I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 620 - Chapter 620 Understanding the Dao

Chapter 620 - Chapter 620 Understanding the Dao


Finally, Zhou Xuanji had expanded the lotus realm a few dozen times. He planted his natural resources all over the realm to create and supply abundant spiritual Qi to the lotus realm.

In case any of the disciples dug up those natural resources, he designed a protective mechanism. Once activated, they would repel the transgressor but not kill them.

After doing this, Zhou Xuanji went to the Heavenly Hall and transported Emperor Yan of Zhou out.

In the forest.

Emperor Yan was shocked to see Zhou Xuanji.

He thought that ZHou Xuanji was here to kill him.

Zhou Xuanji looked at him expressionlessly and brought out Lady Zhao Xuan and Zhou XIaoxuan.

After that, he left the place.

He did this because it was the will of Lady Zhao Xuan. But he did not want to see Emperor Yan, so he asked Zhou Xiaoxuan to look after her.

Zhou Xiaoxuan was already powerful enough to protect Lady Zhao Xuan.

“You… how did you…”

Emperor Yan opened his eyes wide, trembling.

He did not believe his own eyes. How was a dead person alive?

It would be possible if she had just died.

But Lady Zhao Xuan had been dead for so many years.

“Humph! It’s him?”

Zhou Xiaoxuan folded her arms before her chest and looked at her grandfather condescendingly.

She knew about Zhou Xuanji’s past a long time ago.

Everyone around her doted on her, so she could not imagine her father’s experience as a refugee who risked dying every day. Just thinking about the sense of despair would be enough for her to feel suffocating.

Emperor Yan looked at Zhou Xiaoxuan and felt dazed.

Because Zhou Xiaoxuan looked so much like Lady Zhao Xuan.

They looked like sisters.

He had heard rumors of Zhou Xuanji’s daughter.

Could she be…

Emperor Yan suddenly felt so shameful that he wanted to hide.

Lady Zhao Xuan walked up to him with a complicated expression and slightly bit her lip.

After some hesitation, Emperor Yan mustered his courage and said, “Xuan-er…”


Lady Zhao Xuan gave him a tight slap. He neither dodged nor backed off but took the slap face on.

This was what he deserved.

He admitted it.

At this moment, a powerful gust swept over. Zhou Xiaoxuan dashed over and slapped him too.

This slap was so powerful that he vomited blood as he flew backward, knocking down multiple trees.

Zhou Xiaoxuan laughed proudly, “Grandma, you are not strong enough. Let me help you.”

Lady Zhao Xuan was stunned. She did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Zhou Xuanji went to the old immortal’s temple.

The temple disappeared, and only traces of the wooden pillars were left. The spiritual flowers that he had cultivated not far away were also surrounded by weeds.

Everything had changed, and he could only sigh.

He had already taken the old immortal as his Revered Teacher, more important than the old beggar.

When he was desperate, it was the old immortal who pointed a way out for him and brought him hope.

It was the old immortal who helped him understand the Dao.

Finally, it was the old immortal who died for him. Even though there was hope to revive the old immortal, Zhou Xuanji would still feel sad whenever he thought about the old immortal’s death.

“Senior, wait for me in Kunlun Origin Court,” Zhou Xuanji said with a smile.

He walked up to the tree that he spent years on and sat down, leaning against the trunk. He felt the breeze brushing against his face and everything else around him.

This was how he came to understand the Dao back then.

Now that he had become an Overlord Saint, he felt different when his heart was still again.

The world was minuscule.

The universe was vast.

Saints were powerful, but not powerful enough to rule over the entire universe.

The grass swayed along with the breeze. He captured all of this with his eyes and ears.

He looked up toward the faraway sky in silence.

He was not focusing on anything and emptied his thoughts.

After a long while.

Someone appeared beside him. It was Ren Niming.

“Congratulations. You have become an Overlord Saint, transcending all the Saints there had ever been,” Ren Niming said with a smile. The passion in his eyes was burning brighter than before.

Now, he could really see hope from Zhou Xuanji.

The hope of defeating destiny!

Zhou Xuanji asked without looking at him, “When can I challenge destiny?”

Destiny was like a knife hanging on a thin thread above his head. He could not ignore him.

Although he was powerful, he feared that people around him would become victims of destiny.

“You still need more time. Destiny is something that can even toy with the Heavenly Saints. To defeat him, you need to overpower all the Heavenly Saints and not just be more powerful than them by a bit,” Ren Niming replied sincerely. He was worried that Zhou Xuanji would get too arrogant.

“After defeating destiny, do you want to become destiny?” Zhou Xuanji looked at him and asked.

A rule that was self-conscious was extremely horrifying.

Especially one like Ren Niming who had all kinds of desires, emotions, and schemes.

Ren Niming shook his head and smiled, “Since I’m no longer destiny, I can’t return to it. After you defeat destiny, a new destiny will be born by cause and effect, just that the new destiny will no longer be self-conscious. As for me, I want to live for myself. Destiny is a rule that serves all living beings after all.”

His words were careful as usual.

But Zhou Xuanji would not believe him wholesale.

Couldn’t you live for yourself after you become destiny?

“Next, I just need to become more powerful until I’m powerful enough to challenge destiny. Right?” he asked casually.

After becoming an Overlord Saint, he planned to nurture his Dao Will.

As for cultivation, he could delegate it to the four demon gods.

His overwhelming prowess was not just from becoming an Overlord Saint but also his Dao Will.

The power of the rule that transcended the Heavenly Law!

Ren Niming nodded, “Yes. You are free to grow. You have five Heavenly Law Violet Qi in your hands anyway, enough to create a new Saints’ era and prevent the Heavenly Law from collapsing.”

As for the Heavenly Law Violet Qi, he did not give too many suggestions but this one.

After that, he departed quickly.

Meanwhile, Zhou Xuanji steadied his mental state.

Several hours later, he went to pick up Lady Zhao Xuan and Zhou Xiaoxuan.

In the forest, he did not see Emperor Yan.

Lady Zhao Xuan decided to cut her ties with Emperor Yan, but Emperor Yan was reluctant. He swore that one day, he would appear in front of her in an honorable manner.

Just like in the Northern Wilderness Region back then. His name shook the world as the emperor. He married Lady Zhao Xuan despite the empress’s objection.

Lady Zhao Xuan had only one person to rely on, and that person was Daoya Old Man.

At that time, Emperor Yan had been really famous.

And now, he was ashamed to stand before Lady Zhao Xuan.

“Let him take his time to prove himself then.”

Zhou Xuanji smiled. He brought Lady Zhao Xuan and Zhou Xiaoxuan back into the lotus realm before returning.

Although Emperor Yan was ambitious, he did not have much time.

Zhou Xuanji would be leaving the Heavenly Law universe with Lady Zhao Xuan someday. At that time, it would be an eternal separation for Emperor Yan.

Returning to the temple, he continued to lean against the tree trunk to sense the heavens and the earth and understand the universe’s principles.

He took out his legendary swords. Many of them had different powers.

From his perspective, these are different powers of rules after magnifying them.

For example, the Thunderclap Sword, Great Thousand Reincarnation Sword, and so on.

“The Great Dao and the Heavenly Law. How are they related?”

Zhou Xuanji suddenly thought of this question and fell into deep contemplation.