I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 627 - Chapter 627 Immortality

Chapter 627 - Chapter 627 Immortality


After destroying Phoenix Lord Tianchi, Zhou Xuanji did not let his guard down.

He could still sense Phoenix Lord Tianchi’s aura.

This guy was not dead yet.

“Could he be like Demon God Nanming, who can split into different copies?”

Zhou Xuanji thought to himself with narrowing eyes.

He was very sure that the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow had struck Phoenix Lord Tianchi accurately and that Phoenix Lord Tianchi was not a mere duplicate. The Heavenly Saint’s dense aura was not inferior to Sheng Tiandao’s at all.

It seemed like a kind of special divine ability.

“Your sword contains an extremely advanced power that even surpassed the Heavenly Law. What’s that?”

Phoenix Lord Tianchi’s voice came, sounding a little confused.

It was his first time facing such a power.

Somehow, he felt that it was kind of familiar, as though he had encountered it somewhere before.

After he spoke, his physical body was restored. He looked as though he had not received any damage at all.

“What’s that divine ability of yours?”

Zhou Xuanji asked. He then fused the Thunderclap Sword and Three Clear Taichi Sword into his body before taking out the Saint Slayer Sword.

Phoenix Lord Tianchi smiled in reply, “This is my inherent divine ability. I cannot tell you!”

After that, he charged toward Zhou Xuanji forcefully.

A violent gale pushed against Zhou Xuanji, and he did not raise his sword but clashed into Phoenix Lord Tianchi.

The Heavenly Saint was thousands of miles tall, while Zhou Xuanji was less than two meters tall.

The contrast was huge.


Phoenix Lord Tianchi was sent flying off like a mountain being slammed away by a grain of sand. It was extremely impressive.

Zhou Xuanji was an Overlord Saint!

The Heavenly Saint could only dream about gaining an advantage over an Overlord Saint through a body slam.

Zhou Xuanji used the momentum to pursue the Heavenly Saint. He could only use the Saint Slayer Sword once a year, so he had to catch the right opportunity.

Phoenix Lord Tianchi suffered excruciating pain from the impact.

“Damn the Overlord Saint!” he cursed in his heart.

His race had powerful talents, but after becoming a Heavenly Saint with the Heavenly Law Violet Qi’s help, his body had not transformed.

Zhou Xuanji was not only accomplished in his physical body, but he also had the Sword Fusion Technique and the Nine Soul Fusion Technique. His physical body was already the strongest under the Heavenly Law. Phoenix Lord Tianchi could barely withstand it.

Phoenix Lord Tianchi flapped and fired countless feather arrows toward Zhou Xuanji like a violent storm.

Zhou Xuanji transformed into the Five-clawed Golden Dragon and charged toward the Heavenly Saint against the coming storm of arrows. Meanwhile, Phoenix Lord Tianchi evaded him swiftly.

And suddenly, the eye between Phoenix Lord Tianchi’s brows opened again. Countless flames blazed and conjured into a gigantic phoenix that veiled over the starry sky. It opened its mouth, seeking to devour Zhou Xuanji.

The fire phoenix was even bigger than a Great Thousand World.

Zhou Xuanji then transformed into a legendary sword and used the Void Instant Kill, which penetrated the phoenix.

He quickly charged toward Phoenix Lord Tianchi while he transformed back into the human form and looked upward.

Their eyes met.

Extreme Nightmare Abyss!

Phoenix Lord Tianchi was dazzled immediately. And Zhou Xuanji swung the Saint Slayer Sword.

With all his strength!

The Sword Qi generated illuminated the entire universe.

Phoenix Lord Tianchi was incinerated instantly. His body exploded, and his soul dissipated.

Zhou Xuanji stopped and smiled.

This time, he sensed that Phoenix Lord Tianchi was really dead.

The Heavenly Saint’s aura disappeared suddenly.

He was merely a Heavenly Saint after all.

So weak!

Zhou Xuanji stored his sword instinctively and changed it into the Great Thousand Reincarnation Sword.

He was always on guard against destiny, in case it snuck upon him.

Hold on!

Something’s off!

Zhou Xuanji frowned. He slew Phoenix Lord Tianchi twice, but he did not absorb any magic energy.

By now, using World Internalization during battle had already become his second nature. Every slash was fused with World Internalization.

He immediately turned to look around him in search of Phoenix Lord Tianchi’s whereabouts.

“Zhou Xuanji, you are powerful indeed. I’m inferior to you in terms of power. But you can’t kill me. The Heavenly Universe has only one Zhou Xuanji, and I want to see how you are going to stop me!”

Phoenix Lord Tianchi laughed wildly, but he was not to be seen.

Zhou Xuanji understood what he meant. He was going to devour the Great Thousand World and all its living creatures.

“What do you want? After you confirm that the Heavenly Law will be destroyed, you want to destroy everyone?”

Zhou Xuanji shouted thunderously.

“Destroy everything? What I want to do is not something you can understand. You are merely someone to rely on fate.”

Phoenix Lord Tianchi laughed mockingly.

After that, the Heavenly Lord’s aura disappeared totally.

Zhou Xuanji frowned deeply, and he left immediately.

The Heavenly Law Universe was too vast. He could not extend his reach into every location.

Emperor Sword Court was in the lotus’ world.

But his wife and daughter were not around. He had to return to the Demon Realm.

In the Demon Palace.

Xian Xianghua frowned. “What’s with the powerful aura just now?”

Jiang Xue, Zhou Xiaoxuan, Huang Lianxin, and Lady Zhao Xuan could all not sense it. They looked at each other in dismay and did not know what was happening.

There were only the five of them in the palace, and they were discussing the specific matters of the wedding. But Xian Xianghua fell silent suddenly, which astonished them.

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji came into the palace.

“I’m afraid the wedding needs to be postponed,” he sighed softly.

The five ladies were shocked.

Zhou Xuanji spoke to them about the situation. He had hidden the Demon Realm in the void, far away from where the Great Thousand Worlds was.

“What next?”

Xian Xianghua asked. She was not angry.

As long as they were alive, they could be married as many times as they wanted.

Zhou Xiaoxuan was rather excited.

“Are we going to travel far into the void and search for Kunlun Origin Court?” she asked.

It had been too long since her last adventure. For her, as long as Emperor Sword Court followed, she could go anywhere.

As for the dangers, she looked forward to them.

She always fantasized about becoming like Zhou Xuanji, adventuring across realms, killing everyone who tried to stop him, be it gods or demons.

He lived his whole to repay favors and carry out revenge.

Zhou Xuanji said, “I will merge the Demon Realm with the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus. The two realms shall interact peacefully. This requires you, as the lord of the Demon Realm, to mediate. You can explain the situation to your people. You don’t have to force them.”

Xian Xianghua nodded and immediately began carrying out the task.

Looking at the other four ladies, Zhou Xuanji instructed, “Do you want to stay here or return to Emperor Sword Court?”

They chose to return to Emperor Sword Court. They would only become obstructions for Xian Xianghua by staying back.

After transporting them into the lotus’ realm, Zhou Xuanji went to the Demon Realm’s outskirts.

He enveloped the Demon Race with his Saint energy. The 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus appeared beside him as well.

Under the pressure of the Saint energy, the Demon Realm shrunk visibly.

At the same time.

The Heavenly Law Universe was in chaos.

Many Great Thousand Worlds, independent realms, and the mortal realms were absorbed by Phoenix Lord Tianchi.

Sheng Tiandao, Barbarian God Huangluo, and Buddha Yang Ling were searching for Phoenix Lord Tianchi.

But it was futile because Phoenix Lord Tianchi was mysterious and disappeared immediately whenever he was found.

The three Saints almost flared out in anger. They felt that they were being toyed around with.

On the other side.

Ren Niming brought Si Mengyan and Qiu Hu and traversed the universe quickly. They looked very anxious because they were afraid to encounter Phoenix Lord Tianchi.

“Damn… This feeling is just so horrible.”

Qiu Hu cursed as he looked left and right.

Ren Niming glanced at him and said, “Shut up. What if he really comes to find us!”

Qiu Hu heard him and shut his mouth immediately.

“Are you going to find Zhou Xuanji?”

A voice came from the front. And the three stopped immediately.

He looked ahead and saw the Demonic Emperor levitating ten miles away like a cloud of smoke.