I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 618 - Chapter 618 – Status

Chapter 618 - Chapter 618 – Status


After killing Saint Zhuyin, Zhou Xuanji once again absorbed boundless saint energy. He suppressed the saint energy within his body while absorbing the Heavenly Law Violet Qi from Saint Zhuyin.

Now, he had five Heavenly Law Violet Qi and could change the heavenly law universe.

He looked at Barbarian God Huangluo and smiled as he said, “Are you ready?”

Barbarian God Huangluo was covered with cold sweat and did not know how to answer.

Seeing his expression, Zhou Xuanji felt incredibly pleased.

Weren’t they all high and mighty before?

“If you kill us, how will you face the powerful enemy outside the heavenly law?” Barbarian God Huangluo deeply breathed in as he did his best to calm his emotions.

The shock from that sword strike was simply too great.

His hands and feet were all slightly trembling.

He was a Heavenly Saint!

How could he be so hapless?

The longer one lived, the more one did not want to die.

That was exactly how Barbarian God Huangluo was feeling.

Buddha Yang Ling floated in the distance, not saying anything and only silently watching.

Looking at Zhou Xuanji, he remembered the mighty figure of the previous Overlord Saint.

“Are Overlord Saints… the true Saints? Heavenly Saints are just puppets borrowing the power of the heavenly law…” Buddha Yang Ling bitterly smiled, looking quite dispirited.

He suddenly realized that even if he was the only Heavenly Saint left and wielded heavenly law’s power by himself, he would not be a match for Zhou Xuanji.

Seeing that Zhou Xuanji was not speaking, Barbarian God Huangluo became more and more terrified.

He did not even dare to run because Zhou Xuanji’s sword was simply too fast.

Just then, Saint Zhuyin had not even been able to block. If he turned, he would definitely die without a doubt.

Zhou Xuanji split the saint energy among the four Demon God clones, causing them to get closer to the Overlord Saint realm as well.

This broken universe sank into silence.

Buddha Yang Ling did not dare to make a sound, making Barbarian God Huangluo suffer even more.

He did not know when Zhou Xuanji would attack.

Even as a Heavenly Saint, he could not endure this kind of terror.

He gritted his teeth and knelt down in the air, and he cupped his fists towards Zhou Xuanji as he said, “I am willing to serve you. Can you spare my life?”

Buddha Yang Ling’s eyes widened, looking at him in disbelief.

The arrogant Barbarian God Huangluo had actually knelt?

Zhou Xuanji looked at him and said expressionlessly, “How should I trust you?”

Barbarian God Huangluo deeply breathed in and flipped his right hand. A golden bell appeared in his hand, and he used his saint energy to send it over to Zhou Xuanji.

“This treasure is called the World Nine Extreme Bell, and it is a Heavenly Law Treasure. If you ring it once, you can turn countless creatures’ souls upside down; if you ring it twice, even Heavenly Saints will become dazed. If you ring it three times, you can destroy trillions of souls,” Barbarian God Huangluo said with a complicated tone. This was his most powerful treasure.

Buddha Yang Ling followed up, “What he said is true.”

Zhou Xuanji found that this fellow had already wiped his soul mark on the World Nine Extreme Bell, making it an ownerless item.

Barbarian God Huangluo was very sincere.

Facing the threat of death, he could only give in.

“Mm, from now on, you will be my sword slave. What do you say?” Zhou Xuanji said calmly. Hearing this, Barbarian God Huangluo’s eyelid twitched, but he did not dare to refuse.

Now, Zhou Xuanji had gained a Heavenly Saint sword slave.

Buddha Yang Ling was now also essentially his follower. Even though they had not made it explicit, based on Buddha Yang Ling’s actions, it seemed that he had made a decision.

There were now two Heavenly Saints who he had never seen before.

One of them was Sheng Tiandao, the strongest Heavenly Saint.

The other was Phoenix Lord Tianchi, the most low-profile Heavenly Saint.

It was not an exaggeration to say that Zhou Xuanji was the most powerful being under heavenly law.

Even Sheng Tiandao was not someone who he would take seriously.

However, he did not relax; his goal was destiny.

After a while, Zhou Xuanji had completely absorbed Saint Zhuyin’s cultivation. He slowly got up and asked, “You Heavenly Saints live above the 36th heaven?”

Buddha Yang Ling shook his head and said, “The 35th heaven. The 36th heaven is where the heavenly law is.”

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji became even more curious.

He suddenly thought of Sovereign Xuan. That fellow was not even a Heavenly Saint; how did he dare to go to the 36th heaven?

“Do you know of Sovereign Xuan?” Zhou Xuanji asked. Under the Sword Fusion Technique status, he could directly communicate with Sovereign Xuan.

“Oi oi oi, life is hard enough as it is,” Sovereign Xuan displeasedly called out.

Dao Lord Xuantian mockingly laughed and said, “Bro, what are you getting so agitated for?”

The phrases they used were all learned from Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji would occasionally use some strange phrases, and because they felt that they were quite interesting, they would often use them too.

“Sovereign Xuan? That fellow was a very remarkable existence and was the closest existence to Overlord Saint. He resided in the Wanshen Great Thousand but sought death by heading to the 36th heaven and never came back. He’s probably already dead,” Buddha Yang Ling said as he shook his head and smiled.

His tone was mocking, making Sovereign Xuan almost explode from anger.

Barbarian God Huangluo flew before Zhou Xuanji and said, “Master, how about you also create a preaching site at the 35th heaven?”

His attitude had changed very quickly.

Now, he had risen up together with Zhou Xuanji, and he would no longer have to fear Sheng Tiandao.

Even now, Buddha Yang Ling had not left; he was probably of the same mind.

Zhou Xuanji lightly nodded and went with the two Heavenly Saints to the 35th heaven.

The 33rd heaven was the peak of the Great Thousand Worlds, while the 34th heaven was the boundless starry sky. the 35th heaven was a higher place, and very few creatures could go there.

Before, when Zhou Xuanji had fought Heavenly Lord Xuantie, they had broken through to the 35th heaven.

On top of a massive floating island, figures stood before a tall mountain. Among them were Mo Jiuqing and Emperor Xia.

It was the Great Emperor Dao Court!

They were all looking up at a figure at the top of the mountain.

“Zhou Xuanji has already become an Overlord Saint and killed Heavenly Lord Xuantie, Yu Xuanzong, and Saint Zhuyin. Even Barbarian God Huangluo and Buddha Yang Ling have submitted to him,” a cold voice sounded from the top of the mountain, causing all of the Great Emperor Dao Court’s experts’ expressions to become grim.

Mo Jiuqing felt the most emotions.

His body shook as he said with a trembling voice, “How… did he do it…”

Thinking back to when he had first met Zhou Xuanji, what kind of cultivation had he had?

And now…

Emperor Xia was also given a big fight. He had personally witnessed the Saint battle before. Back then, even though Zhou Xuanji had been powerful, he was not powerful to such a degree.

In other words, Zhou Xuanji already reigned above all Heavenly Saints?

Thinking back to the grievances between the Great Emperor Dao Court and Zhou Xuanji, everyone became terrified.

“Now, I will join hands with Sheng Tiandao. None of you should try to divine Zhou Xuanji or anyone by his side,” the cold voice once again sounded out—it was Phoenix Lord Tianchi!

It was him who had created the Great Emperor Dao Court!

Everyone was stuck in their shock and terror, unable to come back to their senses.

At that moment, Phoenix Lord Tianchi’s figure suddenly disappeared.

Emperor Xia looked at Mo Jiuqing and sighed as he said, “Looks like you’re in trouble.”

Back then, Mo Jiuqing had plotted against Zhou Xuanji before.

Mo Jiuqing’s expression was complicated, not knowing what to say.

Before, he and Zhou Xuanji had been very close.

In the end, he had betrayed Zhou Xuanji and caused all of his Apprentice Brothers to fall into danger.

Right now, he could only hide in the Great Emperor Dao Court and did not dare to go out.