I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 631 - Chapter 631 – Mysterious Energy Underground

Chapter 631 - Chapter 631 – Mysterious Energy Underground


Zhou Xuanji looked down and looked towards Xu Shu as he smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I’m fine. Let’s go home.”

After saying this, he extricated himself from her grip without her realizing it and walked forwards.

Xu Shu frowned and hesitated for a moment before hurrying up to him.

“Son, that’s the wrong way!”


The mother and son talked while walking down the street.

On the way, Zhou Xuanji continuously thought about this world.

Just then, he sensed the sun’s aura.

Within it hid a massive bird with decent cultivation.

Was it the golden crow of the legends?

Some ancient legends recorded that the sun was actually a three-footed golden crow; that bird also happened to have three feet.

Moreover, it had Heavenly Law True God cultivation!

Of course, for Zhou Xuanji, this kind of bird was not something he needed to be afraid of.

Just like that, he got on a bus with Xu Shu, returning to his rental apartment.

His parents lived in another city, and after hearing that he had been hospitalized, Xu Shu had hurried over, and his father was still on the way.

“I’ll give your dad a call and tell him not to come so we don’t hold him up with his work,” Xu Shu said as she took out her phone.

Zhou Xuanji looked at the surrounding streets, and he felt a feeling of nostalgia but with a difference.

After thinking about his previous life, he was like most ordinary people. It was a completely normal life and there was not much worth reminiscing about.

He did not remember much about the suburb he had lived in.

The only regret he had about his previous life was that he had not been able to be a filial son to his parents.

Xu Shu led him back to his apartment. It had one bedroom, one living room and one bathroom, and the kitchen was connected to the living room.

Xu Shu had Zhou Xuanji wait for a while, and she went to go buy some food.

Zhou Xuanji wandered around in the room and went to the bedroom.

Looking at the somewhat messy bedroom, he could not help but shake his head and smile.

The previous him had been somewhat sloppy and there were clothes everywhere, and the things on the table were also somewhat messy.

He sat in front of his laptop and began to think about what to do.

With how powerful destiny was, he had to become stronger as quickly as possible.

If destiny attacked him again, what would he do?

Moreover, he wanted to investigate why he had appeared here.

He was afraid that this was an illusion-type divine ability that surpassed anything he could imagine.

He opened his laptop and began to take a look on the web.

After opening the laptop, he sent his divine sense into the internet.

As expected, the internet was something that could be swept with his divine sense; it gave the feeling of an energy technique scroll.

Massive amounts of information flowed into his mind.

Right now, earth was in a period of having massive amounts of data on the internet, but for an Overlord Saint, this amount was not much.

Soon, Zhou Xuanji absorbed all of the information on the internet.

He got rid of some personal and dark things and slowly opened his eyes.

“Looks like the me of my previous life knew far too little,” Zhou Xuanji said in amazement; he had seen many things.

Most of them were things that surpassed what ordinary people could imagine.

Aliens really existed!

The ancient legends were also true!

For example, the western god Zeus had descended to earth before and had left behind palaces, which sank into the sea.

In the east, Sun Wukong had once been an ordinary monkey, but he had been changed by a mysterious energy underground, becoming an amazing divine monkey.

Yang Jian’s third eye was also created by a similar energy.

Most importantly, he found out about a plan—the Humanity Reversion Plan!