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Chapter 625 - Chapter 625 Heavenly Law Shall Be Obliterated

Chapter 625 - Chapter 625 Heavenly Law Shall Be Obliterated


The Demon Ancestor looked at Zhou Xuanji and said calmly, “You obtained the Primordial Ancestor’s eyes, so you definitely know where he is. Heed my advice, take out your eyes and tell me where he is. Or else, you shall go through unimaginable pain.”

This arrogant?

Zhou Xuanji shook his head with a smile and said, “Can you barge in here?”

He was such a big talker. If he was that powerful, he would have already gotten hold of the Primordial Ancestor.

“Heed my advice. The Primordial Ancestor is not anything good. If you protect him, you will be making enemies with more than just me,” the Demon Ancestor continued. He was not infuriated by Zhou Xuanji, and his tone remained calm.

“Then tell me about the Primordial Ancestor’s origin,” Zhou Xuanji asked with narrowing eyes, “And what’s the big deal about his eyes.

He also wanted to understand more about the Primordial Ancestor.

Although the eyes given by the Primordial Ancestor were powerful, it was too dangerous. Not only Zhou Xuanji was at risk; Xian Xianghua was as well.

“The Primordial Ancestor came from Kunlun Origin Court. Although he was not extraordinarily talented, he obtained some kind of power that gave him those eyes. With those eyes, he rose to power in the Kunlun Origin Court. While doing so, he infuriated some eternal beings. This is as much as I can tell you.”

“Those eyes will attract endless trouble. I can’t even tell you what these troubles signify,” the Demon Ancestor looked into Zhou Xuanji’s eyes and said intently.

He had waited for the Primordial Ancestor for countless years. He was not in a hurry.

Zhou Xuanji fell into deep thought.

Should he risk himself for the Primordial Ancestor?

Although these eyes were powerful, they were not necessary.

“Why would anyone give up on an obtained serendipity?” Sheng Tiandao said suddenly with a smile and tried to resolve Zhou Xuanji’s doubt.

He was right!

These eyes were not snatched by him.

Moreover, could he really resolve this situation just by handing over the eyes?

He didn’t think so.

He had lived for more than 500 years after all, and he had experienced such situations.

“Since you have made a choice, then wait for me. When I enter the Heavenly Law in a hundred days, the Heavenly Law will be destroyed. At that time, you will surely die!” the Demon Ancestor said coldly. After that, his soul exploded.

The poor Demon Ancestor was used and disposed of just like that.

Sheng Tiandao looked toward Zhou Xuanji and said, “When the time comes, I will help you.”

He was still waiting to go to Kunlun Origin Court with Zhou Xuanji, so he had to put in the effort.

Zhou Xunaji nodded, “Let’s part here then. I will go back and continue to meditate on Dao to empower myself.”

Meditate on Dao?

Sheng Tiandao nodded as he thought in his heart.

What kind of Dao empowered him this much just by meditation?

Zhou Xuanji turned and left for Wanshen Great Thousand.

Just when he entered the clouds, a familiar figure appeared.

Xuan Daoya!

“This guy is really alive!”

Zhou Xuanji smiled and quickly appeared before Xuan Daoya.

Xuan Daoya was greatly frightened. But seeing that it was Zhou Xuanji, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“Why are you here?”

Xuan Daoya patted his chest and sighed, looking frightened.

“Why are you back?” Zhou Xuanji asked.

Whenever he saw Xuan Daoya’s sly appearance, he always thought this guy was scheming something.

Xuan Daoya looked around with his divine sense and muttered to Zhou Xuanji softly after making sure no others were around, “I went to the edge of the Heavenly Law Universe. Guess what I found?”

“Aliens?” Zhou Xuanji mocked.

Xuan Daoya was stunned. What were aliens?

“I saw Phoenix Lord Tianchi,” he said seriously, “Truth be told, he was the mastermind of Great Emperor Dao Court. I always felt that something was wrong with him. I called to him, but he did not look back, as though he had lost his soul.”

He could not help but shiver in fear when he spoke about this.

Zhou Xuanji frowned. Could Phoenix Lord Tianchi be possessed by Yan?

“I have a feeling that something big is going to happen. Whenever I divine the heavenly patterns, I shudder…” Xuan Daoya said as he shook his head. His voice was trembling as well.

Zhou Xuanji said nothing.

He always felt that the Heavenly Law was going to collapse.

Only four out of nine Heavenly Saints were left. The majority of the Heavenly Law Fate had already been exhausted. The Heavenly Law was at its weakest point right now.

“What are your plans next?”

Zhou Xuanji diverted the topic. After so many conflicts between the two, their relationship had improved.

Ever since Xuan Daoya was made known to Daoya Old Man, the latter was greatly traumatized.

The one to resolve this must be the person who started it all.

“Why, you want to keep me around? Sure!”

Xuan Daoya could hardly hold back his exhilaration. In the current Heavenly Law Universe, Zhou Xuanji was definitely the most powerful cultivator.

He only had the chance to rebuild his physical body by following Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji replied, “My grand-teacher, which is your soul fragment, needs you to resolve his trauma.”

Xuan Daoya’s expression froze instantly.

On a remote floating island amidst the universe.

Countless Great Emperor Dao Court’s cultivators stood before a gigantic pinnacle. Each of them looked grim.

They were all looking toward Phoenix Lord Tianchi, who was on the peak, looking down at them.

Phoenix Lord Tianchi was wrapped by a pair of black wings. His face was pale and bloodless. Those green pupils of those icy-looking eyes seemed to contain two universes.

His long flaming hair was blazing, emanating a horrifying pressurizing aura that immobilized the surrounding asteroids.

He looked at everyone and said, “The Heavenly Law shall be obliterated. Sheng Tiandao and I have no hope of working together. Next, I need you to leave the Heavenly Law Universe and search for a stone stele at the end of the void. On it, two words are carved — Dao Hong. After you have found the stele, hide in a remote place and wait for me to find you.”

After he spoke, all the Great Emperor Dao Court’s cultivators were shocked.

The Heavenly Law would be destroyed?

What was this happening?

They were confused but dared not ask because they could sense that Phoenix Lord Tianchi was in a bad mood.

“Master,” an elder asked, “what’s your plan?

Phoenix Lord Tianchi replied calmly, “To devour the Heavenly Saints and the Great Thousand World before rejoining all of you.”

“Okay, it’s time that all of you move out. I give you a month to settle matters in the mortal realm. A month later, whoever remains in the Heavenly Law Universe, I will deal with that person mercilessly.”

To this point, no one in the Great Emperor Dao Court dared to object. They could only depart.

Phoenix Lord Tianchi smiled, and those green pupils shined with a devious glow.

“Since the Heavenly Law is going to be destroyed, then I shall sacrifice all of you!”

Wanshen Great Thousand.

Returning to those familiar trees, Zhou Xuanji continued to meditate on Dao.

He had planned Xuan Daoya to meet Daoya Old Man in the lotus’ realm. If Xuan Daoya dared to do anything reckless, he could kill him any time.

Somehow, he felt rather uneasy.

Something big was going to happen.

Looking up into the clear blue sky, he mumbled, “Seems like carefree days are going to be over.”

Shortly after, he closed his eyes and continued to meditate on his Great Dao.

After the discourse with Sheng Tiandao, he understood many things.

Most importantly, it was Sheng Tiandao’s fearless confidence that gave him the deepest impression.

This bold confidence came from one’s will. As long as one’s will was powerful enough, every bad situation could be reversed!