I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 616 - Chapter 616 – Rushing to Overlord Saint

Chapter 616 - Chapter 616 – Rushing to Overlord Saint


“Wait until I’ve defeated all enemies under the heavenly law, then we’ll leave. When that time comes, I’ll bring all of you and let you experience the scenes outside the heavenly law,” Zhou Xuanji said as he stroked Jiang Xue’s hair and warmly smiled.

He turned and looked at Lady Zhaoxuan as he asked, “Mother, what about you? Do you want to stay?”

After coming to the world in the lotus, he often saw Lady Zhaoxuan spacing out without any emotions.

Lady Zhaoxuan hesitated and was unable to make a decision.

“I just wanted to tell all of you about this in advance; you can still think about it. Alright, I should be going,” Zhou Xuanji said as he smiled before disappearing.

Following this, he appeared in the starry sky. He put Demon God Tianwu’s body in the Tianxia Map and fused the 24 Rank Deep Black Lotus into his body.

He quickly flew towards the Great Thousand World.

Barbarian God Huangluo, Yu Xuanzong, and Saint Zhuyin had all been heavily wounded by the old immortal; this was a good opportunity for him to act.

He held the two Nine Extreme swords, and with their power, his divine sense became much stronger.

His divine sense swept out and quickly sensed the three Saints’ auras.

Among the countless beings, the Heavenly Saints’ auras were incredibly massive.

Apart from those three Saints’ auras, there were other Saints’ auras.

Zhou Xuanji first flew to where Yu Xuanzong was.

Within an independent universe, Yu Xuanzong sat on a golden lotus with dozens of realm rulers floating in front of him, waiting for his orders.

Xian Xianghua was also among them, remaining silent.

After a while, Yu Xuanzong opened his eyes and swept his gaze across all of them as he said, “I’m sure you’ve all heard about Heavenly Lord Xuantie being killed by Zhou Xuanji. Zhou Xuanji has a backer who I and the other Heavenly Saints have already suppressed. Now that this backer has fallen, you should know what to do about Zhou Xuanji and his three Heavenly Law Violet Qi.”

The realm rulers did not react, nor did they reply.

If it was before, they might have naively believed him.

However, after watching the battle from before, they did not dare to think about it anymore.

Whether it was Zhou Xuanji who had killed Heavenly Lord Xuantie, they had personally seen that Zhou Xuanji had the strength to rival Heavenly Saints.

Yu Xuanzong could tell what they were thinking and coldly harrumphed as he asked, “What? Are you afraid?”

The realm rulers did not dare to meet his gaze, and they could only inwardly curse at him.

“No need to force them; I’ve come to you myself,” Zhou Xuanji’s voice suddenly sounded out in the universe, causing everyone’s expressions to change.

A spatial crack appeared above Yu Xuanzong’s head, and Zhou Xuanji walked out holding the Thunderclap Sword and Three Clear Taichi Sword.


The realm rulers were given a big fright and quickly retreated, and Xian Xianghua also did the same with perfect acting.

Zhou Xuanji looked down at Yu Xuanzong and said coldly, “You’re about to follow in the footsteps of Heavenly Lord Xuantie. If you have any last words, say them now, or else you won’t have the opportunity.”

Yu Xuanzong was so angry that he laughed and he stood up as he said coldly, “Zhou Xuanji, don’t be too…”


Zhou Xuanji’s body gave off a resplendent light as he directly used the Sword Fusion Technique and Nine Soul Fusion Technique. He also activated the power within the two Nine Extreme Swords, causing his aura to reach the Heavenly Saint level.

Yu Xuanzong’s expression fell as he said in shock, “It’s only been this long… how did you become so strong?”

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes glinted as he slashed downwards.

Sword Dao Rules!

Yu Xuanzong instinctively retreated, but his right arm was slashed off.

“You…” Yu Xuanzong was so startled that his scalp felt numb; why was his sword so fast?

He looked at Zhou Xuanji in shock, and he wondered if Zhou Xuanji had been possessed by the old immortal.

The realm rulers were given an even bigger shock.

Why did they feel that Yu Xuanzong was not a match for Zhou Xuanji at all?

How long had it been since that past battle?

“Do you remember that legend?”

“You mean about the Overlord Saint, who is supposedly even more powerful than Heavenly Saints? Using strength to establish one’s Dao?”

“If he was a Heavenly Saint, it’d be understandable…”

“Too powerful, we need to run!”

“That’s right, staying alive is the most important thing!”

The realm rulers were all given big frights and quickly tore open space, quickly escaping.

Xian Xianghua also left, not wanting to expose their relationship for now.

At the same time, she believed that Zhou Xuanji would be able to kill Yu Xuanzong.

After the realm rulers left, Zhou Xuanji began to take revenge.

He raised the Thunderclap Sword and said in a cold voice, “Yu Xuanzong, it was you who antagonized me first! You did such a thing despite being a Heavenly Saint, just for a Heavenly Law Violet Qi. You’re a disgrace to Heavenly Saints!”

His aura increased more and more, causing spatial ripples to appear throughout the entire universe.

After the golden flowers and black dust disappeared, the Great Thousand Worlds were then filled with golden light, and countless pieces of hail fell down.

All creatures were sent into an uproar.

This abnormal sign contained heavenly might as well; could another Heavenly Saint have fallen?

“I, Zhou Xuanji, have killed Heavenly Lord Xuantie and Yu Xuanzong and possess four Heavenly Law Violet Qi. All creatures, listen to my words. If you want to become a Saint, I will give you an opportunity! Heavenly Saints should not only have power but also integrity and fairness!

“If you want to become a Heavenly Saint, you must maintain such a heart!”

His words sent all living creatures into a frenzy.

The Sword Emperor wanted to choose Heavenly Saints?

This was a bit too domineering!

The top-tier powerful beings were somewhat angered, but most creatures were incredibly excited.

If the Heavenly Saints had integrity and fairness, all creatures would benefit!

At that moment, all the worlds were worshipping the Sword Emperor!

Within the Wanshen Great Thousand, in the Center God Province.

Within the Heavenly Palace, Emperor Yan of Zhou stood guard in front of the gates. After hearing Zhou Xuanji’s words, he fell into a daze.

The other soldiers began to excitedly discuss.

“The Sword Emperor is amazing!”

“It’s said that the Sword Emperor used to have his differences with our Heavenly Palace, but because he was magnanimous, he did not pursue it.”

“I also heard about it. It’s said that his father is in our Heavenly Palace.”

“This is an era that belongs to him; in front of him, any genius seems incredibly small.”

“Is he already a Heavenly Saint? So incredible!”

Listening to these voices, Emperor Yan of Zhou gave a bitter smile.

Back then, if he had been a bit braver, and had protected Zhou Xuanji no matter what, would his fate be different?

In just a few hundred years, Zhou Xuanji had reached an unimaginable level.

Was this boy really his son?

The more he thought, the more bitter Emperor Yan of Zhou felt, and his expression became dispirited.

He looked as if he had aged dozens of years.

In the shattered universe, darkness took up most of the space, and countless specks of dust floated in the air; they were from a shattered star.

Zhou Xuanji sat cross-legged in the air as he digested Yu Xuanzong’s saint energy.

He began to break through to the Saint realm.

“Overlord Saint, here I come,” Zhou Xuanji muttered to himself. He did not cancel the Nine Soul Fusion Technique, as he wanted to help the four Demon God’s corpses to become stronger as well.

For him, Yu Xuanzong’s saint energy was more than enough for him to break through. He could use the excess saint energy to help the Demon God’s corpses to become stronger in order to avoid waste.

If his clones could all break through to Overlord Saint, wouldn’t that be perfect?

Thunderclouds suddenly appeared above his head and quickly spread out, and violet lightning appeared in the clouds.

Saint tribulation!

Zhou Xuanji looked up and saw a pair of eyes in the thundercloud; those were the eyes of heavenly law.

Heavenly law was looking at him.

He did not panic and instead felt a high fighting spirit.