I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 623 - Chapter 623 Sheng Tiandao

Chapter 623 - Chapter 623 Sheng Tiandao


After Zhou Xuanji finished transferring the memories of Immobilizing Divine Light to Xian Xianghua, she opened her eyes. She sighed in amazement, “Such a domineering divine ability. I did not expect our eyes to be this powerful.”

She felt happy that only she and Zhou Xuanji had these eyes.

This was something that Jiang Xue could not compete with.

“Be more careful during this period. The Primordial Ancestor’s enemy will come at us through the Demon Ancestor’s soul soon,” Zhou Xuanji instructed. He flipped out a Heavenly Law Violet Qi.

And the Violet Qi flew into Xian Xianghua’s hands.

She looked at the Heavenly Law Violet Qi curiously, “This is the Heavenly Law Violet Qi that the Heavenly Saint fought amongst themselves for? How do I use it to become a Saint?”

If it were before, she would have rejected it for sure. But now that Zhou Xuanji had become the Overlord Saint, she had no reason to reject it. Moreover, she could also rely on him.

Because he was her man!

Zhou Xuanji said, “Absorb it first. When it is completed fused with your body, you will become a Heavenly Saint. If you leave this Heavenly Law Violet Qi, then you will no longer be a Saint. If you exit the purview of the Heavenly Law, you will also lose the power of the Heavenly Law Violet Qi.”

After becoming an Overlord Saint, he could easily see the function of the Heavenly Law Violet Qi.

Simply put, the Heavenly Law Violet Qi was the connection to Heavenly Sainthood.

The Heavenly Law transferred endless Heavenly Law Energy to the Heavenly Law Violet Qi before distributing it to the Heavenly Saint.

Xian Xianghua said with a curled lip, “Doesn’t that make Heavenly Saints rather weak? Seeking the Heavenly Saint’s power mindlessly would make someone lost, such that one stops moving forward.”

Who would continue cultivating after one received invincible power?

Even if one continued to cultivate, one would no longer have the same thrill of breaking through as before.

“So you don’t want it?”

Zhou Xuanji asked with a smile. Xian Xianghua took the Heavenly Law Violet Qi immediately.

After that, the two sat on Xian XIanghua’s throne and began chatting.

Now, they had become power cultivators who lorded over their own areas. They no longer had to be worried about so many things like before.

“My little husband, when will you marry me?”

Xian Xianghua lifted Zhou Xuanji’s chin with her hand and asked with a charming smile.

“How do you want me to marry you?” Zhou Xuanji said.

“In the Demon Realm,” she tilted her head and smiled, “Let’s host a grand feast.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “I will discuss this with my daughter’s mother.”

Hearing those words, Xian Xianghua rolled her eyes at Zhou Xuanji immediately.

But she was not angry. She was close to Jiang Xue and Zhou XIaoxuan already, and they felt like a family.

The two talked a while longer before Zhou Xuanji entered the lotus’ realm. The 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus landed in Xian Xianghua’s hands.

She toyed around with the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus, amazed, “Only he would use this treasure like a realm.”

The lotus contained its own power, much more than just holding an independent realm.

He placed the lotus on her thigh while she studied the Heavenly Law Violet Qi.

In the lotus’ world.

Zhou Xuanji called Jiang Xue, Zhou Xiaoxuan, and Lady Zhao Xuan together.

“Wha, you are going to marry Aunt Xian?”

Zhou Xiaoxuan said excitingly, as though she was the one getting married.

Jiang Xue pinched her arm, and she bit her teeth in pain.

Lady Zhao Xuan covered her mouth in a smile and said nothing.

Jiang Xue looked toward Zhou Xuanji and said, “You should. She has been faithful to you for so many years and has sacrificed so much for you.”

Zhou Xuanji took her hands and smiled, “When the time comes, you must come together. You will always be my most loved wife.”


Jiang Xue said with a smile, “You mean there will be more concubines?”

A dangerous aura could be seen from her smile.

Zhou Xuanji laughed but did not reply.

Jiang Xue wrapped her arms around his and said, “Let’s go inside and talk, please.”


Zhou Xiaoxuan laughed, holding her belly. Lady Zhao Xuan was smiling too.

Zhou Xuanji would not reprimand Lady Zhao Xuan. In contrast, he had no hesitation toward reprimanding Zhou Xiaoxuan.

“White Crane Sword Technique, go and practice one million times. One time less, and I will ground you for a year.”

Zhou Xuanji snorted, and Zhou Xiaoxuan’s face turned black immediately.

“Why!” she cried out angrily.

Zhou Xuanji turned to leave as he replied, “Because I’m your father. I’m the Overlord Saint. I will know it if you try to cheat me.”

Zhou Xiaoxuan was totally down. She took Lady Zhao Xuan’s hands and said coquettishly, “Grandma, look at him! How can he vent his displeasure on me, his daughter?”

Lady Zhao Xuan smiled amiably and stroked her hair.

“Don’t worry, I will keep watch,” she comforted.

Zhou Xiaoxuan, “…”

Zhou Xuanji brought Jiang Xue into the Demon Palace to discuss with Xian Xianghua about the wedding.

But it was basically just the two ladies talking. Zhou Xuanji merely walked around in the Demon Palace.

He secretly used his energy to modify the Demon Palace. He placed internalizing Qi mechanisms in every wall while reinforcing them.

All of this was a piece of cake for an Overlord Saint.

The Saints could create out of nothing and turn lifeless things into miracles.

He could use his own Saint energy to create everything of the five-elements. He could even cause objects to gain consciousness and individuality.

He could even help a stone to become a sentient being.

Eventually, Xian Xianghua decided that the wedding will be ten years later.

For their stage of cultivation, ten years was a very short time.

As the lord of the Demon Realm, Xian Xianghua had many matters to deal with. She needed the decade to buffer and prepare for the wedding.

Zhou Xuanji had no objections. After that, he brought Jiang Xue back into the lotus’ realm.

While he departed from the Demon Realm into the void.

He decided to guard Wanshen Great Thousand in the void and wait for Yan’s arrival.

In a glorious looking palace, ten golden-armored men knelt on the ground, looking down.

In front of them sat a white-haired man on a cultivation cushion.

That was Sheng Tiandao!

He was wearing a loose gray robe and looked rather young. Between his closed eyes, there was a pattern of three petals of golden flame the size of a thumb.

Even though he was not moving, he gave off an aura of the boundless Heavenly Law.

“Saint Ancestor, you really don’t mind?”

One of the golden-armored men asked with gritted teeth. His eyes were filled with reluctance.

Sheng Tiandao had always been the most powerful Heavenly Saint.

Why did all living beings turn to Zhou Xuanji’s side when he came to power?

They did not accept it!

Sheng Tiandao replied without opening his eyes, “It’s a good thing for the Heavenly Law Universe that he became an Overlord Saint. Moreover, he’s not a malicious person. He has more benevolence than the other Heavenly Saints.”

He had been observing Zhou Xuanji since a long time ago, or else he would not have invited Emperor Sword Court to the All Heavens Dao Feast.


“There is no but!”

Sheng Tiandao’s dominance silenced everyone in the palace.

A while later.

He spoke slowly, “Don’t forget the matter I tasked you to do. I will be executing the plan in a short while. At that time, if you are not powerful enough, don’t blame me for leaving you behind.”

The ten golden-armored men heard him and shuddered. They quickly guaranteed him that they would put in the effort to cultivate.