I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 615 - Chapter 615 – Most Powerful Under Heavenly Law

Chapter 615 - Chapter 615 – Most Powerful Under Heavenly Law


Within the intense light, Zhou Xuanji was unable to see or hear anything, and he felt as if all of his senses had become useless.

He could only do his best to fuse the saint energy in his body.

With the old immortal here, he was not afraid at all.

As the pain disappeared, he could feel his saint energy quickly becoming stronger.

It had greatly surpassed the power of Saint Contenders.

At this rate, he could establish his Dao through strength and become an Overlord Saint.

“Will he be fine?” Zhou Xuanji worriedly thought. He did not want anything to happen to the old immortal because of him.

A while later, after his saint energy stabilized, his senses still had not recovered and he still could not open his eyes.

He could sense his basic strength becoming over 100 times more powerful.

He could now sense that he had reached the bottleneck of a realm.

He understood that was the Saint realm.

If he could kill another Heavenly Saint, he would be able to become an Overlord Saint in one go!

Zhou Xuanji could now move but could not sense his surroundings, so he did not dare to move and silently waited.

A while later, the intense light around him gradually dissipated.

He suddenly felt a hand fall on his shoulder.

He was quite familiar with that warmth, and he said softly, “Senior.”

“Come with me.”

The old immortal’s weak voice sounded in his ears, and he was taken away.

Soon, he could open his eyes.

He found that he was quickly moving through the universe, and the stars on the way flashed by.

The old immortal was by his side, his right hand on his shoulder as he looked ahead.

“Where are we going?” Zhou Xuanji asked. Seeing the old immortal look just as he always had, he let out a sigh of relief.

“I’m going to take you to a place and show you the direction to the Kunlun Origin Court there,” the old immortal replied, his gaze as calm and still as water.

Zhou Xuanji frowned and had a bad feeling. He gritted his teeth and asked, “Just what happened to you, senior?”

They could go to that place at any time; why did it have to be now?

Even though he had become stronger, if he wanted to head to the Kunlun Origin Court, he was still far away.

Putting aside the Kunlun Origin Court, he could not deal with that mysterious enemy guarding outside.

“Don’t worry. Even though I have used up my lifeforce, I will not truly die. I have sent my source energy into your body. After you enter the Kunlun Origin Court, my source energy will tell you how to revive me,” the old immortal smiled, seeming just as calm as he always did, not having any regard for life or death.

Zhou Xuanji wanted to say anything but stopped himself, and his heart could not help but feel heavy.

The old immortal comforted him, saying, “Those three Heavenly Saints have been heavily injured by me and will not come to make trouble for you for a while. After I take you to that place, you can go back to find them one by one and continue becoming stronger. I hope you can give those Heavenly Law Violet Qi to creatures who are truly suited to being Heavenly Saints.

“If they continue to mess around, the heavenly law here will definitely perish.”

Zhou Xuanji silently listened, feeling very uncomfortable.

His interactions with the old immortal appeared in his mind, and he felt incredibly gloomy.

The old immortal smiled and said, “Don’t overthink it; it was impossible for me to live forever anyways. After maintaining the heavenly law every year, I have long since damaged my source energy and just made a decision ahead of time. Don’t forget my words, remain calm.”

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji could only do his best to calm his emotions.

He said seriously, “Don’t worry, I won’t let you down.”

The old immortal’s smile became wider, and he began talking about how beautiful the Kunlun Origin Court was.

It was just that his descriptions were quite vague, and apart from adjectives, he could not give any detailed descriptions.

Zhou Xuanji could clearly sense that his mind and spirit were declining.

In the end, he almost did not have the strength to speak anymore, and his features became quite wan and sallow.

It was no longer him carrying Zhou Xuanji to fly but Zhou Xuanji supporting him.

After flying for who knows how long, the old immortal said with a faint voice, “Remember this direction… and then continue onwards…”

After speaking, he suddenly collapsed and dissipated in the starry sky.

Zhou Xuanji stopped and remained silent.

After a while, he sighed and smiled as he coldly harrumphed, “Very good. Now, my heart is even more resolute.”

He no longer felt sad; after all, he could revive the old immortal.

Now, he would go and take revenge against the Heavenly Saints.

The Thunderclap Sword and Three Clear Taichi Sword appeared in his hands. He held both swords as he turned and flew towards the Great Thousand World.

News of Heavenly Lord Xuantie being killed by the Sword Emperor madly spread throughout the various Great Thousand Worlds, and it even spread to the independent worlds and realms.

Many experts had personally witnessed this battle.

In order to prevent people under them offending Zhou Xuanji, they spread this news, while also expressing their good intentions towards Zhou Xuanji.

If they had done such a big thing, they would definitely want the whole universe to know.

Soon, the Sword Emperor’s name was worshipped by all creatures.

A Saint killer!

From ancient times, apart from other Heavenly Saints, who could do such a thing?

Zhou Xuanji proved that Heavenly Saints were not unkillable!

Soon, all creatures heard of another piece of news.

Zhou Xuanji now had three Heavenly Law Violet Qi!

Within the world in the lotus, Zhou Xiaoxuan was practicing on top of a mountain with her sword. Not too far away, Jiang Xue was sitting under a tree as she cultivated, and Lady Zhaoxuan was also by the side.

In front of them was a waterfall, which gave off a powerful feeling.

At that moment, Zhou Xuanji suddenly appeared in front of Zhou Xiaoxuan.

Zhou Xiaoxuan opened her eyes and looked out. With his back against the moon, Zhou Xuanji looked incredibly tall and mighty.

“Why did you suddenly come back? What happened?” Jiang Xue hurriedly got up and asked, and Lady Zhaoxuan also got up.

Zhou Xiaoxuan, who was currently training, also noticed Zhou Xuanji. Seeing him, she happily leapt over and smiled as she said, “Father, is Xu Qing really your Senior Apprentice Brother?”

Zhou Xuanji gave a slight smile towards her as he looked at Jiang Xue and said, “I’m fine. I just fought with some Heavenly Saints and missed you a bit.”

Heavenly Saint!

The three women were startled.

Lady Zhaoxuan nervously asked, “Are you alright?”

In their eyes, Heavenly Saints were invincible existences.

Could it be that Zhou Xuanji was being threatened and came to meet with them to make arrangements?

The more they thought, the more afraid they became.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and said, “I’m alright, I killed Heavenly Lord Xuantie.”

Hearing this, the three women’s eyes widened.

Zhou Xiaoxuan grabbed his arm and said excitedly, “Father, is what you said true? You’ve already a Heavenly Saint?”

She felt as if she was dreaming.

From now on, her father was a Heavenly Saint?

Just thinking about it made her feel incredibly excited!

Zhou Xuanji rubbed her head and said, “I didn’t become a Heavenly Saint, but I could kill him. Following this, I’m going to kill other Heavenly Saints. I just wanted to ask you all: If I leave the heavenly law universe and go to the depths of the Void, will you come with me?”

Jiang Xue stretched out her hand and pinched his waist as she harrumphed, “What? You want to leave us behind?”

Zhou Xiaoxuan also spoke, saying that she was willing to continue traveling with him.

On the other hand, Lady Zhaoxuan was a bit hesitant.

For her, only a few years had passed.

In the blink of an eye, the child who had cried in her arms had already become the most powerful existence under heavenly law?

From how she saw it, those who could see Heavenly Saints were the strongest.