I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 614 - Chapter 614 – Great Dao’s Will

Chapter 614 - Chapter 614 – Great Dao’s Will


As all creatures were feeling shocked over the demise of Heavenly Lord Xuantie, Zhou Xuanji was still in the dark Void.

In front of him, Heavenly Lord Xuantie had turned into dust and dissipated, leaving behind a Heavenly Law Violet Qi.

With a thought, Zhou Xuanji put the Heavenly Law Violet Qi into the Tianxia Map.

He was surrounded by intense light as the berserk saint energy ravaged his body.

If he had not absorbed the Overlord Saint’s Saint Pellet, he might have directly exploded and died.

“Is this the energy of a Heavenly Saint… just a portion of it is so difficult to endure…” Zhou Xuanji gritted his teeth as he endured the pain.

He knew that he had to endure.

If he could get through this, he would be able to go through a transformation.

“Heheh, if I didn’t see it myself, I would not believe that an ordinary creature could kill a Saint.”

A mocking laugh sounded out as an orb of light appeared ahead.

A man wearing white robes walked over. He was 30,000 meters tall and his body gave off light. There were five divine moons behind him, and his black hair hung to his waist. He had elegant looks and had a cold smile on his face.

Another Heavenly Saint!

Zhou Xuanji frowned; he was unable to continue fighting in his current state.

If he moved even a bit, it was possible that the saint energy would go out of control and cause him to explode.

“Who are you, sir?” Zhou Xuanji gritted his teeth as he asked. Just those words were very difficult for him to speak.

“Saint Zhuyin. I was watching your battle from before; that sword of yours most likely does not come from this heavenly law. Come, tell me your background. If you cannot give me a satisfactory answer, you will die here,” the white-robed man said calmly. He was 10,000 kilometers away from Zhou Xuanji, but to them, this distance was already quite dangerous.

Saint Zhuyin…

Just this name alone could make him tell that this was not a good fellow.

Zhou Xuanji inwardly sighed; was he really going to fall here?

It had been so difficult for him to kill a Saint; what a pity.

Seeing that Zhou Xuanji looked like he had nothing left, Saint Zhuyin smiled and continued to walk towards Zhou Xuanji.

“Your talent is very powerful, to the point that Heavenly Saints would tremble. I have lived countless years and have never met an existence like you. Perhaps you come from the end of the Void; for the creatures within the heavenly law, you must die.”

Saint Zhuyin continued to walk as he spoke, wanting to use his words to shatter Zhou Xuanji’s resolve.

Zhou Xuanji could not bother retorting.

If he was able to fight, how could he allow this fellow to run his mouth?

“Haha, if you want to kill him, you’ll have to ask me first.” A light laugh sounded out as the old immortal suddenly appeared before Zhou Xuanji.

Looking at his back, Zhou Xuanji became stunned.

“Sir, why are you here?” Zhou Xuanji asked out of confusion. Even though the old immortal was quite powerful, his current strength could not rival Heavenly Saints.

Hearing this, the old immortal replied without turning back, “You’ve come all this way; I naturally need to give you an extra push.”

Seeing him, Saint Zhuyin narrowed his eyes and said, “It’s you again. If it wasn’t for the fact that you are a benefactor of heavenly law, how could you live until today? I suggest for you to get out of the way, or else I’ll definitely have you die here.”

It was not a secret that there were other worlds at the end of the Void.

The other Heavenly Saints naturally knew about Sage Daojing abandoning his Saint position and leaving.

The old immortal’s expression was calm as he swished his horsetail whisk and said, “Since it’s like that, let’s see how things turn out.”

His Taoist robe fluttered without any wind as his aura exploded out.

It was incredibly boundless like a universal ocean, and it had great momentum.

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes widened, this aura…

It was so powerful!

It was even more powerful than Heavenly Lord Xuantie’s!

Saint Zhuyin was startled, and his expression became dark as he said, “You really don’t want to live anymore?”

The old immortal gave a calm smile, “What is so terrifying about death? I know that my lifespan is nearing its end. Rather than waiting to die, it’s better to leave something behind.”

He waved his left hand backwards, and a light entered Zhou Xuanji’s mind.

Zhou Xuanji’s body trembled as the pain within his body quickly disappeared.

The old immortal was helping him suppress the berserk saint energy.

“What are you thinking of doing?” Zhou Xuanji seemed to realize something and hurriedly asked.

Even though he didn’t want to die, he didn’t want to live as a coward either.

The old immortal stroked his beard and loudly laughed, “Don’t worry, how could I die so easily? I still want to go back; how could I die here?”

After saying this, he walked forwards towards Saint Zhuyin.

“Dao!” he loudly shouted, and his aura once again increased. Brilliant light shined out, illuminating the dark Void.

Saint Zhuyin immediately acted. He smashed his right palm towards the old immortal, and countless black phoenixes flew out of his sleeves, crying out as they rushed at him.

“Break!” the old immortal once again yelled out. All of the black phoenixes instantly dissipated, shattered like a dream.

Saint Zhuyin frowned and raised his right hand. A long staff appeared in his hand, and it seemed to be made of burned wood. On it hung a blood-red flag, and he waved it at the old immortal.

Eerie wind swept out, and shockwaves visible to the naked eye could be seen in the dark Void.

“Destroy!” the old immortal’s expression did not change and once again shouted out as he destroyed the eerie wind.

He came closer and closer to Saint Zhuyin.

At that moment, Barbarian God Huangluo and Yu Xuanzong appeared on the two sides.

Seeing the old immortal, their expressions changed.

“Why is he here?” Yu Xuanzong’s expression was unsightly as he glanced at Zhou Xuanji, his eyes widening.

This boy had absorbed Heavenly Lord Xuantie’s saint energy?

“Senior, what have you come here for? Could it be that you want to interfere with the heavenly law?” Baihao Yixin narrowed his eyes as he asked, a hint of a threatening tone in his voice.

Facing the three Heavenly Saints surrounding him, the old immortal’s expression did not change.

“If you let him off, I will back off as well,” he said softly, his voice clearly transmitting into the three Heavenly Saints’ ears.

Yu Xuanzong said furiously, “If we let him off, will he let us off?”

They all knew that Zhou Xuanji was someone who always took revenge on his enemies; how could he just give up on revenge just like that?

The old immortal shook his head and said, “As Heavenly Saints, don’t be too greedy.”

The three Heavenly Saints did not back off and glared like tigers watching their prey.

Seeing this, the old immortal could only sigh.

“Since it’s like this, I’ll have you have a taste of Great Dao’s Will.” The old immortal’s expression became serious as he gave off a resplendent white light, and Zhou Xuanji instinctively closed his eyes.

The three Heavenly Saints’ expressions greatly fell.

Xian Xianghua stood on the meteor, feeling very unsettled.

She always felt that Zhou Xuanji was in danger; after all, Barbarian God Huangluo and Yu Xuanzong had disappeared.

However, she did not know where Zhou Xuanji was and could only wait here and worry.

Ren Niming flew over and looked at Xian Xianghua as he asked, “What is your relationship with Zhou Xuanji? Your eyes are exactly the same.”

Xian Xianghua saw him standing with Ren Niming at the start, but she still remained wary and replied calmly, “Just because the color is the same, the essence is also the same?”

Ren Niming shook his head and laughed. He raised his right hand and flipped his palm, and a yellow jade appeared in his hand.

“I’ll give this magic treasure to you; it will allow you to contact Zhou Xuanji. Of course, that will only be after this battle.” Ren Niming tossed the jade to Xian Xianghua before turning and leaving, quickly disappearing into the depths of the starry sky.

Xian Xianghua looked at the yellow jade in her hand, and her mouth curved up slightly into a smile as she directly crushed the yellow jade.

“You think I’d need something from you to contact him?” Xian Xianghua disdainfully muttered. She would not give enemies any opportunities.