I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 629 - Chapter 629 – Destiny Consciousness

Chapter 629 - Chapter 629 – Destiny Consciousness


Seeing how arrogant Phoenix Lord Tianchi seemed, the three Heavenly Saints all became infuriated.

Barbarian God Huangluo roared, “Don’t get too full of yourself!”

He immediately acted and punched out. Space collapsed and darkness devoured Phoenix Lord Tianchi.

Phoenix Lord Tianchi’s aura disappeared.

Sheng Tiandao frowned, looking about and quickly searching for Phoenix Lord Tianchi’s aura.

Buddha Yang Ling flew over to Zhou Xuanji and sighed, “There’s nothing we can do. His divine ability is too strange; he may have obtained some fortuitous opportunity that we don’t know about.”

His expression was gloomy and felt incredibly uncomfortable.

He had helped Heavenly Lord Xuantie kill Old Ancestor Hongshi for his own sake.

In the end, before he could reign supreme in the heavenly law universe, the heavenly universe was going to be destroyed.

He could not help but feel that he had done all of this for nothing.

“What do you plan to do now?” Zhou Xuanji asked. He had backup plans—if it came to it, he could just leave.

After all, his whole family was always with him.

Buddha Yang Ling’s expression darkened as he hesitated.

Barbarian God Huangluo gave up on chasing Phoenix Lord Tianchi and came before Zhou Xuanji as he said angrily, “Master, Phoenix Lord Tianchi is simply too arrogant; you have to get rid of him!”

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and said, “I’m indeed stronger than him, but I can’t catch up to him, nor can I kill him.”

Any divine ability had its weakness, but Phoenix Lord Tianchi’s divine ability was simply too mysterious. None of them had any information on it and could not work out how to counter it.

“Master, if you leave the heavenly law universe, please remember to bring me as well. Isn’t Sheng Tiandao also thinking the same? If we three Saints join hands, we will have more chances of staying alive,” Barbarian God Huangluo changed the topic, a fervent tone in his voice.

His true goal was this sentence.

Zhou Xuanji thought for a moment before nodding in agreement.

“Bring me as well then!” Buddha Yang Ling hurriedly said. If he was left by himself, he would definitely die.

Zhou Xuanji said, “If you leave the heavenly law, you will no longer be Heavenly Saints.”

Without the power of the heavenly law, the Heavenly Saints’ power would drastically decrease.

Barbarian God Huangluo sighed and said, “We need to at least fight for our lives.”

Buddha Yang Ling nodded.

Now that things had come to this, they had no other choice.

Sheng Tiandao flew over and said in a low voice, “Let’s give up and leave the heavenly law universe for now.”

Zhou Xuanji looked at the three Heavenly Saints and inwardly sighed.

This was a Heavenly Saint—when they encountered danger, their first thought was to run for their lives.

Zhou Xuanji said, “All of you do your best to collect some worlds, as a repayment to heavenly law. We will meet here after one month.”

After saying this, he turned and left.

He did not want to take in more living creatures; he was not a Heavenly Saint and had not enjoyed the benefits of being a Heavenly Saint.

The three worlds in the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus was enough.

Looking at his back, the three Heavenly Saints looked at each other.

“We cannot compare to him,” Buddha Yang Ling sighed. The others were not sure what he was referring to, and he turned and left.

Within the dark Void, Phoenix Lord Tianchi sat cross-legged.

His wings burned with intense violet flames as they slightly flapped, and his third eye at the middle of his forehead suddenly opened.

“Come out,” Phoenix Lord Tianchi said, and a black shadow appeared before him.

If it wasn’t for the violet flames, it would be difficult to see the black shadow’s existence.

The black shadow looked at Phoenix Lord Tianchi and said, “Stop here. You have already devoured so many worlds and are stronger than even Sheng Tiandao now. Now, you should help me surpass heavenly law and control this universe.”

The black shadow was destiny’s consciousness.

It turned out that all of this was planned by it.

“How do you want to take control? The current heavenly law is not something I can deal with,” Phoenix Lord Tianchi said in response, keeping his third eye open.

Destiny’s consciousness replied, “I have my own ways. Don’t think that I don’t know your plan. If you dare to oppose me, don’t think about leaving the heavenly law universe.”

Hearing this, Phoenix Lord Tianchi opened his eyes and said, “There are factions outside the heavenly law with their eyes on Ren Niming; are you not interested in this?”

Destiny’s consciousness fell silent.

Phoenix Lord Tianchi smiled, a trace of condescension in his eyes.

‘Principles are just principles; you think you can control me?’ he thought condescendingly as he thought about how to leave the heavenly law universe.

He was already strong enough, but he did not want to provoke Zhou Xuanji.

He felt that there was definitely a bigger backer behind Zhou Xuanji.

At that moment, destiny’s consciousness suddenly rushed into his body.

His expression greatly changed as he furiously roared, “You…”

In the next second, his body began to twist and expand, like a ball of flesh.

Zhou Xuanji had been trying to find Phoenix Lord Tianchi, and he found that Phoenix Lord Tianchi’s aura had suddenly disappeared.

The heavenly law universe fell silent.

“What’s going on? Did he already leave?” he tightly frowned, feeling quite uneasy.

For some reason, he felt that a great disaster was about to descend.

He stopped in the starry sky and looked around.

Within the boundless universe, he seemed incredibly small, like a scale in the sea.

He immediately took out the Thunderclap Sword and prepared to fight.

A pair of eyes suddenly appeared in the starry sky above. They were incredibly big and seemed to cover the entire sky, and as Zhou Xuanji looked up, his eyebrows furrowed.

Those eyes…

Phoenix Lord Tianchi’s eyes!

No… the gaze was different!

These eyes were incredibly empty, and they had no emotions.

“Who are you?” Zhou Xuanji asked in a low voice, and an indescribable pressure rushed at him.

Ever since he had broken through to Overlord Saint, it was the first time he had felt this kind of pressure.

It was a bit suffocating.

“You have been acting against me this whole time, and yet you don’t know who I am?” Destiny’s consciousness’ voice sounded out, as if there were countless people shouting at Zhou Xuanji from all directions.


Zhou Xuanji immediately took out the Great Thousand Reincarnation Sword as well, and he prepared to fight.

“Zhou Xuanji, you never belonged to this heavenly law universe, and I tried to banish you but did not completely kill you. I only wanted to have you leave, but you were bewitched by Ren Niming and began to act against me. Your crimes are unforgivable!” Destiny’s consciousness coldly harrumphed. It was not in a hurry to act and instead chose to judge Zhou Xuanji.

“If I was merciless, your mother’s soul would have long since dissipated. If I was merciless, how could I have allowed you to live until now? Ren Niming was just a trace of consciousness split off from me that I wanted to use to understand the countless worlds. However, he overestimated himself and thought he was the true destiny. How laughable!”

Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes; this was quite different to what Ren Niming had said.

Wasn’t the identity of the two reversed?

“Prepare to receive your punishment!” Destiny’s consciousness roared as the massive eyes above suddenly descended.

Zhou Xuanji instinctively slashed out.


Powerful light filled his vision as he immediately lost his sight.

As his consciousness fell into chaos, destiny’s consciousness’ voice once again sounded out, “Any universe has its own principles. The conflict between principles is conflict between living creatures.

“Zhou Xuanji, have you thought about who you’re fighting for?”

Pitter patter…

Zhou Xuanji heard the sound of rain falling, and it became louder and louder until it became torrential rain.

He gradually woke up.

He tried to open his eyes, and an intense white light entered his eyes. Following this, he saw a man wearing a surgical mask and cap, as well as glasses, calmly looking down at him.