I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 628 - Chapter 628 – Emperor Yan

Chapter 628 - Chapter 628 – Emperor Yan


“Demonic Emperor you bug, you’re still not dead?” Ren Niming coldly harrumphed. He felt great contempt for the Demonic Emperor.

The Demonic Emperor looked at the three of them with a strange smile, not saying anything.

Si Mengyan frowned, while Qiu Hu said, “Why does this fellow feel quite strange?”

The Demonic Emperor’s gaze made it seem as if he was looking at prey, making them feel quite displeased.

“This bug was most likely invaded by some kind of power, be careful,” Ren Niming said; he had already seen through the Demonic Emperor.

The Demonic Emperor twisted his neck and said with a cold laugh, “Destiny, who would have thought you’d have fallen to such depths. Come, let me eat you so you can show your final worth.”

Hearing this, the three people’s hair stood on end.

This fellow knew Ren Niming’s true identity and wanted to eat him?

The Demonic Emperor quickly rushed at Ren Niming.

Si Mengyan waved his hand and a dense, blood-red qi flew out of his sleeve, turning into countless blood-red snakes that rushed at the Demonic Emperor.

Qiu Hu roared, his voice shaking the universe.

The Demonic Emperor was not affected by the roar, and he passed through the army of blood-red snakes, directly coming before Ren Niming.

Ren Niming was not startled, and his gaze was cold as blue lightning appeared around him.


The blue lightning exploded out, forcing Si Mengyan and Qiu Hu back.

The two of them looked over to see that Ren Niming’s right hand had formed a knife and pierced through the Demonic Emperor’s throat, while the Demonic Emperor’s hands still looked as if he was an eagle reaching for prey.

“He’s this powerful?” Qiu Hu’s eyes widened, unable to believe this scene.

In the air, Zhou Xuanji was able to successfully fuse the Demon Realm into the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus, and he left this area.

The Wanshen Great Thousand had been destroyed, and even though he had saved many creatures, there were still many Emperor Sword Court and Divine Cliff disciples who had fallen.

He had to repay this enmity!

He could not just let it go!

After putting away the Demon Realm, he went to the Northern Wilderness and refined it before fusing it into the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus. The three worlds were not joined together, and they instead were stacked together with some distance between them so that they did not affect each other.

After doing this, he began to focus his efforts into finding Phoenix Lord Tianchi.

That piece of crap had to die!

After coming to the 34th heaven’s universe, he quickly flew, his divine sense sweeping out in various directions.

Soon, he discovered Ren Niming and the others.

They were fighting with the Demonic Emperor.

“That fellow’s still alive? But what’s with his aura?” Zhou Xuanji frowned and immediately turned and sped over.


Stars exploded and Ren Niming flew backwards, his long hair fluttering. His expression was one of fury as he gnashed his teeth.

The Demonic Emperor was like a crazed demon, moving through the explosions. He tightly chased after Ren Niming, a greedy look on his face.

Si Mengyan and Qiu Hu continuously rushed up to block the Demonic Emperor, but they were sent flying by him; they were not a match for him at all.

“Destiny! Where are you running?” the Demonic Emperor madly laughed, causing the starry sky to fall into deathly silence.

Just as he was coming closer and closer to Ren Niming, Zhou Xuanji suddenly appeared.


Zhou Xuanji caused the Demonic Emperor’s body to explode with a single palm, leaving behind a trace of a soul floating in the air.

The soul was very strange; it looked like two souls tangled together.

One of them was the Demonic Emperor. He had been wrapped around by an ancient and sinister-looking soul, as if he was an infant being carried.

The Demonic Emperor’s eyes were tightly closed, and the ancient soul holding him had a bitter and vehement expression as it glared at Zhou Xuanji.

“What is this?” Qiu Hu cried out. Looking at it, he felt goosebumps rise over his body.

Si Mengyan also tightly frowned; this soul looked quite terrifying.

“You’re not a creature from this heavenly law universe!” Ren Niming said in a low voice as he looked at the ancient soul.

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes narrowed; was this fellow from the Kunlun Origin Court?

Was the Kunlun Origin Court going to invade the heavenly law universe?

“The Flame Emperor is outside and will come in soon. When that time comes, all of you will die. You don’t understand how powerful he is. If you allow me to devour destiny, I will help you leave the heavenly law universe alive,” the ancient soul said as he looked at Zhou Xuanji and gave a sinister laugh, making it difficult to tell if he was being sincere or not.

Flame Emperor?

Zhou Xuanji thought of the Yan Emperor of Chinese legends. [Yan can be translated as ‘flame’]

He coldly laughed and said, “Even without you, we can leave.”

After saying this, he immediately acted and used Universal Attraction to drag the ancient soul over.

The ancient soul called out furiously, “Stinking brat, don’t enrage me or you’ll regret it”

Zhou Xuanji put him into the Tianxia Map and used saint energy to suppress him.

He had long since transferred Sovereign Xuan and Dao Lord Xuantian’s souls into the Tianxia Map to help him look over the souls he had locked up in there.

He asked the two souls to interrogate him for information.

Qiu Hu and Si Mengyan flew over, both of them feeling very excited.

They had long since heard that Zhou Xuanji had become an Overlord Saint, but they had never thought he would be this powerful.

Destroying an enemy who they could not defeat with a single palm!

Ren Niming came before Zhou Xuanji and said with a serious expression, “If you don’t kill Phoenix Lord Tianchi, the heavenly law will collapse.”

If the heavenly law collapsed, the heavenly law universe would also perish. When that time came, what would be the point of him finding destiny to take revenge?

Zhou Xuanji asked, “Isn’t there an existence above heavenly law? When the heavenly law is in danger, won’t he act?”

Ren Niming paused for a moment before shaking his head.

“That kind of existence is not something that we can guess about its actions. However, based on what I know, that existence does not care about the heavenly law; otherwise, how could it allow so many outside creatures to come in?” he said as he sighed, feeling quite complicated.

His countless years of planning had been ruined by Phoenix Lord Tianchi’s rampage.

He felt incredibly gloomy and depressed.

“Let’s directly escape then!” Qiu Hu said nervously. As long as he followed Zhou Xuanji, perhaps he could live even if they left the heavenly law universe.

Staying in the heavenly law universe was too dangerous!

Si Mengyan nodded and said, “After all, we’ve already taken revenge for the Old Ancestor.”

Heavenly Lord Xuantie had died, and he had fulfilled his goal.

“I’ll put you in the Demon Realm while I hunt down Phoenix Lord Tianchi. If I can’t, we’ll leave the heavenly law universe,” Zhou Xuanji said. Qiu Hu and Si Mengyan nodded in acceptance.

Ren Niming began to feel complicated.

He gritted his teeth and said, “I’ll come and find you after a while!”

After saying this, he left.

Zhou Xuanji did not try to stop him. Looking at Qiu Hu and Si Mengyan, they were already stronger than Saint Contenders. It seemed that Ren Niming had given them many fortuitous opportunities.

Zhou Xuanji waived his right hand and put the two of them in the Demon Realm.

He continued onwards.

At the same time, Phoenix Lord Tianchi was continuously devouring worlds. When the three Heavenly Saints appeared, he would immediately disappear.

As he devoured more and more worlds, the range that he operated became smaller.

The time it took the three Heavenly Saints to catch up to him became shorter as well.

This time, Zhou Xuanji also caught up and surrounded Phoenix Lord Tianchi with the three other Heavenly Saints.

Phoenix Lord Tianchi used his wings to cover his body and laughed arrogantly, “There’s no way for you to turn this around. Most of the Great Thousand Worlds have already been devoured by me. Soon, all of you added together will not be able to deal with me!”