I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 626 - Chapter 626 Destruction of the Great Thousand World

Chapter 626 - Chapter 626 Destruction of the Great Thousand World


Xuan Daoya and Daoya Old Man conversed for ten days and ten nights.

After they talked to each other, Daoya Old Man still looked pale. But the brightness of his eyes returned, which was a sign that his trauma was resolved.

No matter what, without Xuan Daoya, he would not exist.

As his source of existence, Xuan Daoya did not wrong him.

Zhou Xuanji took Xuan Daoya out.

“Okay, I’ve settled his trauma. Now our grudge should be over, right?”

Xuan Daoya smiled eagerly.

Seeing his look, Zhou Xuanji had an urge to beat him up.

Zhou Xuanji nodded lightly and closed his eyes.

Xuan Daoya was a little stunned.

“What’s your plan for me next?” he asked.

Zhou Xuanji uttered, “Go water the plants at the foot of the mountain.”

Since Xuan Daoya wanted to follow him, then he better do so.

This guy was still quite powerful.

Xuan Daoya was stupefied. Water the plants?

Those were just weeds. What was there to water?

He thought that Zhou Xuanji was intentionally making things difficult for him, so he really went down the mountain.

And Zhou Xuanji continued to meditate on the Great Dao peacefully.

His Dao Will was growing more powerful.

When his Dao Will materialized, his cultivation would grow tremendously.

Not only so, but he could also fuse Dao Will into his swords as well. Sword Dao Rules was not just an attack. It could also merge with all kinds of sword techniques, like the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow and the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha.

After becoming an Overlord Saint for so many years, his power grew continuously. But he did not have the opportunity to show it.

Facing Yan’s threat, he looked forward to it.

After living for this long, he was already used to battle. He even desired to fight.

In the blink of an eye.

Only half a year was left until Zhou Xuanji and Xian Xianghua’s wedding.

The entire Demon Realm was joyous. All the demons knew that the Demon Realm’s current lord was going to marry Zhou Xuanji.

This was a jubilant event for the Demon Realm.

Zhou Xuanji was the Overlord Saint, the most powerful being in all the realms after all.

After Xian Xianghua married him, the Demon Realm would also rise in status.

Jiang Xue, Zhou Xiaoxuan, Huang Lianxin, and Lady Zhao Xuan were also in the Demon Realm to accompany Xian Xianghua in her preparation.

Zhou Xuanji moved to the Demon Realm and continued meditating on the Great Dao.

He did not have to plan this wedding personally. He only had to attend it when the time came.

He felt relieved because of this.

At this moment, he was sitting down in meditation at a mountain shoulder, facing the cliff.

A hundred legendary swords levitated in front of him in high-speed revolution, changing their trajectory occasionally.

A few years passed.

Zhou Xuanji deepened his understanding of the Great Dao.

From his perspective, the Great Dao transcended Heavenly Law and was omnipotent because it was the universe’s foundation.

Just like the whole of a house was the Great Dao. While the host inside was the Heavenly Law, the house’s walls were the Great Dao too.

Great Dao was the formless stabilizing walls of the universe.

Not only so, but the Great Dao could also produce all things. Compared to the Heavenly Law, it had more creative power.

Someone who had control over the Great Dao’s power could destroy a Heavenly Law Universe with a thought.

After understanding the Great Dao’s terrifying power, Zhou Xuanji thirsted for its power all the more.

He opened his eyes suddenly with a deep frown.

“What’s happening… This aura…”

Zhou Xuanji mumbled to himself and disappeared on the spot.

In the deep universe.

A horrifying beam of light was traveling at high speed. Its diameter was billions of miles. It collided with countless stars along its way, tearing across space and traveling unstoppably with extreme speed.

Its goal was Wanshen Great Thousand!

Zhou Xuanji appeared in front of Wanshen Great Thousand. With the Thunderclap Sword in his hand, he slashed ahead.

His domineering sword Qi blocked the light beam straightaway. The impact gave off a loud explosion that shook the entire universe. Spiritual Qi surges pervaded the entire universe, forming violent gales.

Zhou Xuanji’s pupil focused as he turned to look back. He saw that Wanshen Great Thousand could not withstand the shockwave and was crushed immediately.

He immediately used this divine sense to transport some living beings to him, including the Divine Cliff.

However, everything happened too quickly. He could only save one in a millionth of all the Wanshen Great Thousand’s living beings.

“What’s happening…”

Zhou Xuanji’s face turned pale as he looked toward where the beam came from.

He saw another beam of light shoot toward him. But this time, the target was not Wanshen Great Thousand but the Great Thousand World behind it.

Zhou Xuanji slashed the beam into half again before charging toward the direction from which the beam of light came.

“Such a powerful Saint Might… Phoenix Lord Tianchi!”

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes were ice-cold as he dashed with his full speed.

He had met Barbarian God Huangluo, Buddha Yang Ling, and Sheng Tiandao.

The only Heavenly Saint that he had yet to come in touch with was Phoenix Lord Tianchi.

Seeing from the Great Emperor Dao Court, Phoenix Lord Tianchi was definitely not a low-key person. It was just that he had been scheming in the darkness.

On the other side of the universe.

Phoenix Lord Tianchi, who was thousands of miles tall, was levitating in the starry sky. His wings were wrapped around his body tightly. Along with galaxies, asteroids, and lands, countless living beings were fusing into his wings by a violent suction force.

At one glance, the entire universe turned into a gigantic vortex, with Phoenix Lord Tianchi at the center.

“It’s Phoenix Lord Tianchi!”

“What’s happening? He’s going to devour us?”

“Damn! Someone save us …”

“It’s the end… Oh no…”

“I can’t do anything!”

The living beings cried out miserably as they were devoured by Phoenix Lord Tianchi.

These shrieks did not move Phoenix Lord Tianchi’s heart.

All these living creatures were merely ants. He could kill a whole bunch of them by one stomp, so his heart was not moved at all.

An eye opened from between his brows, which shot out numerous beams of light consecutively. The lights expanded swiftly and were shot together in different parts of the universe.


A streak of sword Qi was shot toward him in the blink of an eye, seeming to cut him in half.

The eye between his brows glared at the coming attack, and the Sword Qi disappeared.

Zhou Xuanji came up to him swiftly and bellowed, “What are you doing?”

Phoenix Lord Tianchi was not surprised. Instead, he was sizing Zhou Xuanji up curiously. “Your physical body is really powerful. If I can devour you, it would help my blood veins to evolve.”

Just when he finished speaking, his wings expanded, revealing a body that was clad with an armor-like layer of dark purple crystals.

“Zhou Xuanji, you should belong to me. Heed my advice. The Heavenly Law will be destroyed. Don’t try to stop me, or else you will regret it!”

Phoenix Lord Tianchi laughed sinisterly. His murderous intent locked onto the entire universe.

Zhou Xuanji took out the Three Clear Taichi Sword and used Sword Fusion Technique, Nine Soul Fusion Technique, and Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow simultaneously.

In an instant, dozens of billions of ethereal swords appeared in the starry sky, surrounding Phoenix Lord Tianchi.

Each ethereal sword was glowing with a brilliant radiance as though countless gods had appeared.

Phoenix Lord Tianchi mocked in disdain, and the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadows struck toward him.


His massive body was shredded into pieces.

The Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow fused with Dao Will was extremely powerful. Each of the ethereal swords contained tremendous destructive power.

Countless feathers danced in the starry sky.

Those living creatures who were still being pulled toward the Heavenly Saint by the suction force stopped. Their eyes were wide open in disbelief.

Even Connecting Heaven cultivators would shudder in the face of the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow they just saw.

It was just too powerful!