I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 63 - High And Lofty!

Chapter 63 - High And Lofty!


Chapter 63: High And Lofty!

Zhou Xuanji frowned. The Sword Monarch indeed, he exclaimed in his heart.

The Sword Monarch’s words were a trap!

For someone as high and lofty as the Sword Monarch to show such high regard for Zhou Xuanji, it would be like pushing Zhou Xuanji into a pit of fire.

He could already sense the crowd looking at him differently.

They were becoming increasingly jealousy.

Especially Xie Sect disciples. They looked at him with such ferocity, as though they wanted to gobble him up.

Zhou Xuanji did not respond. In such a time like this, silence was the better choice.

Since Great Zhou’s Sword Monarch intended to cause his downfall with excessive praise, why should he not ride on the momentum to seek his own success?

Moreover, if he were to retort, would he be seen as irreverent toward the Sword Monarch?

If that was the case, then the Sword Monarch would have an excuse to take his life whenever the Sword Monarch wanted to.

For an upright and famous cultivator like Great Zhou’s Sword Monarch, he could not kill someone without a good reason.

The million people surrounding the stone stage were in an uproar. They cried out in surprise one after another, they made so much noise that they almost overturned the sky.

“Oh my god! Sword God Zhou caught the attention of the Sword Monarch?”

“Awesome. Sword God Zhou is awesome indeed!”

“Of course. He dared to call himself Sword God, you think that he did not have the abilities?”

“The Sword Monarch is trying to destroy him with excessive praise!”

“How can that be! The Sword Monarch is straightforward and upright. He would not do such a thing!”

At the edge of the stone stage, Little Jiang Xue, Northern Valiant Sword, and the rest were also stirred up.

Zhang Rutan said in admiration, “Sword God Zhou is awesome indeed.”

Huang Lianxin, however, frowned and said softly, “The Sword Monarch does not have good intentions.”

“What do you mean?” Little Jiang Xue heard her and asked in astonishment. Didn’t he look at our Sword God Zhou favorably?”

Northern Valiant Sword also came to the realization. The excitement on his face disappeared in an instant. He muttered, “Look at the atmosphere around. This is to destroy my master with excessive praise.”

Little Jiang Xue instinctively looked at the crowd and realized that not everyone was cheering.

Most people were looked at Zhou Xuanji with suspicion, others were jealous.

At the same time, on the stone stage, Xie Wuyou maintained his smile as he stared at Zhou Xuanji. He nodded at times, as though he was praising Zhou Xuanji continuously.

Zhou Xuanji cursed in his heart. What an actor!

He immediately asked, “When will the Sword Conference start? Will we have time for lunch?”

Xie Wuyou was a little stunned. “You are humorous, indeed. We will start as soon as everyone is here.” He said with a smile as he shook his head.

Zhou Xuanji turned and looked back. It was easy to identify the participants of the Sword Conference. They all had a piece of a white jade token by their waist.

Including him, there were 41 people in total.

There were 9 who were delaying the whole thing.

He suddenly noticed someone looking at him with peculiar eyes.

It wasn’t jealousy, disdain or suspicion surrounding him. This person’s eyes were full of the desire to fight.

He was looking at Zhaocong Sword and was wondering who this person was.

Zhang Tianjian muttered beside him, “He is Zhaocong Sword.”

Zhaocong Sword, who was comparable to Zhou Yalong in terms of talents?

Zhou Xuanji squinted and began assessing Zhaocong Sword.

Their eyes met. Zhaocong Sword raised the corner of his mouth, and his eyes were glistening, as though he found prey.

“Hahaha! I don’t care if you are Sword God Zhou or Zhaocong Sword! In today’s Sword Conference, I will surely win!”

A burst of arrogant laughter came from the horizon. A man who wore a white martial robe and stood on his sword was flying over. He was majestic and elegant, emanating a fearless and dominating aura.

“North Zhou Gale Sword,” Zhang Tianjian muttered.

Zhou Xuanji glanced at North Zhou Gale Sword. This guy dared to insult him?

Just wait. I will stab you with my sword until your own mother cannot recognize you!

He snorted and no longer paid any attention to North Zhou Gale Sword.

After North Zhou Gale Sword landed on the stage, he conversed joyfully with Xie Wuyou and ignored the other Sword Cultivators.

At the back of the throng of people, there were hundreds of temporary buildings. Since there were no gates, they could see through the crowd of people to observe the Sword Conference.

Those who sat in the temporary buildings were not ordinary people. They were Great Zhou’s Officials, Rulers of Kingdoms, Regional Hegemons, as well as powerful cultivators from renowned sects.

One of the buildings was surrounded by a dozen heavily armored soldiers. A strong man with a bearded face was sitting in the building.

He looked ahead and grinned as he drank some wine, “If I get one of those 3, I could defeat Meng Tianlang!”

His name was Xianghou Jin, a Third-Grade General in the Great Zhou Empire. He was powerful and had a million soldiers under his command. He and Meng Tianlang disliked each other and became rivals.

A Deputy General beside him smiled and asked, “Who do you think is better?”

Xiahou Jin stroked his beard and said, “Although the Sword Monarch looks at Sword God Zhou with favor, it is obviously the Sword Monarch’s killing plot. North Zhou Gale Sword is too conceited. I think the winner will most likely be Zhaocong Sword.”

It was not just him, but hundreds of other rulers thought that Zhaocong Sword would win as well.

It was purely because of Zhaocong Sword’s talent!

He was comparable to Zhou Yalong!

Who was Zhou Yalong?

He was a devilish cultivator unmatched in his generation, who had the hope to surpass Emperor Yan of Zhou. Zhaocong Sword only revealed his power in recent years, but once he did his fame grew exponentially and he became unstoppable.

Within the same stage, Zhaocong Sword had never been defeated.

He defeated all his opponents within 3 sword moves!

So, he had a place on Great Zhou’s Reputation Ranking.

Matchless Three Sword Moves Zhaocong Sword, Contender to the Emperor’s Son!

The Emperor’s son referred to Zhou Yalong. He was considered to be destined to take over the Empire.

After about half an hour, 50 Sword Conference contenders gathered together.

Xie Wuyou pointed to the metal tower and said, “There is only one rule. Once you land on the ground, you are considered to have lost. The last person left on the metal tower is the victor.”

“In 3 breaths’ time, those who are still not on the tower will lose immediately! ”


The Sword Cultivators’ faces changed drastically and they cursed at Xie Wuyou’s brazenness in their hearts. There was a long delay before this, and now things moved so quickly. What did he intend to do?

Zhou Xuanji and Zhang Tianjian leaped up at the same time.

A metal tower had 10 levels and could easily hold 50 people, but fighting on the metal tower was not going to be easy.

If one were to miss-step slightly, he could lose his balance and become vulnerable, allowing opponents to easily attack.

Zhang Tianjian landed on the second level and was prepared to stay till the end with shameless tactics.

There were over 20 people who thought in the same way as him and squeezed into the second and third levels.

Zhou Xuanji leaped up to the ninth level.

He liked to be at the top, rather than looking up from the bottom.

Zhaocong Sword landed on the eighth level, while the North Zhou Gale Sword wanted to leap up the tenth floor. Zhou Xuanji concentrated his attention and tossed his Swineculling Sword at him with Ranged Sword Propelling.

Shwoooosh —

While North Zhou Gale Sword was just about to land onto the top level, he felt a strong force coming at him suddenly and instinctively dodged.

The Swineculling Sword flew right in front of him, and he cursed in his heart, “Even a butcher dared to participate in the Sword Conference?”

How dare he compete with him in the Sword Conference with such an ugly sword?

Just when he was about to move the top-level, someone had already beaten him to it.

It was Zhou Xuanji!

The top-level was a metal board, which was one meter long and one meter wide. There was only room for one person to stand on it.

Because this was the Sword Conference after all!

When North Zhou Gale Sword saw Zhou Xuanji, his eyes were full of the intention to kill. He immediately drew his sword and slashed at Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji flipped his right hand, and the Thunderclap Sword appeared. He lifted up the legendary sword to block.


As the two swords clashed, Zhou Xuanji immediately felt a wave of terrifying power. The North Zhou Gale Sword was even a little stronger than him!

Just as his body was swaying about, the Thunderclap Sword generated the Heavenly Thunder, which traveled along the blade and shot toward the North Zhou Gale Sword.

North Zhou Gale Sword could not evade in time. He let out a painful cry as he was electrocuted in both his hands. Instinctively, he withdrew his hands and fell.


The million spectators burst into a huge commotion!

It was just the beginning of the Sword Conference, and the hugely famous North Zhou Gale Sword was eliminated by Sword God Zhou just like that?