I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 612 - Chapter 612 – Great Emperor Dao Court’s Background

Chapter 612 - Chapter 612 – Great Emperor Dao Court’s Background


Seeing Emperor Xia and Gu Tianxia excitedly chat, the old beggar marveled, “You guys are indeed brothers. Little boy Xia, do you remember that bastard called Mo Jiuqing?”

Emperor Xia nodded and sighed as he said, “After hearing that he was revived, I went to find him. However, Great Emperor Dao Court has its plans, and I couldn’t reveal myself.”

Great Emperor Dao Court!

The old beggar and Gu Tianxia looked at the six other people.

These six people were all Connecting Heaven Level 10 existences and had powerful and dangerous auras.

“Long time no see, I never thought you’d still be alive.”

“Heheh, the teacher of a Heavenly Saint, I finally get to meet you.”

“This one must be Gu Tianxia. Quite extraordinary; even our leader often mentions you.”

“We suggest for you not to get involved in this battle; the Heavenly Law Violet Qi belongs to Great Emperor Dao Court.”

Four of the people from the Great Emperor Dao Court spoke, while the two others observed the battle far away.

Teacher of a Heavenly Saint?

Gu Tianxia looked at the old beggar in surprise. In response, the old beggar coldly harrumphed and turned his head away.

Emperor Xia put his hand on Gu Tianxia’s shoulder and said deeply, “Brother, don’t get involved. This battle is a setup, and it is likely that half of the Heavenly Saints will fall. If people of our cultivation get involved, we will be digging our own graves.”

The six other people did not stand idly by anymore and flew towards the battlefield.

“Then what did you come here for?” Gu Tianxia gave an unsmiling smile; he was not only concerned about his personal affairs.

He also hated the Great Emperor Dao Court.

How could he not be in conflict about Emperor Xia joining the Great Emperor Dao Court? It was just that he did not show it.

“We didn’t come just to spectate; rather, we’re scouts and will help the true sovereign to transport here,” Emperor Xia replied honestly, an apologetic look in his eyes.

Gu Tianxia shrugged him off and did not say anything.

The old beggar asked, “Little boy Xia, when did Mo Jiuqing that bastard join the Great Emperor Dao Court?”

Emperor Xia smiled and said, “Earlier than me; he was the one who brought me in.”

Hearing this, the old beggar became even more displeased and began to curse at Mo Jiuqing.

Emperor Xia and Gu Tianxia talked for a bit more before going to support the Great Emperor Dao Court’s people.

“This battle is quite deep; who would have thought that those fellows would join in as well,” the old beggar said as he sighed, his tone complicated.

Gu Tianxia looked at him and asked, “Which Heavenly Saint is your student?”

The old beggar shook his head, not wanting to answer.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

The intense light from explosions shined on Zhou Xuanji and Ren Niming’s faces, causing their expressions to change.

Ren Niming narrowed his eyes and said, “The Great Emperor Dao Court has come; things are becoming more and more interesting.”

Zhou Xuanji looked over and saw Emperor Xia and the others. He did not know them, so he did not feel much.

“How much do you know about the Great Emperor Dao Court?” he asked Ren Niming. Before, he hated the Great Emperor Dao Court, but his target was now destiny and he no longer put the Great Emperor Dao Court in his eyes.

Ren Niming said, “That faction is very mysterious, and the things they plan out are quite strange. Even I can’t guess what they want.”

Zhou Xuanji also felt that it was quite strange.

The Great Emperor Dao Court often did things with a strong start but weak finish. For example, they had stopped targeting him long ago when he had risen up.

Hearing from Xuan Daoya and Qiu Hu, the Great Emperor Dao Court did not seem to care too much about him. If it wasn’t for Xuan Daoya desperately begging him, Qiu Hu would not have acted.

In the Great Thousand Worlds, there were many legends about the Great Emperor Dao Court, and many powerful existences had joined the Great Emperor Dao Court for glory.

It seemed that many things had the Great Emperor Dao Court’s shadow in them. However, if one did some investigating, they would find that the Great Emperor Dao Court did not gain much.

“There might be a Heavenly Saint behind the Great Emperor Dao Court; I’m guessing that Heavenly Saint is about to come,” Ren Niming said with a mocking smile, as if he was looking forward to that Heavenly Saint arriving.

Zhou Xuanji raised his eyebrows; there was a Heavenly Saint behind the Great Emperor Dao Court?

It seemed that he had underestimated the Great Emperor Dao Court.

The battle between Barbarian God Huangluo and Heavenly Lord Xuantie and Yu Xuangzong was becoming more and more intense, and the entire starry sky was their battlefield.

In the battlefield of Heavenly Saints, space collapsed and lightning continuously flashed out.

The three Heavenly Saints fought for themselves; Barbarian God Huangluo was the most powerful, and he did not rely on magic tools, using his body; he was incredibly domineering.

Yu Xuanzong seemed relatively weak. He took out over 100 magic tools and used various divine abilities, but he was still unable to gain an advantage.

“If this goes on, how long will they fight for?” Zhou Xuanji asked. He had already absorbed all of the magic energy he had gained but had not broken through.

Above the Connecting Heaven realm was the Saint realm.

The gap between them was an unbridgeable gap.

The so-called Saint Contender was just a title, which showed that one had the right to fight for the position of a Saint. However, they were far below Heavenly Saints.

Heavenly Saints did not dare to wantonly slaughter living creatures, as that would increase their karma, which in turn would cause them to be punished by heavenly law.

This was especially so for stronger beings; they could not personally act against such beings.

Of course, if one pushed a Heavenly Saint too far, the Heavenly Saint would still kill them.

At that moment, Heavenly Lord Xuantie suddenly broke free from the others and rushed at Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji reacted quickly, directly using the Sword Fusion Technique and Nine Soul Fusion Technique, causing his body to give off a brilliant light.

He held the Thunderclap Sword with one hand and stood in front of Ren Niming as he slashed out.

Sword qi swept out like a crescent moon, and it was tens of thousands of kilometers wide.


Heavenly Lord Xuantie forcefully broke through the sword qi and punched towards Zhou Xuanji.

His fist became the color of black iron and was extremely firm. His fist smashed into the Thunderclap Sword, shaking it to the point that it almost left Zhou Xuanji’s hand.

Following this, Zhou Xuanji grabbed Ren Niming and flew backwards.

“Today you must die!” Heavenly Lord Xuantie roared with fury. He smashed his right palm downwards, and a spatial crack appeared behind him, from which countless black chains rushed out and grabbed at Zhou Xuanji.

Ding ding ding…

Zhou Xuanji’s four limbs were wrapped around by chains, and in the next second, he was pulled towards Heavenly Lord Xuantie.

Heavenly Lord Xuantie raised his fists and brought them together, and black traces of light appeared around his fists, giving off an extremely terrifying aura.

The space around him shattered, and his expression was ferocious as he stared at Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji used Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps, breaking free from the chains, and charged directly at Heavenly Lord Xuantie.

He mustered all of his strength, and the Three Clear Aura appeared around his body as his violet pupils gave off a berserk look.

Sword Dao Rules!

Zhou Xuanji slashed out, shaking the starry sky!

Heavenly Lord Xuantie’s fists exploded out with two rays of black light that contained extremely destructive power.


Intense black and white light collided, drowning out Zhou Xuanji and Heavenly Lord Xuantie’s figures.

The onlookers in the distance were completely stupefied.

“The Sword Emperor can already fight with Heavenly Saints?”

“Goddammit, what did we come here for?”

“With that kind of power, we can’t even pick up the scraps!”

“So terrifying! For him to be so powerful, is it because he has two Heavenly Law Violet Qi?”

“Are we going to continue to spectate?”

The onlookers were sent into an uproar. The divine sense that they sent over felt as if they came into contact with a sun and were burned, making them even more terrified.