I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 622 - Chapter 622 Immobilizing Divine Light

Chapter 622 - Chapter 622 Immobilizing Divine Light


After leaving the Divine Cliff, Zhou Xuanji returned to the Northern Wilderness Region to walk through the paths he had trod before.

Reminiscing the past helped him with refining his mental state.

Ever since he came into power, the Northern Wilderness Region turned more spectacular. Countless geniuses were born, and each had their own legacies.

His legend was still being passed down in the Northern Wilderness Region, and it was becoming more and more legendary.

The ruined Great Zhou Empire had become one of the top empires, having the highest population of civilians and cultivators.

Walking through the mortal realm, he could see his own statues and even temples that received the mortals’ offerings.

He realized that these offerings were connected to his fate.

Each time he moved closer to those offering to him, his fate grew.

“This should be the rule of Heavenly Law. The greatest reward for being benevolent is to become the object of others’ faith,” Zhou Xuanji mumbled to himself inside a run-down temple.

The statue looked ugly. One of its ears was missing a piece.

But somewhat, he felt that this stone statue had a spirit.

Or it could be that this statue had received so many offerings that it became spiritual.

At this moment, a stone monkey jumped out from the ground behind him. It was the Primordial Ancestor Statue.

Zhou Xuanji turned around with narrowing eyes and said, “Why are you here?”

The Primordial Ancestor Statue laid a trap for him, so he was not on good terms with it.

“The soul of the Demon Ancestor fled from the Heavenly Law Universe and encountered my enemy. Soon, that guy will infiltrate the Heavenly Law Universe through the Demon Ancestor’s soul. You are already extremely powerful. Are you ready for battle?”

The Primordial Ancestor Statue was straight to the point with an anxious tone.

The Demon Ancestor’s soul?

Zhou Xuanji almost forgot about his existence.

“Then could you tell me the opponent’s abilities and name?” he asked.

It was his wish to eliminate such a mysterious enemy as well. Or else it would be a knife hanging by a thread above his head, threatening him all the time.

“I was severely damaged and have lost most of my memories. I only remember that there was a Yan in his name. As for abilities, I could not remember. Although he’s powerful, he’s still weaker than the Heavenly Law. Or else he would have already been here,” he Primordial Ancestor Statue replied, which made Zhou Xuanji frown.

Why did it feel like a prank?

Why didn’t it forget itself also?

He snorted coldly, “Since you are already in such a horrible state, why shouldn’t I allow him to take you away?”

The Primordial Ancestor Statue fell silent.

Zhou Xuanji was curious about its origin.

The old immortal, old beggar, Primordial Ancestor Statue, and the guy with Yan in his name were all from Kunlun Origin Court. Why didn’t they know each other?

Was there too huge a difference between their social statuses?

It had been so many years, and they had not met each other once?

Zhou Xuanji was deeply suspicious.

A while later.

“Since he’s coming, you can use the power of the eyes. Let me teach you a divine ability.”

The Primordial Ancestor Statue raised its right hand. A ray of light shot out from his index finger directly toward Zhou Xuanji’s forehead.

Zhou Xuanji grabbed hold of the ray of light to inspect it before slapping it into his forehead.

The Primordial Ancestor Statue was shocked.

This brat was powerful!

How long had it been since I met him last time?

This growth rate was too overwhelming.

If he was at Kunlun Origin Court, countless powerhouses would want to loop him in.

Zhou Xuanji was not worried that it would attack him suddenly. Hence, he quickly looked through the memory of the divine ability.

Immobilizing Divine Light!

Shoots out a ray of light from the eyes and immobilizes anyone hit by it. He could also snatch anyone’s artifact by shooting the ray of light onto the artifact.

This divine ability was ingenious for having different effects on living beings and artifacts.

After learning this divine ability, Zhou Xuanji could sense abundant energy inside his eyes. He could already master this energy.

“What’s your plan next? Continue hiding?”

Zhou Xuanji asked as he looked toward it. This statue was quite sincere. Through the Immobilizing Divine Light, he knew that these eyes given to him were indeed powerful.

The Primordial Ancestor Statue sighed, “I wanted to be like the senior who was with you, to get you to bring me back to Kunlun Origin Court. But I cannot do that. If I return, I shall surely die. I might even drag you down. As long as you help me eliminate Yan, I can continue to stay inside the Heavenly Law Universe until I can rebuild my body.”

Stay in the Heavenly Law Universe?

Zhou Xuanji looked at it intently.

He did not expose the statue’s words but asked if it had other instructions.

“No more,” the Primordial Ancestor Statue replied, “Take care of yourself. Don’t be killed by him.”

After that, the statue drilled into the ground and disappeared.

Zhou Xuanji smiled to himself before leaving.

He shuttled through space and arrived at the Demonic Realm.

He found Xian Xianghua shortly after.

She was brainwashing a group of demon geniuses in a valley.

“Although I’m a woman, I can rise up to power in the mortal realm, and now I’m the lord of the Demon Realm. This is not just because of my extraordinary talent but also my innate pride. No matter how powerful the enemy is, I see him as weak,” Xian Xianghua stood on the mountain talk and laughed out arrogantly.

The geniuses in the valley listened to her fervently.

Of course, no one knew how they thought to themselves. But they had to appear fervent on the outside.

Zhou Xuanji stood above the cloud seas as he listened to Xian Xianghua. He did not know to laugh or cry.

So the old demonic woman loved this kind of thing.

He immediately walked toward Xian Xianghua.

Xian Xianghua sensed his aura and looked back in surprise.

All the geniuses thought that an enemy came, so they took out their weapons and got ready for battle.

“Why are you here?”

Xian Xianghua asked with a smile. She joyfully leaped up to Zhou Xuanji.

This scene shocked everyone. It was their first time seeing Xian Xianghua’s girly side.

After becoming the Heavenly Law Demon Lord by possessing the Demon Realm Heart, Xian Xianghua’s cultivation grew tremendously. Now, she was already in the Connecting Heaven stage. She was already considered invincible in the Demon Realm. Even Connecting Heaven Level Ten could not stand up against her.

Who would such a powerful woman show her soft side toward?

“To see you. Shall we talk somewhere else?”

Zhou Xuanji replied with a gentle smile, which made Xian Xianghua a little shy.

It was her first time feeling shy toward Zhou Xuanji.

She turned around and introduced Zhou Xuanji to her disciples, “This is Sword Emperor Zhou Xuanji, the Overlord Saint. Continue with your cultivation while I host him.”

After that, she looped her arms around Zhou Xuanji’s, and they both swiftly flew toward the horizon.


A huge commotion broke out in the valley!

“Swod Emperor Zhou Xuanji! It’s really him?”

“Oh my heavens, the Sword Emperor is here. Ahhhh, how did I not recognize him?”

“This is undoubtedly the most powerful person under Heavenly Law.”

“He looks so young.”

“Of course, he’s only 500 years old, as young as your grandchild.”

“Hmm? Aren’t you afraid of heavenly tribulation by saying this?”

The demon geniuses were all exhilarated. Even in the Demon Realm, Zhou Xuanji was greatly admired.

Zhou Xuanji was already unsurmountable, crowned as the most powerful cultivator.

On the other side.

In the Demon Palace, Zhou Xuanji asked Xian Xianghua to sit down before teaching her the Immobilizing Divine Light.

Only those with the Primordial Ancestor Statue’s eyes could use this divine ability. Jiang Xue and Zhou Xiaoxuan could not learn this even if they wanted.