I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 630 - Chapter 630 – Unprecedented

Chapter 630 - Chapter 630 – Unprecedented


“The patient has gained consciousness and can be taken back to the ward,” the man in the surgical mask wiped the sweat on his forehead with the back of his hand as he spoke.

Following this, the scene before Zhou Xuanji’s eyes began to spin, and he hazily looked around.

This was…

A nurse? Am I dreaming?

Zhou Xuanji thought to himself and felt as if his head was going to split.

He would occasionally think of his memories from his past life, but after comprehending Dao Will, his attachments to his past life had gradually faded.

A while later, he was pushed by two nurses into a ward. He looked over and saw that there were two other beds that were empty.

Sunlight shined in from the window, seeming bright and warm.

This kind of realistic feeling made it seem like it was not a dream at all.

Zhou Xuanji frowned. After the two nurses had filled the bottle by his bed, he slowly sat up.

He leaned against the headboard and examined his body.

He found that he was in a blue and white striped patient’s gown. The saint energy within his body had completely disappeared, but as he woke up, the Tianxia Map began to continuously provide him with saint energy, helping him recover from his injuries.

“What’s going on?” Zhou Xuanji muttered, and violet light flashed in his black pupils.

Had he been reborn again?

But if he had been reborn, why would he appear in a modern city’s hospital?

Moreover, he still had the Tianxia Map and his cultivation.

He even still had his 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus. It was just that his soul had been heavily injured, so he could not send his divine sense into it.

“Sword Spirit,” he called out in his mind.

“Sword Owner,” the Sword Spirit responded.

Zhou Xuanji deeply breathed in and asked, “What’s going on? Am I in some kind of illusion?”

The Sword Spirit replied, “No, this should be a real world. It is just very strange; even though your body and your soul are compatible, it is not your body from before. This body has begun to fuse with your body from before; this kind of thing is unprecedented.”

Its tone was just as cold as before, and it had no emotions.

Zhou Xuanji sank into his thoughts.

“What did destiny do to me?” he continued to ask.

“It used some kind of power to send you out from the heavenly law universe. Following this, your body fused with this body and was not rejected at all.”

The Sword Spirit’s response caused Zhou Xuanji’s eyes to widen.

Could it be that destiny knew of his origins, so it had sent him back to his starting point?


What kind of power was this?

Cold sweat appeared on Zhou Xuanji’s forehead; he was unable to imagine how destiny had done this.

As he thought about this, a middle-aged woman rushed in.

This middle-aged woman was wearing ordinary modern clothes and was slightly chubby. Her hair was bound by a hairband, and her looks were quite ordinary.

She held a plastic bag that contained fruits.

She put the plastic bag by the side and even though her eyes were red, she did her best to look stoic.

“You stinking brat, do you still dare to play games all night? Didn’t you just lose your job? Was it really necessary to give up on yourself?” the middle-aged woman stood by the bed and angrily chided him. Her voice was somewhat sharp.

Zhou Xuanji felt quite dazed and stared at her.

Wasn’t this his mother from his previous life, Xu Shu?

Could it be that he had really been sent back here by destiny?

Xu Shu continuously chided him. In the end, she covered her face and began to loudly cry.

“If you died, how was I meant to live on?” Hearing her choked voice, Zhou Xuanji began to feel sad for some reason.

However, in the end, he was an Overlord Saint and had experienced much, so he was able to quickly calm himself down.

He asked, “How long was I in the hospital for?”

Xu Shu wiped her tears and said, “Three days. The doctors said you might not make it, and I nearly committed suicide to follow you!”

She felt incredibly aggrieved and took out the fruits from the plastic bag and began to peel them.

Zhou Xuanji frowned, still not understanding the current circumstances.

In front of destiny, he had not been able to resist at all.

He had thought that he could threaten destiny.

With how powerful destiny was, it indeed had countless chances to kill him but did not do so. Could it be that destiny was telling the truth and that Ren Niming had tricked him?

The more he thought, the more complicated he felt.

Xu Shu brought over a chair from nearby and began to tell him what had happened after he had fallen unconscious while peeling fruits.

Things like how worried they had been and how much money they had spent.

Zhou Xuanji did not feel much.

If it was him before he had reincarnated, he might have felt very touched.

However, he had already lived 500 years, been married, and raised a child. He had even brought back Lady Zhaoxuan from the Netherworld; he had experienced far too much.

Facing the current circumstances, he just felt somewhat amazed.

He lifted up the blanket and got down from the bed.

“What are you doing? You only just woke up and the doctor said that you’re still feeble. You need to rest and heal!” Xu Shu put down the fruit knife and apple in her hands as she hurriedly spoke.

She stretched out her hand and wanted to drag Zhou Xuanji back to bed but found that she could not move him.

Zhou Xuanji slightly smiled and said, “You… Mum, don’t worry, I’m fine.”

With his saint energy recovering, even though he was heavily injured, it was not a state that mortals could compare to.

Xu Shu felt stunned; she was startled by Zhou Xuanji’s smile.

Why did she suddenly feel that her son had become a different person?

His face was the same, but he looked so much more handsome. This was especially so for those eyes, which looked incredibly bright and full of life.

His aura was completely different to before, as if he was a different person, but she could not put her finger on it.

Zhou Xuanji walked in front of the window. He looked out at the trees on the streets and the cars coming and going. In the distance, there were many tall buildings.

Looking at this city of reinforced concrete, he deeply breathed in.

“I really came back?” he muttered; he did not panic.

Since he still had the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus, he did not need to worry.

Xu Shu walked to his side and said anxiously, “Son, what’s wrong? I won’t scold you anymore, so don’t do anything rash!”

Zhou Xuanji smiled and looked at her as he said, “It’s nothing, I just had a dream and felt that I lived an entire life. Now, I’ll do my best to show filial piety to you and dad.”

Xu Shu was once again stunned; she did not know how to respond.

“Let’s go home,” Zhou Xuanji smiled. He suddenly felt quite curious towards this world.

Had he really reincarnated back to his previous world?

This place was incredibly far away from the heavenly law universe; how could destiny reach here?

He turned and left, while Xu Shu hurriedly packed things for him.

After a while, they finished the discharge documents, and they walked out of the hospital.

“Son, are you really fine?” Xu Shu anxiously asked. She kept feeling that there was something off about Zhou Xuanji. Could there be something wrong with his mind?

Zhou Xuanji suddenly looked up, his gaze locked onto the sun.

Xu Shu looked up but was blinded by the sunlight, and she hurriedly lowered her head.

She blinked and looked at Zhou Xuanji, and she found that he was staring at the sun, not seeming to feel any discomfort.

“Son, what are you looking at?” Xu Shu hurriedly tried to force his gaze away from the sun so that he would not blind himself.

Zhou Xuanji did not look away and said softly, “So there was indeed something off; what a big bird.”

Xu Shu hurriedly turned his face away and gloomily dragged him back towards the hospital.

There was definitely something wrong with this boy’s mind!