I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 611 - Chapter 611 The Saint War Begun

Chapter 611 - Chapter 611 The Saint War Begun


Heavenly Lord Xuantie took a deep breath, and his skin turned black in an instant. He looked like iron, and his entire body turned ebony.

With the black whip in his hand, he walked toward Zhou Xuanji.

At this moment, he and Zhou Xuanji only had each other in their eyes.

They wanted to only kill each other.

“Tsk tsk. Heavenly Lord Xuantie, I did not expect you to end up like this!”

A burst of wild and domineering laughter reverberated across the starry sky. A thousand miles tall figure walked out from the darkness.

The top half of his body was bare with defined muscles like undulating mountain ranges. Two ferocious-looking green dragons coiled around him.

Barbarian God Huangluo!

He looked arrogant, and his pupils were golden in color. Black strands of hair danced wildly like a group of black dragons swirling about.

Seeing him, Heavenly Lord Xuantie’s face turned grim.

“Damn! Why did this guy come so quickly?” he cursed in his heart even though he looked calm on the surface.

Zhou Xuanji had already shown his power to match the Saint Stage. If those two worked together, then things would end up badly for him.

Zhou Xuanji saw Ren Niming land on Barbarian God Huangluo’s shoulder with sinister laughter.

“This guy is really on time,” Zhou Xuanji mumbled to himself with an instinctive smile.

Barbarian God Huangluo walked over with a malicious smile, “Xuantie! You killed Hongshi. You don’t deserve to stay as a Heavenly Saint. It’s time to hand over your position.”

The Heavenly Saints had an agreement among themselves to not kill each other.

After all, the Heavenly Saints’ positions were limited. As long as they worked together, they could remain Heavenly Saints and rule over everything under the Heavenly Law forever.

Heavenly Lord Xuantie and Buddha Yang Ling killed Old Ancestor Hongshi together, which transgressed the Heavenly Saints’ taboo.

The only thing that a Heavenly Saint feared was another Heavenly Saint.

“Humph. You make it sound easy, Barbarian God Huangluo. Although I don’t know what you want to do, your goal must not be to punish me only.”

Heavenly Lord Xuantie snorted coldly, his eyes filled with disdain.

Barbarian God Huangluo came near to him and looked toward Zhou Xuanji.

“Sword Emperor,” he praised, “You are not bad.”

He did not call Zhou Xuanji by name but addressed him as Sword Emperor, which honored Zhou Xuanji.

But the expression in his eyes made Zhou Xuanji very uncomfortable.

This guy was very invasive. More dangerous than Heavenly Lord Xuantie.

Ren Niming flew up to Zhou Xuanji and telepathically spoke to him, “Let them do the work now. Wait for an opportunity to attack and snatch the Saint’s power.”

Zhou Xuanji replied, “Barbarian God Huangluo will allow it?”

“Is that important?” Ren Niming replied, “Trust me. No Heavenly Saint is good. They only think for themselves. The reason why he helps you is to make himself more powerful by eliminating another Heavenly Saint. The power that the Heavenly Law gives to the Saints is fixed. Do you understand? The seven Heavenly Saints share this power equally.”

Zhou Xuanji came to a sudden realization. This meant that every Heavenly Saint was fighting amongst themselves in the dark.

While they spoke telepathically, Barbarian God Huangluo and Heavenly Lord Xuantie were still arguing.

At this moment.

An aura came from another direction. A massive spatial tear appeared, and numerous cultivators flew out. The weakest of them were Connecting Heaven Level Two.

Behind them, there was a massive figure.

It was Grandmaster Yuxuan.

Xian Xianghua, who was among the crowds, saw Zhou Xuanji immediately.

Her eyes sparkled as her heart was filled with surprise, “This brat is becoming more mighty.”

Back then, Zhou Xuanji was just a brat in her eyes.

And now, he could even stand on par with the Heavenly Saints and not lose in aura.

She felt proud in her eyes. I really chose the right person.

She had chosen to nurture him since he was young. Who else had better foresight other than her?

At the same time, she felt fortunate.

The man who moved her heart also became someone that she admired and relied on.

“Hey, Grandmaster Yuxuan, you are here too,” Barbarian God Huangluo mocked. The two dragons on his shoulders roared.

Grandmaster Yuxuan snorted back with a grim face, “Let’s decide who is the victor among us here.”

“Whoever wins can possess Zhou Xuanji!”

Barbarian God Huangluo and Heavenly Lord Xuantie heard him and burst out in laughter.

This guy thought that Zhou Xuanji was like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered?

Grandmaster Yuxuan turned to look at Zhou Xuanji and then Ren Niming.

His pupils contracted suddenly, and he whispered to himself, “Why is this guy here?”

Could he be the person behind Zhou Xuanji?

So that’s why!

No wonder!

Grandmaster Yuxuan felt that he had gotten the truth, so he spoke, “Zhou Xuanji, give just one of your Heavenly Law Violet Qi to me, and I shall protect you. How about that?”

Zhou Xuanji heard him and frowned, “Unless you help me kill Heavenly Lord Xuantie.”

The Heavenly Saints were not so foolish as Ren Niming described them as.

Barbarian God Huangluo laughed, “Stop wasting time! Let’s fight now!”

The two dragons on his body charged out, one toward Heavenly Lord Xuantie and the other toward Grandmaster Yuxuan.

The war of the saints exploded into action.

Zhou Xuanji noticed Xian Xianghua but he did not go to her immediately. They communicated with their eyes and understood her plans.

He canceled the Nine Soul Fusion Technique and deactivated the Nine Soul Fusion Technique to let his body take a break.

Activating the two divine abilities simultaneously posed a huge cost to his body.

The realm lords quickly backed off to stay away from the battle.

“Such power… This is the Saints’ power?”

“The might of the Saint Stage is powerful indeed. Even if we work together, we still cannot defeat even a Saint’s arm.”

“This is a trap to kill all of us!”

“After they finish their battle, we might still have a chance.”

The realm lords discussed among themselves, while Xian Xianghua gazed toward Zhou Xuanji.

Far away.

The old beggar and Gu Tianxia were observing the battle too. The Heavenly Saints exchanged blows and forced them to stay even further. Although they could no longer see the Heavenly Saints, the shockwaves generated from the battle were still enough to make them shudder.

“Ren Niming, what are you planning to do?” the old beggar mumbled to himself. His expression was unsightly.

With his understanding toward Ren Niming, this guy definitely wanted to destroy all the Heavenly Saints and was only using Zhou Xuanji as the weapon.

“Will the other Heavenly Saints be involved in this war?” Gu Tianxia asked.

The old beggar heard him and frowned.

He suddenly felt that Gu Tianxia’s speculation could come true.

Once the Heavenly Saint stabbed each other’s backs, the others would definitely not show any mercy.

“This is big trouble…” the old beggar sighed. Looking ahead, he prayed for Zhou Xanji in his heart.


A void came from their back. Gu Tianxia felt like he was struck by a bolt of lightning. He looked back, trembling.

The old beggar turned around too.

And they saw seven men wearing the same black robe flying toward them.

Their robes were embroidered with the image of different ferocious beasts. They looked fierce and horrifying, as though they would come alive any time.

The majestic-looking man on the left looked at Gu Tianxia with complexity in his eyes.


Gu Tianxia was exhilarated and cried out with a trembling voice, “You are still alive?

Emperor Xia!

Gu Tianxia’s brother by vow, the ancestor of the Northern Wilderness Region.

Emperor Xia took a deep breath as he flew up to him, saying, “I’ve always been alive. I wanted to revive you, but the Heavenly Saint made it before me. This is good.”