I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 634 - Chapter 634 – Shocking Stone Stele

Chapter 634 - Chapter 634 – Shocking Stone Stele


“Fake, it’s definitely fake,” Zhou Xuanji said as he shook his head, not looking like he believed it at all.

Xu Shu pouted and grabbed Jiang Xue’s hand as she asked, “Xiao Xue, do you think it’s real? This stinking boy thinks I haven’t been educated before; it’s definitely real!”

Jiang Xue smiled and said, “That’s right, it’s real. He’s blind.”

Hearing this, Xu Shu felt quite pleased and rolled her eyes at him.

Zhou Xuanji sent a telepathic message to Xian Xianghua, who was hundreds of kilometres away, and asked about that skeleton’s background.

Xian Xianghua replied, “I’m not sure, he didn’t say anything. Given how weak it was, it shouldn’t be a big deal.”

Her tone was filled with condescension towards the skeleton.

Zhou Xuanji did not reply and focused on Xu Shu, chatting with her.

Xu Shu had been young before, and she had once worried about the apocalypse. What she had seen and heard today made her feel both excited and afraid.

Not too long after, Zhou Xuanji’s father, Yang Dabang, returned.

He held a plastic bag in each hand and grumbled, “The streets were so chaotic, and the fruit store’s owner wanted to close up shop, saying it was the apocalypse. What nonsense!”

They were in the outskirts of the county town. This little two-storied building was an old house and had a small courtyard. There were such houses on both sides of the street, and around them were small hills and rivers.

It gave off the feeling of a small villa in a suburban area.

Yang Dabang walked over to Zhou Xuanji and cursed out, “You brat, if you dare to play games all night again, I’ll beat you to death.”

He then turned to Jiang Xue and smiled as he said, “Xiao Xue, is it? Just treat this as your own home. Later, I’ll cook something good for you.”

He smiled at Xu Shu before quickly going into the house.

Jiang Xue sent a telepathic message to Zhou Xuanji, “Your past life’s parents are quite interesting.”

Zhou Xuanji just smiled and did not reply.

He was wondering about something else.

It had only been a short while since Xian Xianghua and the others had fought the skeleton; how did the video get leaked so quickly?

This did not make sense.

Could it be that there were various countries behind this?

That made sense.

After all, the earth was preparing to start up the Humanity Reversion Plan. Before this happened, if humanity knew of aliens and supernatural powers, that would be a good thing.

If they knew about these things now, the Humanity Reversion Plan would only bring hope.

If they suddenly started the Humanity Reversion Plan, but humanity did not know of the extra-terrestrial threats, perhaps they would be against it.

Zhou Xuanji did not think too much and led Jiang Xue in.

He came to the kitchen and handed the bank card to Xu Shu. He lightly laughed as he said, “Mum, this money is for you.”

Xu Shu was stunned and quickly refused.

She and Yang Dabang were both working and neither of them were ill. How could they take their son’s money?

“Hear me out, I don’t need money. Don’t ask me where this money came from either; I can guarantee to you that this money came from proper sources. Soon, the earth will go through big changes; when that time comes, I’ll explain everything to you. For now, you and dad just use this money and enjoy yourselves. There’s no need to be frugal with it; for me, money is not an issue at all,” Zhou Xuanji said as he smiled. He used his Dao Voice, making Xu Shu instinctively trust him, and she accepted the bank card in a daze.

Only after he left the kitchen did Xu Shu come back to her senses.

“Why did I just trust him?” Xu Shu muttered.

She then gave an excited smile, “Our son has grown up and can earn money, and he knows how to treat his parents. Looks like we didn’t raise him for nothing.”

Following this, she washed the vegetables while she happily hummed.

Zhou Xuanji came to the living room and sat on the sofa, watching television with Jiang Xue.

As expected, all of the news channels were reporting on the footage that the satellite had captured.

They acted quite quickly.

Yang Dabang cut up some fruits and put them in a bowl, which he placed on the table in front of the sofa before starting to chat with Zhou Xuanji about the news.

In recent months, he had found many strange things.

When he worked at the factory, he would see big snakes as thick as the openings of big bowls in the river. There were also rats as big as dogs. Thinking about the news today, he felt somewhat excited.

“This is just like those novels I read when I was young, which talked about a revival of spirit qi. Could it be that the earth is going to evolve?” Yang Dabang said as he swirled his cup, sounding very excited.

Who didn’t have delusions of grandeur when they were young?

When man did not imagine traveling the world with their sword.

Jiang Xue smiled and said, “It might be like what you said.”

“Is that so? Back when I was a student, I loved to read web novels, especially Xianxia ones. Back then, I always imagined having my own flying sword,” Yang Dabao chuckled as he thought back to the past.

Jiang Xue did not know what web novels were, but she asked, “Which web novels did you like?”

Yang Dabang became spirited and grinned as he said, “There was Strongest Mythic Emperor, Devil Emperor Master, and there were also two game novels called Deadly Game and Super Monster. I’ll occasionally read some using my phone now as well.”

When talking about novels, Yang Dabang went on and on.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head, and he recalled his memories from his past life.

It was because of Yang Dabang that he liked to read novels as well. There was an author he particularly liked called Ren Woxiao [TLN: This is the author of IHCLS lol], and Yang Dabang was such a fan that he secretly used money to donate to Ren Woxiao. After being found out by Xu Shu, she was so angry that she cursed at him for two whole days.

Time flew by so quickly.

Those scenes were like they were yesterday.

The family became more and more rowdy as they chatted, and Xu Shu also came to the living room to talk. She was making a soup, and it was still quite a while until dinnertime.

The news of the meteors descending and the three goddesses appearing above the ozone layer sent the world into an uproar.

Even after a month, the various countries could not suppress that footage.

No sources of authority refuted the rumors either.

As such, people all over the world began to believe in the truth behind these things.

About two months later, the leaders of various countries held a press conference and publicly announced the Humanity Reversion Plan. At the same time, all countries over the world formed an alliance, no longer fighting each other and instead sharing resources to carry out the Humanity Reversion Plan together.

This news caused the world to almost explode.

“Heavens! I got to see an earth alliance in my lifetime?”

“Humanity Reversion Plan? Am I going to become a monkey? Ahhhh, I don’t want that!”

“You idiot, did you even watch the news properly? Humanity will become stronger, like superhumans in movies!”

“That sounds too exaggerated; at most, it’d be like Bruce Lee’s level.”

“Why do I feel like this really is the start of the apocalypse?”

All countries were discussing this, and everyone was in heated discussions.

That month, many pictures of stone steles appeared on the internet.

These stone steles were all over the world, even at the north and south poles.

There were ancient words engraved on them, and when translated, they all said the same thing:

Sword Emperor Zhou Xuanji desires the power of the earth. Be careful; if he succeeds, the earth will perish!

The entire world became curious as to who Sword Emperor Zhou Xuanji was.

Was it some legend?

The Chinese netizens all felt that the name ‘Sword Emperor’ was too ridiculous; someone had definitely photoshopped these stone steles.

“Sword Emperor Zhou Xuanji? Young people sure know how to sound cool. And I’m the Sword God Yang Dabang,” Yang Dabang sat in a rocking chair and laughed as he played with his phone.

Sitting on the sofa, Zhou Xuanji’s mouth twitched, and next to him, Jiang Xue could not help but laugh out loud.