I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 624 - Chapter 624 Great Dao Existence

Chapter 624 - Chapter 624 Great Dao Existence


In the void.

Zhou Xuanji sat on an asteroid and tried to understand the Great Dao around him silently.

He deployed the four demon gods to different places in the starry sky. If the soul of the Demon Ancestor came near, he would notice it immediately.

At this moment.

Someone appeared in front of him.

It was Sheng Tiandao!

“Are you Sheng Tiandao or Phoenix Lord Tianchi?” Zhou Xuanji asked without opening his eyes.

Currently, there were only four Heavenly Saints left. The other two he had already met and was familiar with their aura.

“Sheng Tiandao.”

Zhou Xuanji heard him and opened his eyes slowly.

He was quite curious about the most powerful Heavenly Saint.

“May I know why you are looking for me?” Zhou Xuanji asked directly.

He could sense no hostility coming from Sheng Tiandao.

Sheng Tiandao smiled in reply, “To first congratulate you on becoming the Overlord Saint. The Primordial Ancestor should have already told you about Yan. Do you know that another being under the Heavenly Law protects this universe from the Kunlun Origin Court?”

Zhou Xuanji narrowed his eyes. He did not expect Sheng Tiandao to know so much.

Could the Primordial Ancestor have asked for Sheng Tiandao’s favor before?

“Above the Heavenly Law is the Great Dao. That being is the eternal being who is in control of the Great Dao. No one knows about his origins. But one thing is for sure, and that is that Yan and the Primordial Ancestor are both wary of him. As long as the Heavenly Law does not collapse, he will not show himself. Yan infiltrates this place with the Demon Ancestor’s help to most likely find you because you inherited the Primordial Ancestor’s eyes. I can help you,” Sheng Tiandao continued with a mysterious smile.

“What do you want in return? Zhou Xuanji asked forthrightly.

Sheng Tiandao smiled, “To go to Kunlun Origin Court with you.”

After a short pause, he continued, “The Primordial Ancestor’s memory has been receding. Based on my understanding, Kunlun Origin Court has a different order and is different from what we imagined it to be. I’ve been stagnant at Saint Realm Level Three for billions of years, and I’m running out of patience.”

Billions of years

Zhou Xuanji’s heart was shaken. He realized that he had underestimated the age of the Heavenly Saints.

He became an Overlord Saint at only five hundred years, it was a feat indeed.

“Sure,” Zhou Xuanji replied. He could sense Sheng Tiandao’s sincerity. He also sensed that the ally in front of him had some understanding of Kunlun Origin Court, which might help him.

He turned around and said, “But before that, I want to defeat destiny.”

Before he became more powerful than Yan, he could not leave the Heavenly Law Universe.

And while waiting, he must be vigilant against destiny.

At the same time, he must keep the promise given to Ren Niming.

“Destiny? Don’t believe in others blindly,” Sheng Tiandao said intently, which made Zhou Xuanji narrow his eyes.

After that, Sheng Tiandao sat down beside Zhou Xuanji straightaway.

Before Zhou Xuanji could ask, he smiled and said, “Why don’t we have a discourse on Dao, so that we both benefit from it?”


Zhou Xuanji accepted it. He had yet to have a discourse on Dao with a Heavenly Saint.

Moreover, the Saint in front of him was the only person that could stand up against him in this Heavenly Law Universe.

The two Saints began discoursing.

Sheng Tiandao spoke first about his own Dao. His Dao was like his name, which accentuated the Sheng, which meant victory.

Victory over Heaven and Earth, over oneself, and all the heavens.

Zhou Xuanji could sense strong confidence from Sheng Tiandao’s words.

Soon, Zhou Xuanji was mesmerized by Sheng Tiandao’s Dao.

In a shady palace.

The Demonic Emperor sat on a platform, flickering faintly like a candlelight in the middle of a dark night.

After he was injured severely by Zhou Xuanji, he had yet to rebuild his body after all these years.

After losing Demon God Nanming, he did not even dare to return to the Great Thousand Worlds. After knowing that Zhou Xuanji became an Overlord Saint, he fled from the Heavenly Law Universe, bringing along this palace.

At this moment, the palace was in a silent and boundless universe. No stars could be seen in all directions, but only endless darkness.

The Demonic Emperor opened his eyes and mumbled to himself with a frown, “Why do I have a bad feeling. Could Zhou Xuanji have found me?”

It shouldn’t be?

Could that brat still hold a grudge against him?

He’s already a Saint! How can he be so petty!

He felt rather sad to have been forced into such a pitiful state by a junior.


The palace shook violently out of a sudden. He opened his eyes wide in shock and jumped up immediately.


He cursed as he thought about what to do.

He thought that Zhou Xuanji had locked onto him as a target, such that it would be sure death if he ran out.

At this moment, the gate of the palace swung open.

A ball of blue flame appeared at the gate, which made the Demonic Emperor extremely nervous.

It’s not Zhou Xuanji…

Then what was that?

The Demonic Emperor was terrified. It was his first time in a universe outside of the Heavenly Law Universe. He still felt fear toward the unknown.

The blue flame hissed like a venomous viper, which made the Demonic Emperor shudder.

Seeing that the situation was not right, the Demonic Emperor quickly fled and flew out of the palace.

Just when he exited the palace, he flew into the ball of blue flames. He was in so great a shock that his soul almost dissipated.

“What is this!”

The Demonic Emperor cried out in horror. He limped backward instinctively, but it was too late. The blue flame encapsulated his soul.

“Hahaha! I, the Old Ancestor, is finally back again!”

An old and lunatic burst of laughter came, which was the last sound that the Demonic Emperor ever heard.

Zhou Xuanji and Sheng Tiandao discoursed for three years in the starry sky.

Both benefitted from the exchange, and Zhou Xuanji gave Sheng Tiandao his recognition.

Of course, he did not take Sheng Tiandao to be a good friend. It was merely his character and power.

They stopped their discourse.

It was not that they no longer wanted to continue but because they sensed the Demonic Ancestor’s soul.

“Let me handle him,” Sheng Tiandao said. After that, he disappeared into thin air.

He wanted to search for Kunlun Origin Court with Zhou Xuanji, so he was proactive.

Zhou Xuanji did not stop him and waited patiently.

Just when Sheng Tiandao left, Ren Niming flew over from Wanshen Great Thousand.

“You are planning to work with him?”

Ren Niming asked, frowning. There was anger in his eyes.

Zhou Xuanji threw him a glance and said, “I will help you eliminate destiny and him depart from the Heavenly Law Universe. There is no contradiction between these two.”

Zhou Xuanji had never fully trusted Ren Niming.

In his entire life, he had been deceived many times.

Ren Niming took a deep breath and said, “Do you know why Sheng Tiandao can be this powerful?”

“You are saying that he received destiny’s power?” Zhou Xuanji asked with narrowed eyes.

Ren Niming shook his head and replied intently, “He’s very mysterious. Even I don’t know his foothold. You must be careful. Based on my understanding, he had no dealings with the Primordial Ancestor.”

After that, Ren Niming departed urgently.

Shortly after Ren Niming left, Sheng Tiandao came back.

“I’ve handled him.”

Sheng Tiandao flew up to Zhou Xuanji and opened his right hand with a smile. A ball of light appeared in his hand.

It was the soul of the Demon Ancestor.

It was only half a palm big and was still in human form.

His face was indifferent and composed, and he glared at Zhou Xuanji’s eyes.

“You are Yan?” Zhou Xuanji asked.

He sensed no danger. It seemed like the Demon Ancestor’s soul only contained a sliver of Yan’s consciousness, which was here to collect intel.