I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 619 - Chapter 619 – Most Powerful Overlord Saint

Chapter 619 - Chapter 619 – Most Powerful Overlord Saint


As Mo Jiuqing and Emperor Xia were feeling complicated, Barbarian God Huangluo and Buddha Yang Ling had brought Zhou Xuanji to the 35th heaven. There was no ground here, only dense spirit qi fog.

At a glance, there were not any stars.

“The 35th heaven is very big, you can choose wherever you want,” Baihao Yixin said, his tone respectful.

He had quickly managed his mental state.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “Where are Sheng Tiandao and Phoenix Lord Tianchi?”

He remembered that there was a Heavenly Saint who called himself the Heavenly Ancestor and had invited him to the All Heavens Dao Feast.

Sheng Tiandao and Phoenix Lord Tianchi both had the character for ‘Heaven’, ‘Tian’.

“Sheng Tiandao is most likely in closed-door cultivation. As for Phoenix Lord Tianchi, his movements are mysterious and has a special divine ability that can hide his aura. No one knows what he is doing,” Buddha Yang Ling replied. When mentioning Sheng Tiandao, a strange flash appeared in his eyes; it was evident that there was something between them.

Zhou Xuanji did not ask and began to use his divine sense to sweep through the 35th heaven.

Soon, he found Heavenly Lord Xuantie, Yu Xuanzong, and Saint Zhuyin’s preaching sites.

He immediately flew over.

Heavenly Lord Xuantie’s preaching site had already been cleared out by someone. He did not ask who had done it; there were very few Heavenly Saints left.

He then went to Yu Xuanzong and Saint Zhuyin’s preaching sites and took all of their resources.

Yu Xuanzong’s preaching site was a group of halls, which looked incredibly beautiful and grand, and it gave off a rainbow saint light.

Saint Zhuyin’s preaching site was a jet-black temple. It was incredibly big and there were many ghosts standing guard, all of which were dissipated by Zhou Xuanji’s sword qi.

Watching him pillaging these preaching sites, Barbarian God Huangluo and Buddha Yang Ling looked on in admiration, but they did not dare to say anything.

After doing all of this, Zhou Xuanji gave a pleased smile and said, “Alright, you can leave now. Remember, reduce your quarreling and conflicts in the future; the common creatures take priority.”

Barbarian God Huangluo and Buddha Yang Ling immediately bowed and quickly left.

They felt simply too much pressure with Zhou Xuanji by their side.

They were constantly worried that Zhou Xuanji would suddenly attack and take their lives.

After they left, Zhou Xuanji sat in the air and began to cultivate.

The battle from before had made him use up almost all of the magic energy stored in the Tianxia Map. He needed to store some more so that he would be prepared for any circumstance.

He took out the four Demon God clones and had them cultivate with him.

After breaking through to the Overlord Saint realm, he had even more control over the clones.

Soon, he was able to have the spirit qi that the four clones absorbed go into the Tianxia Map. This greatly increased his efficiency at absorbing spirit qi.

After stabilizing his cultivation, he took out the Great Thousand Reincarnation Sword.

Sword Name: Great Thousand Reincarnation Sword

Grade: Nine Extreme

Description: A sword of reincarnation that can cause all creatures below the Saint realm to fall into reincarnation. It can also slash apart reincarnation. This sword requires at least Saint Realm Level 1.

The Great Thousand Reincarnation Sword was a longsword that was black and white. It was incredibly heavy and seemed as if it had been shrank down from a Great Thousand World.

Zhou Xuanji just so happened to fulfil the requirement of Saint Realm Level 1.

The Saint Realm had nine levels, with Level 1 being the weakest and Level 9 being the strongest.

Zhou Xuanji walked the path of the Overlord Saint; even though he was only Level 1, he was stronger than a Level 5 Heavenly Saint.

Overlord Saints and Heavenly Saints were on completely different levels.

It could be said that without the power of heavenly law, Heavenly Saints were just fake Saints.

After examining the Great Thousand Reincarnation Sword, Zhou Xuanji began to receive Extreme Nightmare Abyss.

Extreme Nightmare Abyss was an illusion-type divine ability. It could pull an enemy into one’s illusion, which could make them feel immense pain or even kill them.

Within the Extreme Nightmare Abyss, time flowed differently. No matter how much time passed inside, in reality, only a blink of an eye would pass.

There were two ways to use Extreme Nightmare Abyss. The first was contact through body or soul; the second was to meet the target’s gaze.

Zhou Xuanji was very pleased with this divine ability; during battles, it could completely throw enemies off.

After learning Extreme Nightmare Abyss, he began to focus on cultivating.

At the same time, Barbarian God Huangluo and Buddha Yang Ling spread the news of Zhou Xuanji killing Saint Zhuyin throughout the various Great Thousand Worlds, helping Zhou Xuanji build momentum.

Quickly, various legends about Overlord Saints were dug up, and they flowed throughout the various worlds.

Zhou Xuanji, as the Sword Emperor, had become the most powerful existence under heavenly law.

In the eyes of the common creatures, he was already the most powerful Saint!

Heavenly Lord Xuantie, Yu Xuanzong, Saint Zhuyin!

He had killed three Heavenly Saints and held five Heavenly Law Violet Qi. Since ancient times, who had been as domineering as him?

Just like that, Zhou Xuanji was deified, and the name of the Sword Emperor became deeply rooted in everyone’s hearts.

The Great Emperor Steles in the various Great Thousand Worlds also went through changes.

Zhou Xuanji rose to number one; no one had any objections.

Compared to this, all of the other names seemed to dim in comparison.

After half a year, Zhou Xuanji left the four Demon God clones in the 35th heaven to cultivate, while he returned to the Wanshen Great Thousand and let out the Divine Cliff.

As for Emperor Sword Court, he had asked what the disciples wanted. If anyone wanted to live in a Great Thousand World, he could let them out too.

Because there were so many people in Emperor Sword Court, there were bound to be some disciples who wanted to come out and have a look.

As such, Zhou Xuanji would let them out so they could go through some trials.

After doing this, he returned to the world in the lotus and used his saint energy to expand the world.

The sky became higher and higher, and the ground became wider and wider.

Seeing this, the Emperor Sword Court’s disciples’ blood could not help but roil.

“So powerful!”

“I heard the Founder already became a Saint!”

“Did you sense it? The spirit qi is becoming denser.”

“The spirit qi in here has surpassed that of the Wanshen Great Thousand.”

“Luckily we didn’t go out.”

The disciples discussed among themselves.

The world in the lotus was very big, and Zhou Xuanji allowed them to freely choose where they lived. However, they were not allowed to have any conflict over territory. Any disputes were to be brought to the Emperor Sword Court, and the elders and managers would make a decision.

Xiao Jinghong and Zhao Congjian followed behind Zhou Xuanji. Looking at him wielding saint energy, looks of worship appeared in the eyes of both people.

“I have five Heavenly Law Violet Qi. You have kind hearts and have the qualifications to become Saints, but your strength is too weak. Later, I’ll help you refine your bodies,” Zhou Xuanji said casually. If he wanted to become stronger, just relying on cultivation, it would take countless years.

As such, he put his attention on the disciples.

He wanted to help the Emperor Sword Court become stronger, so he could bring them into the vaster universe.

Xiao Jinghong shook his head and said, “I don’t need the Heavenly Law Violet Qi; I want to be like you and become an Overlord Saint.”

Zhao Congjian also nodded. Before, when they had listened to how Zhou Xuanji had become an Overlord Saint, their blood had been furiously pumping.

Overlord Saints were so domineering!

Right after becoming a Saint, Zhou Xuanji had instantly killed a Heavenly Saint with just one strike!

How could they not look forward to such strength?

Zhou Xuanji smiled and nodded as he said, “Tell Beixiao and Lianxin to work hard at cultivating so they can also have the opportunity to become Saints in the future.”

He felt much towards the disciples and sword slaves who had been with him since the start.

Back then, they had traveled all over the place sometimes, often feeling quite wretched, but looking back now, they were warm memories.