I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 610 - Chapter 610 The Sword Emperor Fought The Heavenly Lord.

Chapter 610 - Chapter 610 The Sword Emperor Fought The Heavenly Lord.


Facing the countless torrential black balls shot toward him, Zhou Xuanji’s face remained cold and stern. He slashed ahead with extreme speed, as though he did not move at all.

Sword Dao Rules



All the balls of black beams exploded, but they were quickly replaced with more of them.

Zhou Xuanji leaped up quickly and raised up the Thunderclap Sword. Ten billion bolts of lightning weaved into a gigantic lightsaber that fell on Heavenly Lord Xuantie.

Heavenly Lord Xuantie lifted up his right hand with his index and middle finger closed up and pointing forward. He thrust his fingers upward like using a sword.

And he managed to block the lightning saber’s attack!

“Zhou Xuanji, you are powerful indeed. But do you know how powerful a Heavenly Saint is?” the Heavenly Saint shouted coldly. The voice of the Heavenly Saint shook one’s soul.

Those cultivators who had yet to die fully quickly hid in fear. They looked toward Zhou Xuanji with despair.

How could he be this powerful?

“That slash just now…”

“Tssss– We were deceived!”

“Damn… how did that happen…”

“Stay away from him!”

“What cultivation stage is he in? Even Saint Contenders are not as powerful as him!”

The cultivators talked amongst themselves with great hatred toward Heavenly Lord Xuantie.

They did not dare to insult the Heavenly Saint openly. They either kept the grudge in their hearts or vented their anger on Zhou Xuanji with words.

Zhou Xuanji used the Nine Soul Fusion Technique and fused the four demon gods into his body.

His aura grew tremendously again.

He transcended space and came to Heavenly Lord Xuantie’s back with one step. He swung the Three Clear Taichi Sword and slashed at Heavenly Lord Xuantie.

The Heavenly Saint gave a disdainful expression. A non-Saint could not even cut through his Saint Might.

A layer of white radiance emanated from his body that formed a barrier between him and Zhou Xuanji.

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The Three Clear Taichi Sword cut through the white light as though it had shattered a layer of glass. The sword’s blade headed toward the Heavenly Saint’s neck.

But Heavenly Lord Xuantie disappeared on the spot, and Zhou Xuanji’s missed his attack.

The Heavenly Saint appeared again a dozen miles away, looking toward Zhou Xuanji in great fear.

“How can it be… that sword… Could this be a sword forged by a Heavenly Saint? No way! An enchanted treasure of the Heavenly Saint grade would shake the realms when it appears.”

Beads of cold sweat oozed from Heavenly Lord Xuantie’s forehead. At this moment, he was threatened.

Zhou Xuanji could injure him!

This brat must be eliminated!

If he were to give this brat more time, he would become huge trouble!

Heavenly Lord Xuantie’s gaze turned fierce. He took out a black iron whip from his sleeves. He jerked his hand, and the whip grew to a hundred miles long. It was lit with a shady fire.

Staring at Zhou Xuanji furiously, he said, “Brat, you dared to offend my Saint Might. I shall let you taste the power of the Heavenly Saint today!”

He whipped toward Zhou Xuanji. The attack swept up a forceful gale while destroying countless stars far away.

Zhou Xuanji raised his swords to block instinctively. With a loud clang, the whip sent him flying off.

Instantly, he could feel his arms almost crushed into pieces.

Blood spurt from his throat without stopping.

Such power.

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes were filled with blood in disbelief.

It was his first time exchanging blows with a Heavenly Saint for real.

He did not expect the Heavenly Saint to be this strong.

Then how horrifying would the Overlord Saint be?

He bit his teeth and forcefully steadied his body.

Divine energy from the two Nine Extreme legendary swords pumped into his body. This made him glow faintly, and his ferocious aura turned into nothingness suddenly.

Taking a deep breath, he leaped up with the two swords in his hand.

World Suppressing!

With the Thunderclap Sword below and the Three Clear Taichi Sword above, he left behind a perfect parabola across the vast starry sky. The two streams of divine energy flowed through his body and fused together cohesively.

“This aura… feels like a Heavenly Saint.”

Heavenly Lord Xuantie frowned deeply. In his eyes, Zhou Xuanji’s body grew larger and larger.

He whipped toward Zhou Xuanji again, attempting to crush Zhou Xuanji with his absolute power.

But Zhou Xuanji turned into a stream of white radiance and crashed into the black whip.

The Three Clear Taichi Sword’s blade leaned against the iron whip. Zhou Xuanji bit his teeth and dashed forward with lightning speed along with the iron whip.

Countless sparks flashed across the sky!

He quickly dashed up to Heavenly Lord Xuantie, and the heavenly lightning exploded around him.


A horrifying explosion shook the entire universe. Spiritual Qi surged violently, generating a catastrophic gale with massive impetus.

Far away.

The old beggar and Gu Tianxia quickly channeled their magic energy to deflect the gale.

“Such power…”

Gu Tianxia said with eyes opened wide, and he swallowed his saliva.

He felt an intense fear of death even when he stood so far away.

The old beggar was dazzled. He speculated that Zhou Xuanji was very powerful. Still, to witness his disciple standing toe-to-toe against a Heavenly Saint was just unbelievable.

Such a genius would be a rare diamond even in Kunlun Origin Court!

Within the powerful radiance, Zhou Xuanji hacked and slashed with his twin swords. He suppressed Heavenly Lord Xuantie with absolute strength and speed.

The Heavenly Lord Xuantie conjured his Saint Might with his right palm in front and deflected Zhou Xuanji’s attacks.

Their eyes met, and he saw the fury and killing intent that filled Zhou Xuanji’s eyes.

He was dazzled.

This brat wanted to kill him?

Slaying the Saint?

What a joke!

He was a laughing stock!

He was infuriated instantly. As a Heavenly Saint, it had been a very long time since he sensed a mortal being’s killing intent toward him.

Even those powerful cultivators in the Great Thousand Worlds would shudder before him. They dared not to have any ill-will, only endless fear.

And this brat wanted to kill him!

“Zhou Xuanji, I shall tear you to pieces and make sure that you will never reincarnate!”

Heavenly Lord Xuantie bellowed furiously. A blazing black flame exploded and swept Zhou Xuanji away.

The black clothing on his body turned into ash immediately, and the surface of his skin cracked. Blood was oozing out from his body.

Fortunately, Zhou Xuanji was no longer who he was. His body’s self-healing was already extremely potent. It healed quickly and was not burnt to the bones.

He quickly activated Battle Path Flame Soul. A flaming armor materialized on his body, transforming him into a fire god.

“Brat, can you really do it?”

Sovereign Xuan cried out in Zhou Xuanji’s mind. But his tone was excited.

This brat was really admirable!

Zhou Xuanji licked the blood stain by the corner of his lips.

“The real battle is only beginning,” he said coldly.

Immediately, he used the Sword Fusion Technique and absorbed the Three Clear Taichi Sword into his body.

The power of Nine Extreme!

He turned into a stream of bright radiance, just like the Divine Moon State he was in previously. His aura had sublimated to the level of Heavenly Lord Xuantie’s.

“Impossible! The Saint Stage!”

Heavenly Lord Xuantie opened his eyes wide as he cried out in disbelief.

His face turned sinister instantly as he whipped toward Zhou Xuanji in berserk.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

The black whip struck Zhou Xuanji but was deflected instantly. The impact was loud as a gigantic bell being struck, generating a tempest and bombarding the galaxies.

Countless stars exploded due to the unbearable Saint Might. It was like an awesome firework spreading across the universe.

Zhou Xuanji walked toward Heavenly Lord Xuantie with the Thunderclap Sword in his hand.

It was his first time fusing the Nine Extreme legendary sword into his body.

This feeling…


The power he’s wielding now made him a little lost. He wanted to vent his anger by destroying everything!

He suddenly understood the mental state of a Heavenly Saint. With such power, any mortal being’s schemes can be crushed like an ant.

“Today, I shall slay a Saint. Another day, I shall slay destiny,” Zhou Xuanji’s voice came into Heavenly Lord Xuantie’s ears. The Heavenly Saint was vehemently enraged, thinking that Zhou Xuanji was provoking him.