I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 62 - A Path That No One Walked

Chapter 62 - A Path That No One Walked


Chapter 62: A Path That No One Walked

Zhou Xuanji raised his eyebrow and said, “You are already so powerful?”

He was clear about Huang Lianxin’s power. This lady had the heart for revenge, so she worked hard on her cultivation. She was already considered a mid or top tier Foundation Building Cultivator.

But she was a Sword Cultivator, after all, so she had a hard time dealing with Elemental Spells.

Of course, it could also be that she purposely gave Little Jiang Xue the advantage.

Little Jiang Xue was very proud of herself. Her chin was raised high up, her nose was almost touching the sky.

Seeing this, Zhou Xuanji almost wanted to beat her up.

This girl always liked to show off her height in front of him.

You wait!

At most, in 2 years, you will call me older brother!

Zhou Xuanji snorted coldly. He walked past her and began training on the bed.

In the next few days, Zhou Xuanji waited for the Sword Conference to start.

He heard that the construction of Sword Conference’s stage had already begun outside the Swordsman City. These few days, there were more and more people in Swordsman City. The streets outside were busy with human traffic.

He was itching to get on with the Sword Conference.

Northern Valiant Sword did not register for the Sword Conference, so he often took the time to gather information about Great Zhou’s Heaven Selection.

He heard that the Princes of each Empire would be participating in the Great Zhou’s Heaven Selection. The rare and grand occasion event could be considered an opportunity that only came around every 100 years or so.

Great Zhou’s Princes were no exceptions. They would be participating together with prodigies of each renowned sect in and out of Great Zhou.

The reason for having it at such a big scale was that Emperor Yan of Zhou had the intention to choose the Crown Prince.

Every new Emperor would bring his own favored officials along.

Great Zhou’s Heaven Selection gave each Prince an opportunity. How much they could rope in would depend on their own abilities.

All the talented participants in the Great Zhou’s Heaven Selection understood this principle.

But they were expectant rather than repugnant.

Instead of being a soldier or official Emperor Yan of Zhou, it would be better to help a certain Prince to take the throne, and be raised to power.

This day…

It was finally time to start the Sword Conference.

That morning, some Xie Sect disciples came to fetch Zhou Xuanji along with Zhou Chengxin.

The purpose of Zhou Chengxin participating in the Sword Conference was merely to find talents to nurture. If he were to join the Sword Conference, he would surely be terribly defeated. He was aware of that, so he did not find humiliation for himself.

Zhou Xuanji packed up and brought Little Jiang Xue, Northern Valiant Sword, and Huang Lianxin along.

Zhang Tianjian and his sons followed along too. This time, Zhang Tianjian was also going to participate in the Sword Conference. With his Inner Pellet cultivation, he was naturally ranked in the top 50.

After all, he was the top Sword Cultivator in the Southern Snow Kingdom.

Along the way, the streets were full of people, but the people made way for them when they saw the Xie Sect disciples.

The people pointed at Zhou Xuanji and commented on him. They were all curious.

Soon, some recognized Sword God Zhou.

“This is Sword God Zhou! Didn’t you see Northern Valiant Sword following behind him?”

“It’s really him, I saw him at the Sword Conference evaluation.”

“That is surely Sword God Zhou. In this Sword Conference, who else has a body like his?”

“It’s hard to imagine him standing up to Sword Cultivators like North Zhou Gale Sword.”

“I really want to see the awesomeness of Dual Sword Will.”

Zhou Xuanji felt rather gloomy as he heard these comments from all around him.


*  I’m still too short!*

If not for the urgency of the situation, he really wanted to wait for another decade, and walk through the world with a handsome and elegant appearance.

After they left Zhang Clan’s residence, they walked for another 2 hours.

Xie Sect disciples walked slowly instead of flying straight out of the city. The purpose of this was to give exposure to the participants of the Sword Conference.

Fame and benefits were often inseparable.

Right after they walked out of the city gate, Little Jiang Xue cried out in surprise and shocked the people around her.

A vast crowd was in front of her. Countless heads of people almost covered the horizon. The scene was hugely exaggerated.

There were at least a million people.

And at the center of the crowd, there was a tall tower with 10 levels. The tower was built with only metal structures and was empty at its center, which made it rather easy for people to fall down.

The entire metal tower was more than 30 stories high.

The higher it went, the narrower it became.

And there was a vast stone stage that was hundreds of yards long and wide. No one could enter the stage except for Xie Sect disciples.

At this moment, a group of Xie Sect Elders and a Deacon surrounded a handsome man at the edge of the stone stage.

He wore a black robe embroidered with a gold panther. A sword was hanging on each side of his waist. His black hair was tied at the back of his head, two strands of beautiful hair were left dangling at his forehead. He wore a faint smile on his handsome face, which showed his elegance while maintaining his majesty.

It was Xie Wuyou!

The head disciple of Sword Monarch!

His power was comparable to Sword Noble Xiao Jinghong.

“Everyone, please wait patiently. The Sword Conference will begin once everyone is here.”

Xie Wuyou said to the Sword Cultivators around him with a smile. Zhaocong Sword and Yang Che were in the midst as well.

The two of them were sweeping through the crowd below, searching for the same person.

Sword God Zhou!

“This Sword Conference, I will surely take your life!”

Yang Che thought in his heart, ruthlessly. The humiliation that day had already spread to Luoyang City. He already felt shameful to strut around in Luyang City again.

He had prepared a trick to avenge his humiliation!

Not long after, under the guidance of the Xie Sect disciples, Zhou Xuanji and Zhang Tianjin leaped up onto the stone stage.

Zhou Chengxin walked to Xie Wuyou instead. The two of them engaged in some conversation. The Seventh Prince pointed at Zhou Xuanji, and Xie Wuyou looked over.

Zhou Xuanji pretended not to notice that Xie Wuyou was looking at him.

But Xie Wuyou walked straight to him instead.

Seeing that Xie Wuyou walked toward Sword God Zhou, all the people on the stone stage turned and looked at him.

“My revered teacher is interested in you. Do you want to become his disciple?”

Xie Wuyou asked while chuckling. Everyone was stunned when they heard this.

Zhang Tianjian’s face changed dramatically.

That year, he pleaded Sword Monarch of Great Zhou to be his teacher but faced rejection. He did not expect the Sword Monarch to initiate such an invitation to Zhou Xuanji.

Yang Che’s face was even more gloomy, he looked as if he had eaten a fly.

If Zhou Xuanji were to take Great Zhou’s Sword Monarch as his teacher, then he would not dare to do anything to Zhou Xuanji, no matter how bold he was. He might even kneel and lick Zhou Xuanji’s boots.

Zhou Xuanji was stunned. He did not expect to receive attention from Great Zhou’s Sword Monarch.

The Sword Monarch was one of the most powerful cultivators of Great Zhou.

Even Emperor Yan of Zhou didn’t have certainty in defeating the Sword Monarch.

If he had the support of the Sword Monarch…

Zhou Xuanji was moved, but he quickly calmed himself down.

If he were to take the Sword Monarch as his teacher, how would Emperor Yan of Zhou look at him?

At that time, Emperor Yan of Zhou would surely protect the Empress with all that he could and support Zhou Yalong to take the throne.

These few years, there were rumors that Emperor Yan of Zhou was trying to suppress the Sword Monarch.

Only because the Sword Monarch’s popularity was too overwhelming and there were hints of him taking the title of being The Strongest Cultivator of Great Zhou.

Emperor Yan of Zhou was high and lofty. He was extremely particular about how powerful he was.

At the same time, he was worried that after his immortalization, which Prince within Great Zhou could suppress the Sword Monarch?

Zhou Xuanji’s thoughts flashed like lightning. “It’s okay, but I’m grateful for the Sword Monarch’s good intentions.” He said calmly.

The people around him were all stupefied. They looked at him as though he was a fool.

You are willing to participate in the Sword Conference, but not willing to become a disciple of the Sword Monarch?

What a fool!

Once you take the Sword Monarch as your teacher, you can learn all sorts of legendary techniques!

Xie Wuyou looked carefree and asked with a smile, “Why not?”

“My sword will walk the path no one has walked before.” Zhou Xuanji said casually.

What he meant was, he did not want his sword to be influenced by the Sword Monarch.

How haughty!

The Sword Cultivators rolled their eyes at him, but others admired Zhou Xuanji.


Xie Wuyou burst out laughing and it was so loud that it covered the chatter of the million people. Everyone stopped talking and turned to look at him.

With all ears listening to him, Xie Wuyou looked at Zhou Xuanji with admiration and praised him, saying, “My revered teacher also said that you would surely reject. If you were to agree, then you are not worthy of being his rival!”


The million people were silent. The Sword Cultivators who were participating in the Sword Conference were all in shock.

Great Zhou’s Sword Monarch took Sword God Zhou as his rival?