zhou Xuanji could regenerate, he would take time. If the Sky Emperor came at him during his recuperation, it would be big trouble.

Zhou Xuanji smiled, “It’s opportunistic that I’m studying something. I might gain some insight during the process.”


Sheng Tiandao’s eyes sparkled but did not ask further.

Each had their own path of cultivation, and it was not appropriate for him to ask.

After that, Zhou Xuanji flew upward, bringing Sheng Tiandao along.

In the vast universe, there was no end, either up or down.

After flying for some time, Zhou Xuanji stopped suddenly. He closed his eyes and spread out his divine sense, enveloping the entire Milky Way.

Sheng Tiandao sat down in meditation nearby and continued his cultivation.

It would still take some time before Zhou Xuanji merged the Milky Way.

The Milky Way was too vast for Zhou Xuanji to envelop it just with a single thought.

A while later.

He opened his eyes, and the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus appeared at his chest. It levitated silently and moved not.

He then spread his Saint energy outward along with his divine sense. Instantly, the spatial field of the entire Milky Way rippled. Meanwhile, all the satellites were disabled.

Other than Earth, other civilized planets faced the same phenomenon too.

“Earth had been searching for traces of other civilizations on other planets. I didn’t expect there to be other civilizations. There were many, and many of them are more powerful than Earth.”

Zhou Xuanji felt that it was laughable.

In the Milky Way galaxy, not all civilizations developed technologies. Some were similar to cultivation and high martial arts. There were all kinds of aliens in the entire universe. But these planets were greatly distanced apart. Except for a minority, most civilizations developed quietly and had not begun plundering others.

He began to focus on merging the Milky Way.

He shrunk the Milky Way down first. This process must not affect the galaxy’s internal structure, which was an arduously complex process related to spatial rules.

Most cultivators were in touch with the spatial techniques, such as storage rings and storage bags.

Time passed quickly.

On the other side, the Earth Alliance hastened the Humanity Reversion Plan.

Each nation contributed its resources to create the most durable robot explorer to dive into the Earth’s core surface.

As they began harvesting the energy of the Earth’s core, everyone in the world realized that the air quality was improving.

Next, spiritual Qi began flowing out from the ground.

It was not from the Earth itself but from Zhou Xuanji’s Saint energy.

The Saint energy was under Zhou Xuanji’s control to be used for Earth without exploding straightaway.

If his Saint energy were to explode, the entire Solar System would be obliterated.

After Zhou Xuanji left, Jiang Xue was sent away by Xu Shu and Yang Dabang. They did not dislike her but felt that it was not good to waste a young adult’s time.

Jiang Xue did not know to cry or to laugh. She could only leave and guard them silently in another city.

What was worth mentioning was that the three of them were discovered by intelligence agents of the Alliance.

There was no conflict. The agents invited them hospitably.

Eventually, Zhou Xiaoxuan was invited to Europe to teach each nation the way of cultivation.

Xian Xianghua, Jiang Xue, and Lady Zhao Xuan did not stop her.

Zhou Xiaoxuan was really powerful. Nothing on Earth could hurt her. Even if she was deceived, the deceiver could do nothing to her.

Moreover, Zhou Xuanji was reluctant to give up on Earth. Since the Earth will be replenished with spiritual Qi soon, it was not a bad idea to teach them how to cultivate. Earth might provide endless disciples for Emperor Sword Court.

A month later.

A global live stream began. Televisions of each nation and tens of thousands of online streaming platforms were preparing to show the way of cultivation.

The scene of the live stream was set in a forest. Each nation’s reporters were on their helicopters, which was why the camera was shaking a lot. All the cameras were aimed toward Zhou Xuanji.

She had a sword in hand as her white dress danced in the wind. She was like a lady sword immortal in the legends.

She had yet to demonstrate, and reporters of each nation were introducing her in different languages.

“This is Huaxia’s reporter Xia Feifei. Let me introduce her to all of you. Her name is Zhou Xiaoxuan. She is from another world and has chosen to stay on Earth because of her love for the planet.

“Lundun reporter, Mike, introduced this foreign heroine to his citizens. She could even be called God! She…”

“Hi! Red Sun reporter Yebi Daxiong was reporting live for all citizens…”

“Corea reporter Song Zhizhi reporting live for my fellow citizens… This foreign heroine called Zhou Xiaoxuan has the bloodline of Corea in her ancestry. She came here to trace the source of her bloodline. She will be demonstrating sword techniques beyond our scientific understanding!”

“Merikans, hold your breath. This is a demonstration of supernatural power. Zhou Xiaoxuan’s appearance made fantasies come true. She’s a superhero in real life!”

When the whole world was connected to the live stream, there was an exploding commotion on both the internet and real life.

There were tons of comments on those media platforms.

Zhou Xiaoxuan was growing impatient. But she had yet received the signal to begin, so she needed to wait further.

This was the Alliance’s decision. After allowing her to demonstrate the supernatural power, the cultivation technique had been globally printed and was going to be included in students’ syllabus globally.

Because of this, no nation dared not to publish the cultivation technique.

Whoever fell behind will lose!

Relying on an army to cultivate would definitely not be as powerful as an entire nation that cultivated.

At the same time, a war between keyboard warriors was brewing online.

Huaxia netizens felt that Zhou Xiaoxuan was wearing a traditional Han costume. And also, because of her surname, they began declaring that Zhou Xiaoxuan was from Huaxia. But netizens from other countries were not willing to concede that. They thought that Zhou Xiaoxuan should belong to the world.

A while later.

Zhou Xiaoxuan raised her sword. In an instant, everyone in the world held their breath in full concentration.

There was a mountain almost a thousand meters tall in front of Zhou Xiaoxuan. It was far away from the city, and it was surrounded by forests.

A sea of clouds covered its peak. All cameras were locked onto Zhou Xiaoxuan’s back so that they can capture her prowess clearly.

At this moment, everyone in the world could sense an aura coming from her.

It was indescribable, but it inspired awe in people’s hearts.

She swung her sword casually. Then her sword Qi materialized like a white light beam that was hundreds of meters long. The sword Qi swept across the air and crashed into the mountain in front of her.


A deafening explosion occurred. Many covered their ears, and many jerked their body out of fear, losing grip of their handphones.

A 1,000-meter-tall mountain crumbled at her slash. Clouds of dust billowed, and countless rocks flew in all directions. The scene was even more visually impressive than a volcanic eruption.

Zhou Xiaoxuan stood elegantly in her white dress but was soon engulfed by clouds of dust.