I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 621 - Chapter 621 500 Years Old. Primordial Beginning Sword

Chapter 621 - Chapter 621 500 Years Old. Primordial Beginning Sword


While Zhou Xuanji began learning the Dao Will, all the Great Thousand Worlds gradually regained their stability.

Although there were still fights, they were much more tameable than when the Heavenly Saints led them.

So, for many living beings, it was the Sword Emperor Zhou Xuanji who settled things for them.

Barbarian God Huangluo and Buddha Yang Ling dared not to cause troubles. There was no sign of Sheng Tiandao and Phoenix Lord Tianchi either. Each Great Thousand Worlds continued to develop.

Time passed quickly.

In the blink of an eye.

More than a hundred years passed.

Zhou Xuanji reached 500 years old. And meanwhile, he had never left the tree.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached 500 years old. Gacha begins!”

“Ding! Congratulations, the Sword Owner obtained [Glorious Gold] Hermit Saber Sword, [Primordial Chaos] Primordial Beginning Sword!”

“Since the Sword Owner has obtained your first Primordial Chaos legendary sword, legendary sword grades will now be updated. When the Sword Owner leaves the Heavenly Law Universe, the new grades of legendary swords will be announced!”

Hearing the Sword Spirit’s voice, Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes.

Finally! A Primordial Chaos legendary sword!

And there were higher grades of swords.

He could not help but look forward to it. But it would still take a very long time before he can leave the Heavenly Law Universe.

Next, information of the two swords appeared before his eyes:

Sword Name: Primordial Beginning Sword

Grade: Primordial Chaos

Description: A legendary sword born during the primordial beginning. It has the power of creation from nothing and turning decay into miracles. One must be at least Overlord Saint Level Seven to use this sword.

Power of creation!

Overlord Saint Level Seven!

Zhou Xuanji was amazed. Just how powerful was this sword?

As for the Hermit Saber Sword, he did not bother to look at its information.

In these hundred years, he had obtained more than 300 legendary swords, and the highest of them was Connecting Heaven. And it was the only Connecting Heaven he obtained.

Fortunately, the Sword Spirit gave him a surprise on his 500th birthday.

And now, he already had more than a thousand legendary swords. It was a huge step toward his goal of having 10,000 swords.

There wasn’t much improvement to his cultivation. He was still at Overlord Saint Level One.

But his Dao Will was much more refined.

His understanding of the Great Dao grew deeper.

The Great Dao transcended Heavenly Law and had more tolerance than the Heavenly Law.

The Heavenly Law ruled over all living beings. But while the Great Dao was higher than the Heavenly Law, it lived among the living beings.

As long as Dao was in the hearts of people, Dao existed.

Such belief was easy to speak about. But it was not easy to genuinely acknowledge that Dao was just right inside you.

It was easy to deceive another person but difficult to deceive yourself to have such a belief.

As he gained a deeper insight into Dao Will, he had more reverence toward the Great Dao.

Because he could sense that the energy of the Great Dao surrounded him.

A formless and indestructible force!

Just like fish in the ocean were awed by water.

Zhou Xuanji took a deep breath as he stood up slowly and stretched himself.

“The sun is so beautiful,” he mumbled to himself with a smile.

After trying to understand the Great Dao for such a long time, it was time for him to take a walk.

While he was learning about Dao, the disciples of Emperor Sword Court were focused on cultivation.

Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, and his other trustees had already been traveling across the Great Thousand Worlds alone, gaining a reputation for themselves.

After some thought.

Zhou Xuanji decided to take a look at the Divine Cliff.

After the Divine Cliff returned to Wanshen Great Thousand, they returned to their original location to rebuild their sect. Because of Zhou Xuanji’s fame, the Divine Cliff recruited disciples quickly. They developed rapidly, and no other factions dared to trouble them.

Zhou Xuanji passed through dense fog and entered the Divine Cliff City.

Looking at the buzzing city, he could not help but reminisce about his experience at his ascension.

The Divine Cliff was this prosperous back then.

But it was a pity that Han Xuzi, who had put in so much effort in nurturing him, was no longer alive.

Zhou Xuanji walked amidst the sea of people.

Along the way, he heard many disciples discussing himself.

“This is the Divine Cliff that the Sword Emperor ascended to?”

“So grandiose.”

“Tsk. This is nothing! The Divine Cliff is only considered a second class faction in the Center God Province!”

“With the Sword Emperor around, the Divine Cliff is first class.”

“Tsk tsk. I want to join Emperor Sword Court more. But I heard that Emperor Sword Court was carried along personally by the Sword Emperor and could hardly be found.”

These words made Zhou Xuanji smile. He felt pleased and not excited.

He was no longer the kid he used to be.

As his Dao Will improved, his mental state was transforming as well.

All these mortal matters were of hardly any importance to him.

Along the way, no one could see him, nor could they sense his aura.

An hour later, he came to the Cliff Lord’s Palace.

Cliff Lord Yang Yutian, elders Wu Qiu, and Lan Shangying discussed the management of the new disciples.

After hundreds of years passed, their appearance did not change. Time had not left any traces on their body.

Zhou Xuanji appeared out of a sudden and smiled, “Seems like the Divine Cliff has been developing well. Looks like you will reach your pinnacle state soon, or even surpass that.”

These words caught all their attention. When they saw Zhou Xuanji, they were all exhilarated.

Yang Yutian and Wu Qiu went ahead and wanted to hug Zhou Xuanji. But just after taking one step, their feet were rooted to the ground and could no longer move.

Zhou Xuanji belonged to the Divine Cliff no more.

He had become the most powerful under the Heavenly Law, an Overlord Saint Sword Emperor that surpassed the Heavenly Saints!

Although he restrained his Saint Might, it was still too powerful for them.

“What brought you back?”

Yang Yutian asked in surprise. He could hardly hold his excitement.

Lan Shangying looked toward Zhou Xuanji with a complicated expression.

Back then, after Zhou Xuanji ascended, it was her who brought him to his first mission, which was to snatch Shi Shenzong from the Hegemon Sword Emperor.

Zhou Xuanji said while shrugging his shoulders, “I’m back here to take a look. I’ve been meditating for more than a hundred years, and it’s time for me to take a break.”


The three looked at each other. A sense of admiration welled up in their hearts.

If it were them who had become the most powerful person at such a young age, they would not even be able to focus on cultivation.

Moreover, Zhou Xuanji was in meditation, which was to still one’s heart.

Zhou Xuanji began asking about the situation in Divine Cliff. Yang Yutian and Wu Qiu answered his questions passionately while Lan Shangying listened quietly with excitement in her heart.

With Zhou Xuanji in their sect, the Divine Cliff would surely flourish!

The four of them chatted a little longer before Zhou Xuanji began giving them pointers for cultivation.

He could answer all their questions insightfully, giving them sudden realizations.

After this round of conversation, they looked up to Zhou Xuanji all the more.

The atmosphere was harmonious.

Zhou Xuanji did not appear high and lofty but acted naturally. He felt rather pleasant to reunite with old friends.

Amidst the stars, a stone coffin floated quietly.

And a figure flew over.

It was the Demon Ancestor. Only his remnant soul was left wandering in the universe.

Ever since he knew that Zhou Xuanji became an Overlord Saint, he dared not even stay inside the Heavenly Law Universe. He mustered his courage to enter the void and arrived at this place.

“What is that?””

The Demon Ancestor frowned. Why would there be a stone coffin here?

He tried to avoid it instinctively, but he also felt that it could be serendipity.

Any cultivator who came to this place must be extremely powerful, more so for someone who could prepare a coffin for their own death.

He came up to the stone coffin carefully and was going to open it.

Just when he made a sliver of an opening, a violent suction gripped him and pulled him inside, before the coffin cover closed by itself.